Are you seeking a container of accountability and growth as you reach towards your goals?

Are you looking for a space that keeps you focused, on track and anchored in your alignment?

Are you a woman entrepreneur or creator who is wanting to have a space held for her so you can stay out of your own way and prevent procrastination and stagnation?

If yes…

I would love to invite you to join me in the Women Who Run with Horses Monthly Mentorship Circle for purpose-led women entrepreneurs.

A container is birthed…

What happens after we take a program, work with a mentor and then find ourselves navigating into a space of unknown without a container to hold us?

Often what happens is this…

We lose sight of our goals.

We disconnect from our places of inspiration and accountability.

We get consumed in our fears and doubts.

We struggle with procrastination and overwhelm of knowing what to do next.

Growing a business, nurturing a practice, maintaining our own growth in our leadership requires constant attention.

When left to our own devices, we can lose the stability of our structures, get distracted from our calls and find ourselves back in our defaults.

This circle was born to fulfill a need for those who are looking for a continued supportive container of mentorship to support their continued momentum towards their visions and goals in both themselves and their practices.

I have many women who come and journey with me in a program who speak to the value of having a supportive container and then often that container ends and they are all of a sudden left without a space to be held and continue empowering them through their growth.

This can feel incredibly jarring and disruptive to the journey and so I birthed a monthly mentorship circle for those who are feeling vulnerable in what they are creating and are looking for stability and medicine of a mentorship circle.

When we are held in a supportive container with access to mentorship, it can be the difference between moving ourselves forward and achieving our visions of success or staying stuck in stagnation.

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Who is this circle for?

This circle is for women:

Who have worked with a mentor before and are seeking the benefit of working with another one.

Are wanting to be held accountable as they reach towards their goals

Have a practice or business (that is currently operating) that they need support in navigating around.

Will benefit from being in a small circle of like minded women who are also reaching towards similar goals.

Have a vision or goal they are reaching towards and are feeling stuck as to know how to achieve it.

Feeling wobbly around areas of leadership, serving their clients, growing their practice in an aligned way, that doesn't promote self sacrifice.

Are looking for mentorship that is both intuitive and practically based that addresses both internal and external challenges that aid towards reaching the success of our goals.

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About Your Mentor…

 Since 2015, I have been mentoring women from all over the globe in their quest for giving space to their purpose, empowering their authentic leadership and building practices that speak to how they create in the world and who they are called to serve.

I have mentored hundreds of women past their places of fear, into momentum of growth in their practice and in the claiming of what they do in the world.

In my own business...

I have grown 3 branches of my practice to multiple 6 figures, hitting 7 figures in overall revenue in 5 years.

I run and operate an 80-acre retreat center, holding retreats for women, equine-guided coaching, training and certification alongside running an online coaching and mentorship practice.

I continue to serve women from all over the world while also welcoming them into attending retreats with me at Epona Rise.

I have a passion of empowering women in their continued journey of growth and the achievement of their visions of success in the sacred work they are called to lead and grow in the world.

Hillary has created a space that enables you to truly feel seen and heard. Her own unique presence and leadership style in the container that she holds for her clients allows her brilliance to be a lighthouse for others to find their own true path.

The courage and vulnerability that she brings from within her own life experiences into her container is both inspiring and personable.

And if you are unsure of what your path is or gifts are... Hillary knows, coaxing and guiding them into being so that you are able to see and, more importantly, feel your gifts and brilliance as part of you rather than something outside of you.

The space she holds and the wisdom she shares is generously supportive, encouraging, caring, compassionate, uplifting and truly transforming.

She is a true role model for the definition of leadership and the experience of working with her is nothing short of life changing!!
— Jess Campmans
Why I have never been aware of this before, I don’t know?! For some reason, I have always been under the assumption that I had to sit back and take whatever was given to me. Wow! This just opened up a brand new door for me, that I didn’t even know I could open! Thank You!
— Tracey Swainson

Women Who Run with Horses Monthly Mentorship Circle Includes:

A Private Facebook Group with access to me for constant support of mentorship

Weekly Livestreams and Q & A to provide mentorship and speak to any challenges or support the group needs.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls with hot seats for rapid 1:1 coaching that is recorded.

Access to past content and library of courses that will provide helpful guidance to the group.

“In the past 1.5 months, I’ve worked with four new coaching clients, and have signed on three sponsorships with businesses. I know this wouldn’t have happened if I weren’t working with Hillary. I’ve seen shifts in my own mindset (an ongoing challenge, more to go) and my business income has almost doubled since we started working together.

I’ve been thrilled with the gains in my business and my own mindset. I know I’m still at the beginning of my business journey, but I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been, and I feel ready to take on the challenges to come.

I can’t recommend Hillary enough as a coach and business mentor. She is devoted to her clients’ success, she has incredible intuition and ability to reflect back what’s going on with you (especially when you don’t see it yourself), and insights into your own blocks and what will work for you. I’m already sad that our time is almost over (but look forward to other options available for future).

Thank you, Hillary, for setting me on the road to success in business. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you and look forward to our last sessions together. xo”
— Ricki Heller
“Hilary is an amazing coach, teacher and person! I highly recommend working with her in any capacity you can!”
— Elizabeth Novack Grooms
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Your Investment

$250 CDN per month with a 3 month minimum commitment (in installments)


Pay in full for 3 months $650 CDN

Questions on if this space is a fit for you?

Feel free to send me an email at to explore if this is the right support for you at this time.

Hillary is not only a powerful coach, but a soulful woman who truly walks her talk. I’ve done many programs and private coaching with her over the past few years. She’s supported me through a tremendous stage of growth and transition. I’ve always appreciated her transparency and wisdom, but having had the blessing and opportunity to visit her on the ranch and work with the horses last year, I can share that the depth of her integrity and ability to facilitate offers true transformation. Whatever you decide you need, trust the process. But if you can make it happen, do make the trek to work with her and the horses! Such a life-changing gift to yourself.
— Caitlin Lyon
Working with Hillary has widened my perception of what is possible for me. Working with Hillary accelerated my progress tremendously and I can’t thank her enough for holding that space for me.
— Christine Juckett
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