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Your ability to show up in the world and create the impact you feel passionate about is deeply dependent upon how congruent your energy is with your soul.

This may sound woo woo to you, but stay with me.

Have you ever led a retreat, worked with a client, taught a class, or brainstormed with a team and felt a nagging sense of insecurity about your work? OR perhaps your enthusiasm for your work has wilted, and you wonder if you're on the right path for your true purpose in this lifetime. Maybe you have a student that is more stuck than you anticipated. Or perhaps you've been desiring an amazing personal development opportunity to enrich and enliven your team or group.

It is normal to go through these times of growth.

The difficult thing for seekers and leaders is - while we're good at helping others navigate soul storms - we're so skilled with tools and techniques that we know our way around them and can subconsciously hide the deepest truths from ourselves and our colleagues. This is why a coach can work with another coach and not be able to access soul stirring insights that would lead to true clarity and alignment.

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You cannot hide your shadows - consciously or subconsciously - from a horse; because horses don't speak your language.

Instead they read and react to your energy.

Basically, they mirror it back to you so you can see it.

When you see what's really going on in your energy, as it's experienced by the horses, your awareness is instantly awakened.

The reason this shifts people so quickly is because true transformation always begins with awareness.

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Our location is a get-away that's easy to get to...

  • 30 min from downtown Vancouver
  • 20 min from Vancouver International Airport
  • 5 minutes from Ferry Terminal 
  • A bus stop located right outside the Epona property



2975 53rd Street
Ladner, BC V4L 2N5


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