What creates the success and confidence of our spaces?

Where do we derive the belief in our capacity to hold powerful spaces for those that are drawn to us?

Where does the courage to create our practice of healing, of service come from?

Welcome Courageous Woman, your gifts are calling you...


I want to share a story with you…

In 2006, I entered into training to become a coach. For the next 4 years, I invested deeply in the cultivation of giving structure to something I felt pulled to do as a career.

I didn’t step into my coaching practice until 2015.

It took me 9 years to really launch myself in the talents that I had as a coach, outside of the facilitation I did with my horses.

Why did it take so long?

When we are guided to become facilitators, healers, coaches, we are given a framework, modalities, and skills to facilitate.

However, we are not given the development or awareness of our innate gifts and strengths within that framework.

What encouraged and created confidence for me to begin my practice and put myself out there was the recognition and claiming of my gifts.

When we don’t really know what we are innately gifted with...

If we are unable to claim it...

It is really difficult for us to create around our gifts and then share it out into the world.


Women Who Run with Horses: The Claiming of Our Innate Gifts is an 8-week journey that brings clarity, alignment and ownership of our gifts and talents so we may confidently, and with courage, create a practice or programs that deeply reflects Them.

The process of discovery has us go deeply into identifying the archetypes of our gifts putting them into solid form so we know how to “package” and speak to it in a way that deeply identifies with our tribe and those that are seeking the journey with the talents we bring to their journey.


If you’re someone that finds yourself struggling with:

  • Building or growing your practice

  • Feeling confident about sharing your gifts and “selling” your programs.

  • The clarity to know how to create around your gifts in a form that will be accessible for others.

  • Seeing the value and worth of what you bring so you can price it according without feeling guilty or wondering if what you do is valuable to your tribe.

  • Feeling lost around what is so unique about who you are and what you do.

  • The confidence to put yourself out there or begin or expand your practice to serve others.

This program is for you.


How The Journey Unfolds…

The content and facilitation of this program is delivered over Facebook and Zoom, with call recordings and live trainings which are recorded for you to always have access to.

Each week, you will be given a module and a process that will help you unearth your innate gifts and put a concrete explanation to it.

Along with the modules, you will also be given powerful coaching and facilitate any challenges you have around the claiming of your gifts so you can step into holding them more deeply with clarity and also confidence in what you do.


The Modules:

Module 1:

The Discovery of Our Innate Talents and Gifts

This module gives you access to a process that takes you into the uncovering and clarity of the innateness of what you carry within you and putting it into a form you can create with.

Module 2:

The Facilitation of Our Gifts

Most of us carry some baggage around how we can direct or facilitate with our gifts. In this module, we will open up a conversation of where the manifestation of these gifts can come in and how you can be empowered more boldly through it.

Module 3:

Creating Around Our Gifts

Once we identify and know what our gifts are, we are now going to be given a process of how to create around them---what the sessions, packages are that will empower our gifts and bring them together in a way that is cohesive and resonant to those they are created for.

Module 4:

Communication, Marketing and Sharing the Essence of Our Gifts

Speaking, sharing, messaging, writing copy, are all part of this module as well as feeling confident and also knowing how to communicate around our gifts in a way that embodies the essence of it and truly connects to those that are seeking what we have to offer.


The heart of this journey is about us gaining clarity on what makes us unique in what we do, bringing together the common thread of our talents and then building our confidence in how to articulate and hold that in the world.

Our capacity to do all this lends itself for us to step into embodying a powerful presence that aligns and deeply resonates that need in our work and allows us to courageously put ourselves out there to build our practice to where we want it to be.

_DCS2413 (1).jpg

Our Journey begins January 7th and is facilitated in a private Facebook group.

Also included is:

2 hour weekly training and coaching calls

Weekly Modules

Recorded calls and trainings

Private Facebook group and access to yours truly for the full 8 weeks of our time together

Your Investment

$697 USD



For those that are wanting a deeper support to go along with this journey, you can upgrade to the VIP level which includes 2 ~1:1 60 minutes calls during the 8 weeks.

$1197 USD


2 payments of $600 USD

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