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Leadership Coaching with Hillary is a powerful and dynamic partnership that fully supports you to step into your brilliance, expand your own leadership style, and embrace your natural impact in the world. 


Group Retreats on our beautiful 80 acre ranch in British Columbia invite you to reconnect to your purpose, and align with your vision, through the magical space of horse wisdom and the power of nature.


Create a powerful practice and partnership in leadership with the horses through a specialized and unique 1:1 training that allows you to deepen and step into your purpose in the space of the horse. 




Leadership Coaching is for the magic makers, purpose creators, and inspired entrepreneurs that are driven to create brilliance and impact in the world.

Let’s talk about leadership for a minute. If you are living you are leading. If you are creating you are leading. Leadership is a way of being, and strong and brilliant leadership has the ability to empower you to fully live your purpose with success and expand your natural impact in the world.

If you are here it is because you are being called. You have a soul-stirring desire to awaken a meaningful, fulfilling purpose that needs to manifest its way through you and out into the world. You know you are here for a bigger purpose and there is a part of you that is ready to step into this magical place.

Hi, my name is Hillary Schneider and I am a leadership coach that empowers purpose-driven creatives, coaches, and leaders to step more confidently, and with inspiration, into their calling.

You have a brilliance inside of you that is natural, magical, and powerful. You were meant to succeed in carrying out this brilliance to not just create impact for others, but to create it for yourself. I am here to support you in doing so.

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The herd

Horses are gateways. They guide us to connect with the wisdom and gifts of the soul, and are my special partners in this sacred work that we share. These beautiful and majestic beings are my co-leaders in holding powerful containers for myself and my clients. Each individual horse brings a unique medicine and gift, and as a collective call forth the brilliance within us. What is unique about our herd is that they come to us looking for a second purpose of their own. Most members of our herd are older, retired horses that were needing homes post-career as riding horses. We have been grateful to support them in stepping into a different purpose and impact, and provide a space where they can be honored as they do.

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GROUP retreats

All of our retreats take place on our beautiful property north of Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada. Situated in the Heffley Creek valley on a picturesque 80 acres, this is a powerful and magical piece of land. Boasting a beautiful guest lodge and elegant, rustic cabins for our guests, our retreats hold space for the deep and powerful wisdom that is found in nature and through the presence and magic of the horse. Along with our specific retreats, our space is also available to rent for those that are looking for that special spot in nature to host their own private event.