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Audio Mindset Training

You want to change lives, transform the world, make an impact on those you are called to serve, and have your purpose be what supports you in your life, BUT... 

You are uncomfortable with charging for your gifts? This training is for you.

A 3-part mini series for women entrepreneurs

Learn how to unravel overwhelm and step into aligned action to move you powerfully forward in your business with my personal tools and process for creating clarity, confidence, and more precise manifestation of your business success.

E-Book "Finding My Medicine: Manifesting a Life of Purpose"

This is my story, my own journey of manifesting the life and business of my wildest dreams, all by following my purpose - and finding the courage to do it in a way that felt deeply aligned to my authentic self.  


Hi, I'm Hillary



It is not by accident you found yourself here, I believe we are all guided to the places we need to be when the time is right. Whether it is simply to observe my journey, or to deepen your own experience among our Soul Medicine Tribe, I am honored that you have been led here.

I invite you to take a look around, to follow what speaks to you. I believe we are led and guided by a strong pulse that exists within us, whether we are conscious of it are not. And, I believe it is part of our journey to create a deeper consciousness of this pulse, which I experience as my soul and the essence that I turn to when I need to be guided to something greater than myself.

So here you are… on this journey being brought here, perhaps because you are ready to deepen in your purpose or sacred work, to begin to have the courage to bring it more boldly out into the world. Or perhaps you are seeking greater clarity on your unique “Medicine,” my word for the magic or natural gifts we hold and bring into the world. Or maybe you are being invited into a deeper level of leadership and self-mastery, to step into the spaces you are being asked to guide for your own tribe of people - the ones that are seeking and asking for your presence.

Stay curious to what that is, pay attention, and hold space for it within yourself. You have come to the right place….


My Medicine & Offerings

What is a modern day Medicine Woman?

A modern day Medicine Woman (or Man) is someone who has the courage to own their Medicine, to claim their spaces, and lead through purpose boldly, authentically, and with vision. Someone who lives deeply through her truths and wisdom; allows the highest form of her destiny to take root and inspire in her life; where she holds space open for abundance, for self-mastery and for a remembrance of her sacred work in the world.

There are moments where we need a guide, a teacher, a mentor to support and empower us in the deep claiming of our own Medicine and to awaken our connection to our purpose.

Where we are called forth, held in the fires of claiming and transformation, where we no longer run or hide from being seen, claiming our worth and value through our work, and where we rise up in the acceptance of our own leadership to the tribes that are waiting for our presence...

This is my work…

These are the containers I hold for my clients so you can boldly claim your Medicine and go share it with confidence in the world, to lead your tribes and to create your abundance and success through deeply aligned soul-purpose


Epona Rise Retreats

The elegant ranch where all of our on-site program magic happens, in beautiful British Columbia!

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