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Hi, I'm Hillary


It is not by accident you found yourself here, I believe we are all guided to the places we need to be when the time is right. When Medicine is required to move us to the next step on our journey.

My philosophy and belief is this...we are not here to simply exist, but to share what we have been gifted to create and lead others through our own gifts and leadership or what I like to call medicine. There is great courage that exists in the journey of us witnessing our own brilliance, beyond our perception of fear, so that we may step into honouring a greater calling and leadership we were meant to have through our medicine and the gift of what we bring to the lives of those that are seeking us out.





What gets in our way of creating through our highest calling and leadership in the world?

Where we are able to give space to the successful birthing of our gifts and the sacred container of our business that holds it.

I work with women who identify as....

Visionary's and purpose holders, who are called to facilitate and mentor through their deepest gifts.

and horse women that are called in partnership to the gifts and medicine of horses as their co-facilitators in what they are called to create for others.

Do fear and stagnation appear as a space of self sabotage for you?  Preventing you from taking action and creating spaces that speak to what you feel you hold space for in the world?

 Whether you are beginning to journey of creating space for your higher calling or you are moved to evolve it and the containers that hold it.

Lack of confidence in your own natural mastery and the intuitive ways you are moved to create keep you from moving forward. You are uncertain and overwhelmed in the way forward.

You hide the space of your sacred work because you fear it won’t be received the way you want it to, or no one will be there claim a space in your wisdom. Or perhaps you are afraid you are not worthy or ready for the big visions and spaces that are calling for you to lead. 

But the truth is this...

You are standing on the edge of something brilliant, and you are deeply ready to hold it. Otherwise you wouldn't be called. 

It is no longer a thing you can ignore. Fear can no longer be an excuse that keeps you hoarding the depth of medicine and wisdom you bring to those that are seeking you out.

The desire to feel confident and clear in who you are and what you are naturally masterful at holding space for is a vision that awaits you.

It is time to quit pretending that not answering this deeper calling to lead and to transform how you hold space for your sacred work, is not there. Or that it is going away.

It's not...

If you are here it is because there is a deeper calling for your leadership that can no longer be ignored and you are seeking a sacred space to be held so you can claim ownership of your gifts and visions and step into the leadership you are being moved and called to hold for those that are seeking it.



The Herd

Horses and their medicine are part of what makes our containers unique and adds to the potency of where we are ourselves are called to hold space for others.

With horses we are brought to a space of witnessing and mirroring where we are forced to see ourselves in a new way, one that speaks to the truth of who we truly are. The limitations that we have travelled with for a very long time are revealed so they can be transformed to clarity, a deeper alignment with who we authentically are at a soul level and where we are given pathways to exist through that new space of authenticity.

You don't need to know horses to have experience with them or be powerfully impacted by their medicine. Many of those that are called to partner with us and our herd have not ever been in the space of them. They simply feel the resonance to their energy and are called to experience the space they hold with us.

All of the experiences with the horses are done on the ground at liberty in their 50 acre pasture, it is a magical and intuitive experience that empowers their wisdom alongside of our own and that always leave our clients amazed at what transpires.

Epona Rise Retreats

The elegant ranch where all of our on-site program magic happens, in beautiful British Columbia!

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