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Hi, I'm Hillary


I use to lay awake at night when I was younger and ask the question who am I and why am I here.

I believe deeply in our stewardship of purpose and our quest for honouring the gifts we hold within us that we were meant to share.

It takes great courage for us to witness ourselves beyond our self imposed limitations and acknowledge what we have within us to create and share with those that resonate with what we carry within us, our gifts.

If you find yourself here it is because you are on a quest of purpose, courage and leadership. You want to understand with depth of clarity and certainty who you are and why you are here. It is time to step into leading your spaces of sacred work with trust in yourself and what you serve.  It is our deepest privilege to welcome you here.





Do you feel...

The call to rise more deeply in your soul’s journey and purpose?

To be courageous in how you lead your visions forward?

To hold confidence  in your gifts and how you hold space for them in the world?

To be untethered from the beliefs and fears that hold you back from creating through the full potential of what you came here to do?

Are you moved by wanting to feel as if you are fulfilling your big why? Giving space to the big visions of your purpose and the desire to create a meaningful life around it?


You might find yourself here because.

Self doubt and fear plague your heart and mind, your energy feels cluttered and uncertain and you are know you can no longer afford to stay stuck.

What you are seeking it this.

Freedom from the past where you are continuing to stay stuck.

Freedom from the limitations and fears that keep you from moving forward with your visions and ideals for your life, your purpose and for your business.

You recognize that you can't illuminate your own blind spots, to see past where you are holding yourself prisoner with the thoughts and beliefs of your self imposed limitations.  You recognize that you need someone to help you navigate through  what is at the core of your fears and places of stickiness so you can move beyond them once and for all.

Our clients come to us when they are ready to shift and when they know they can’t shift themselves, most likely they have already tried to do that and it isn’t working.

We offer

Spiritual Mentorship and Intuitive Guidance for Women Visionaries and Entrepreneurs that are seeking to become unstuck from themselves, their fears and doubts so they can move towards holding deep and big spaces of their sacred work and calling with confidence, clarity and certainty.




The Herd

Horses and their medicine are part of what makes our containers unique and adds to the potency of where we are ourselves are called to hold space for others.

With horses we are brought to a space of witnessing and mirroring where we are forced to see ourselves in a new way, one that speaks to the truth of who we truly are. The limitations that we have travelled with for a very long time are revealed so they can be transformed to clarity, a deeper alignment with who we authentically are at a soul level and where we are given pathways to exist through that new space of authenticity.

You don't need to know horses to have experience with them or be powerfully impacted by their medicine. Many of those that are called to partner with us and our herd have not ever been in the space of them. They simply feel the resonance to their energy and are called to experience the space they hold with us.

All of the experiences with the horses are done on the ground at liberty in their 50 acre pasture, it is a magical and intuitive experience that empowers their wisdom alongside of our own and that always leave our clients amazed at what transpires.

Epona Rise Retreats

The elegant ranch where all of our on-site program magic happens, in beautiful British Columbia!

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