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Horse Medicine Oracle for Business & Life

All of the medicine and wisdom of the herd of Epona Rise, including those that are part of our spirit herd. All messages have been channeled and deepened by me to give you an ability to connect to horse wisdom on your own..

E-Book "Finding My Medicine: Manifesting a Life of Purpose"

This is my story, my own journey of manifesting the life and business of my wildest dreams, all by following my purpose - and finding the courage to do it in a way that felt deeply aligned to my authentic self.  


Hi, I'm Hillary



It is not by accident you found yourself here, I believe we are all guided to the places we need to be when the time is right. Whether it is simply to observe my journey, or to deepen your own experience among our Soul Medicine Tribe, I am honoured that you have been led here.

My medicine revolves around the awakening and encouraging of the medicine of others, to uncover the depths of their brilliance and purpose with the intent of mentoring to a place where they are confident in taking ownership of that medicine and purpose in the world.

My clients are visionary, purpose driven entrepreneurs that are looking to gain more clarity in what makes them unique in their work and step into creating a powerful platform for their purpose to be deeply felt with their tribes and in the world.

I believe in our capacity to do great things with our purpose and our leadership around it. You are not meant to dabble or play small, hide or hoard your brilliance and your medicine from the world any longer. There is a message you are a carrier for, a success that is guaranteed for you and a destiny that is waiting to be claimed through you. 


You are ready to hold it.

Our spaces are cultivated both in the online and in person spaces with an influence through the way of the horse.  The horses have been our carriers and awakeners of a deeper wisdom, trust and courage through purpose and it is that medicine we bring into all of the spaces we hold with those that choose and are drawn  to journey with us.



My Medicine & Offerings

What is medicine? I believe that we are each born with an essence that is unique to us. Some call it gifts, others call it brilliance, I call it medicine.

My clients are those that are wanting to become and embody the courage to not just find the clarity of their medicine but to own it,  This leads to the ability to claim their spaces, and lead through purpose boldly, authentically, and with vision. 

My clients are yearning to  live more deeply through their truths and wisdom; to allow the highest form of their destiny to take root and inspire the success and vision of both their business and their life. This is  where we begin to hold space open for abundance, for self-mastery and for a remembrance of your sacred work in the world.


There are moments where we need a guide, a teacher, a mentor to support and empower us in our vision and our ability to hold it, realize it and step into the full potential of it.

Where we are called forth, held in the fires of claiming and transformation, where we no longer run or hide from being seen, claiming our worth and value through our work, and where we rise up in the acceptance of our own leadership to the tribes that are waiting for our presence...

This is my work…

These are the containers I hold for my clients so you can boldly claim your Medicine and go share it with confidence in the world, to lead your tribes and to create your abundance and success through deeply aligned soul-purpose


Epona Rise Retreats

The elegant ranch where all of our on-site program magic happens, in beautiful British Columbia!

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