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Horse Medicine Oracle for Business & Life

All of the medicine and wisdom of the herd of Epona Rise, including those that are part of our spirit herd. All messages have been channeled and deepened by me to give you an ability to connect to horse wisdom on your own..

E-Book "Finding My Medicine: Manifesting a Life of Purpose"

This is my story, my own journey of manifesting the life and business of my wildest dreams, all by following my purpose - and finding the courage to do it in a way that felt deeply aligned to my authentic self.  


Hi, I'm Hillary



It is not by accident you found yourself here, I believe we are all guided to the places we need to be when the time is right. When Medicine is required to move us to the next step on our journey.

Who am I?

I am a visionary, a purpose awakener, a modern day medicine woman, mentor, guide and teacher.

I believe in the philosophy that we are here to create impact, that we were born with a medicine that is meant to be felt deeply in the world and it is our responsibility to step into the leadership of that.

I have been living a life of purpose and creating through it for what feels like my entire lifetime, and have dedicated my own journey to the pursuit of it and in discovering the places of magic and medicine I hold within myself.

Who are you?

I like to speak of the ones that are drawn here to me as Visionary Medicine Women, equally as moved by a higher calling, and a yearning to create space for their medicine and know it for themselves. You are more than just clients, you are tribe, soul sisters, and fellow teachers and guides that are ready to give space to your greater vision that is asking to be made through you. 

 You are not meant to dabble or play small, hide or hoard your brilliance and your medicine from the world any longer. There is a message you are a carrier for, a success that is guaranteed for you and a destiny that is waiting to be claimed through you. 


You are ready to hold it.

The spaces I hold manifest  in the online and in person spaces with an influence through the way of the horse.  The horses have been our carriers and awakeners of a deeper wisdom, trust and courage through purpose and it is that medicine we bring into all of the spaces we hold with those that choose and are drawn  to journey with us.



My Medicine & Offerings

We were born with a vision. A purpose and a calling.

There are those of us that are called loudly to bring this into form in a big and deep way into the world.

It keeps us awake at night if we are not holding space for it.

It moves us deeply when we begin to give room to it.

And it is our responsibility to give life to it. And you know this.

I call this living legacy...

There are those of us that are looking to build empires, and there are those of us that are seeking to create a legacy.

A movement, an imprint, a lasting mark, a fulfillment.

A living legacy is what we leave behind, it is the ripple effect we bring into the world, it is laced with purpose and meaning and it what anchors us into knowing we fulfilled our reason for being.

Others are inspired by it, they are awakened by it, they are breathed alive by it and are held in it as they reach towards their own.


I believe we each carry a medicine, a vision, that is meant to be felt deeply in the world, and through that medicine and vision our own sacred fulfillment, internally and externally because one thing I learned early on in my journey was if my life wasn’t fulfilled, if I couldn’t support myself than my purpose would be left wasted within me.


To give space to our visions, our medicine, our legacy we must be able to hold masterful spaces for ourselves.

We must have the ability to overcome our fears, to root ourselves deeper than our doubts, to move ourselves beyond our limitations of insecurity and unworthiness so we may hold the masterful spaces we are called to hold for others.

Because this is what you are called to do.

Whether you want to call it being a:

Teacher, Sage, Mentor, Coach,Healer, Space Holder,Visionary, Leader or medicine woman.

You were born to lead, to create space, to hold containers, to be a light worker for those that are seeking your guidance and wisdom.

Because they are.

This is what I wish to awaken you to. And these are what my containers and offerings hold space for.



Epona Rise Retreats

The elegant ranch where all of our on-site program magic happens, in beautiful British Columbia!

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