Money is an energy that many of us struggle to be in relationship with.

Old baggage and conditioning makes it hard for us to feel anything but fear, scarcity, and overwhelm when it comes to how we hold money.

Money is also an important space for us to be in relationship with in our lives. We support ourselves with money. It is a main currency in our world and is part of many of our daily exchanges.

Money doesn’t have to be this heavy energy that we are forced to contend with.

We don’t have to feel resentful of it, scared of it, or deny or avoid how it is held in our lives.

Money can be a source of joy and healing, being a catalyst for deep transformation if we allow it to be so.

Healing Our Money Journey is a month-long journey of unlayering our baggage around money and how we hold it to shift into a new relationship with it that feels more sacred, empowering and honoring of how we want to be in relationship with it.

When we have trauma with money, we are given an invitation to do deep healing work around it that becomes a powerful force of transformation not just in how we relate to money but also in some other old wounds and stories that we are holding.


A note of transparency...

Over the course of the last 7 years, I have been navigating my own story and space with money and it continues until this day.

I don’t assume myself to be an expert on this topic but I have witnessed the impact of the spaces of the teaching I hold around it to be impactful for my community and was guided to create this to give what I have learned up until this point to you.

Money has been a big energy of conversation lately in my own space and circles a theme and importance for us to allow ourselves to be guided into a healing because it is necessary.

Money can present itself to be a main cause of paralysis and the reason why we halt on our purpose and our dreams, and it becomes a place where we hide our own service.  

Money can be a cause of something deeper, and unrooting the root of where we hold our discomfort around it may open up the spaces for us to claim something much bigger beyond what money represents.

I have watched my own money story ebb and flow over the years, having great success in my own holding of it.

I have navigated through paying off debt, leaping from making $24,000 a year to $200k plus, to manifesting a million dollar ranch and the space and support to purchase it.

I have found myself back into debt, have had amazing months in my business to having to navigate through the ebbs and back again.

This month long journey is about you being able to navigate around where money wounds are held in you and how to begin healing that relationship to witness a shift in how you experience money in your world, both in material form but also emotionally and spiritually.

Money holds depth in our experience and understanding where we root into money is an important facet of healing it.

The intention of this month is to give space for you to heal and be aware of your core money wounds.

Create a new belief system and wiring around how you are yearning to be in relationship with money.

And look at how money wants to be expressed through you right now, creating new pathways for it to come to you and for you to witness a different manifestation of how money is being held and experienced in your world.

What will be part of this journey is sharing the resources I have collected over the years, plus a partnering with horse medicine to deepen our experience of money and find a way to connect with it that is absent of the baggage of human consciousness.

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Our month unfolds like this…

Week 1:

Uncovering our core wounds with money, where they come from, and where they are held in us.

Week 2:

Creating our new pathway of beliefs with money. What is the new experience and belief system that is wanting to be held by our most authentic expression of our nature in relationship to money?

Week 3:

Money Manifestation, how do we manifest money in our world that blends both the practical and intuitive ways of how we create more money in our experience?

Week 4:

The purpose of Money in our lives.  Week 4 is going to be looking at having conversations with money and our relationship with it and how it wants to be experienced in our life.  It is where you will actually be able to create a connection to the energy of money and develop a sacred connection to it so you feel empowered and aligned to the purpose of it in your life and how it wants to be created by you.

By the end of the month’s journey, you will have great clarity on the current blocks and wounds you have money and be well on your way of experiencing a new relationship with money.

The intention of this journey is not to just be a quick fix of having you manifest more money in your life, but to be empowered in creating a new relationship with money for life and shifts how you hold and create it.

This is deep healing of our money stories and provides you with tools to continue to empower the shift that you can continue to deepen and use beyond our time together.

What’s Included?

Weekly Training Videos

Private Facebook Group

Weekly Modules

Access to me as a mentor for the entirety of the month.

Guided Meditations and Audios

Resource library 


Ready to join the journey?

We begin Monday, September 23, 2019



$77 USD for the Entire Month

Or 2 payments of $40

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