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hillary schneider at epona rise retreat centre

Life coaches, healers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and seekers...

Your ability to show up in the world and help people is deeply dependent on how well you know yourself and recognize and embrace your talents.

Have you ever worked with a client or taught a class and felt a nagging sense of insecurity about your work?

Maybe your enthusiasm for your work has wilted and you wonder if you're on the right path.

Or you have a client more stuck than you anticipated.

Times of growth are normal. How you handle it creates your future.

Are you ready to step into yourself?

Many of us are good at helping others navigate soul storms. We're so skilled, we know our way around them and can subconsciously hide the deepest truths from ourselves and our colleagues. This is why a coach can work with another coach and not be able to access soul stirring insights that would lead to true clarity and alignment.

christine juckett life and business coach

"I had amazing breakthroughs after my sessions with Hillary. She provided a beautiful container for me to work through my blocks. She is able to see your potential and gently, but firmly, nudge you to move forward. I will forever be grateful for her guidance!"

Christine Juckett //

jenica emily ann at

Working with Hillary has helped me get clear, set effective intentions, and manifest what I desire. Most importantly, I have learned how to master my inner world so I can stay in alignment, keep my vibration high, and step into my light.  It takes practice and commitment to do this work - but it's absolutely possible and Hillary shows you how! Hillary is a guide with such clarity, humility, and beauty. It has been an honour working with her. If there is a voice within that says to reach out to Hillary, you owe it to yourself and the world to do so.  We truly are the masters of our inner world, the source of our own power, and the creator of our dreams. Welcome to a fascinating journey!

Jenica Emily Ann // Wellness Practitioner



As an intuitive, she sees, hears and listens at a highly sensitive level.

She has an innate ability to read and react to your energy.

When you see what's really going on in your energy, your awareness is instantly awakened.

Your transformation begins with awareness.

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kamille hottinger holistic health coach

"This is the best coaching  I have ever had. I am excited about what's unfolding! I am forever grateful and so humbly touched." 
Kamille Hottinger