Sometimes we get to a place in our lives and in our journey where we recognize we can’t procrastinate any longer in relationship to what calls to us.

The fulfillment of purpose, the claiming of the clarity of our life’s work and vision we have for ourselves in our life becomes something that we can no longer be in denial of or waste time on.

I have always resonated with this Wayne Dyer quote:

“Don’t die with your music still inside of you.”

I believe deeply in the truth that we all have music, inspiration, medicine to bring to the world and it is our responsibility to claim it, witness it, and share it with those that are meant to be impacted by it.

You have something you seeking to share, a medicine, a vision, a business that is calling deeply to you, asking you to step into it. It is time to answer that call.

Maybe you are a woman entrepreneur seeking to be brave in speaking the bold truth of you message to the world and claiming the absolute clarity and power of what that is...

Or you are a woman seeking to discover the clarity of purpose in the later years of your life, knowing it is important for you to give back to yourself at this part of your journey and reclaim a piece of your journey for yourself…

Or perhaps, you are an aspiring visionary and entrepreneur who is looking beyond the comforts of your corporate life to transition into building something that feels meaningful and impactful for what you desire for your purpose in life…

If you find yourself here, it is because you are at an important junction in your life where you recognize you can’t procrastinate on your life work and calling any longer and you are looking for a space to be held in the claiming and creation of it in the world.


Hi, I'm Hillary

I partner with women visionaries, entrepreneurs and purpose seekers.

Women who are on a quest of claiming the deep authenticity of their leadership and visions in the world, and want to transform that into a true expression of their gifts through the claiming of their greatest callings and daring visions they are moved to create with.

And although my work predominantly attracts women, I do and have held space for men that resonate with my work as well.


What is unique about how I support those WHO seek me out is the addition of horse medicine in my facilitation and options of how people journey with us.

Horse medicine is a powerful ally and amplifier to our experiences, offering a place that gives purity to the mirroring and facilitation that is found in our experiences. With horses there is no bias, judgement or ego. Our energy is able to be reflected back to us in a way we can receive deeply when we are with horses.  With horses, we get access to a deeper wisdom and clarity and a strength that becomes necessary ingredients for us to claim the bigger work we are feeling called to do in the world. Where we get stuck within ourselves, horses move us so we don’t continue to stay trapped in the fears and doubts that have kept us in procrastination and stagnation for too long.

Horses are a powerful medium in the discovery and unveiling of our own clarity. You do not have to be a horse person or understand the medicine of horses to benefit or feel called to what they offer to you on this junction of your journey.

Explore My Offerings here

The Herd

You don't need to know horses to have experience with them or be powerfully impacted by their medicine. Many of those who are called to partner with me and the herd have never been in the space of them. They simply feel the resonance to their energy and are called to experience the space they hold with us.

All of the experiences with the horses are done on the ground at liberty in their 50 acre pasture. It is a magical and intuitive experience that empowers their wisdom alongside of our own and that always leave my clients amazed at what transpires.

Epona Rise Retreats

The elegant ranch where all of our on-site program magic happens, in beautiful British Columbia!



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