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Are you seeking to travel a pathway of deep and true transformation, a reclaiming of the vision of your leadership and a mastery of your own nature?

True Mastery is an initiation into claiming the deepest parts of ourselves, the ones we keep hidden or are afraid of. It is being able to transmute them into the expression of our leadership and purpose in the world.

Welcome to Women Who Run with Horses.


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Hi, I'm Hillary

I partner with women visionaries, entrepreneurs and purpose seekers.

Women who are on a quest of claiming the deep authenticity of their leadership and visions in the world, and want to transform that into a true expression of their gifts through the claiming of their greatest callings and daring visions they are moved to create with.

The uniqueness of my spaces is that I partner and blend in the teachings and medicine of the horses through the experiences I cultivate for those that are called to journey with me. 


Horses are mediums and mirrors of our own true nature and soul.  With horses, we get unbiased and pure feedback that reflects back to us the congruence of our energy, our visions and who we are being in the world.

Many of us can get stuck and stopped by the disconnect of our own inner source, by life, and by the things we have journeyed through on the course of our lifetime.

We inhibit our capacity and our direction because we are tied down, or imprisoned by our own egoic nature and the experiences we have had in our lives.

It can be debilitating, and sometimes, impossible for us to find a doorway beyond our own pain and lingering in our self sabotage. So we stay in outdated patterns and ways of behaviours that are not serving ourselves or the potential of the visions and purpose we have for our lives and our leadership.

With horses, we are unable to hide. We are also given a pathway to create true transformation that allows us to shift where we stay immobile, and step into the true strength and vision of our potential and capacity as human beings, and back into connection with the true purpose our soul has chosen for us in this lifetime.

My Invitation to You

My invitation to those that find themselves here is to enter into a journey where you are given a space to witness yourself in a different way. Where you find yourself back to the connection of your innate talents and gifts with the ability to witness who you be in the world through the lens of soul.  Where you are empowered and given tools to overcome your own insecurities on the rise to true leadership and purpose that you are so deeply seeking.

This is a Woman Who Runs with Horses.

If you are a woman that is desperate for change, for feeling empowered in her gifts and her beingness, is ready to move beyond the outdated and unserving ways of being she finds herself in.

You have come to the right space.

The Herd

You don't need to know horses to have experience with them or be powerfully impacted by their medicine. Many of those who are called to partner with me and the herd have never been in the space of them. They simply feel the resonance to their energy and are called to experience the space they hold with us.

All of the experiences with the horses are done on the ground at liberty in their 50 acre pasture. It is a magical and intuitive experience that empowers their wisdom alongside of our own and that always leave my clients amazed at what transpires.

Epona Rise Retreats

The elegant ranch where all of our on-site program magic happens, in beautiful British Columbia!

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