3 months of mentorship and sharing of how to build and craft success in your equine based practice

This 3-month mentorship container will give you insight, guidance, mentorship in what it looks like to create a practice that is not only fulfilling in passion but also in the vision you have for your business.  It will give you the know-how to be able to build a sustainable practice around working with your fellow equine counterparts.

We were called to partner with horses because we felt and knew the power of this work. Passion led us to it and continues to inspire us, but passion doesn’t always breed success and empowerment of our vision with our practice.

We have to navigate the waters of building an equine practice, figuring out how to get clients, exploring if this space can support our lives and our passion with horses, along with building the confidence and the uniqueness of our work.

I was once where you are.

In 2006, I began my journey of stepping into the field of equine guided learning. I spent 3 years receiving certifications from a variety of experts in the field, excited about starting my own practice with these amazing equine partners by my side.

As a life-long horse lover and someone who had been in the equine industry, I was moved by finding a space with horses that empowered and honored both horse and human.

I also had this idea that my passion with horses and my joy in facilitation would be enough to guide my way.

I was wrong.

I spent the next 5 years figuring out how to establish myself in a field of growing facilitators, how to feel confident in what i did and how to build a business around my love of horses.

What we don’t often realize is that our visions and our expertise in our facilitation with horses needs to expand to our business that holds space for it.

Because if we don’t learn how to run or build a business and practice in this work, we are not going to be able to honor our purpose and pathway with it.

I spent the first 3 years, post certification training, facilitating out of other people's spaces, running a few workshops per year and doing a session here or there.

In 2012, I made the leap to running my own facility growing my herd from 1 horse to 5 and embarking on a path of building a business that would support my dreams of doing this work.

Over the last 6 years, I have gathered my tools in business development, honed my skills as an equine facilitator and built my business to a place where I am now running an 80-acre retreat facility. I sell out my retreats. I am supporting a herd of 21 equine partners, most of which are rescues and I am now training and mentoring other equine facilitators in building and empowering their own version of success in their practice.

The horses have been my gateway to success and fulfillment and can be for you as well.

I know how impactful this work can be. And I also know how overwhelming it is to develop something that speaks to both the impact of this work and supports our dreams of doing it full time, or in addition to what we have going on in our professional lives.


What this container is...


It is 3 months of me giving you everything from the structures and systems of running an equine practice, to developing your unique vision of the work, creating retreats, messaging and the deepening of our intuitive and deeper boundaries and communication with our horses.

This is both a practical and intuitively guided container that gives you access to myself as a mentor to help you succeed in creating more growth in your practice or getting it off the ground.

Some of what we will cover during our time together:

  • The foundations of building a successful equine practice and all that it entails
  • Insurance and liability
  • Waiver and release
  • Marketing and finding your niche and message in your work
  • Deepening your relationship with your equine partners
  • Setting up partnerships with facilities
  • Exercises and support in creating your retreat and workshop space
  • Boundaries
  • Confidence and clarity around your facilitation skills
  • Identifying the medicine of yourself and your horses
  • Development and refinement of your facilitation skills with horses
  • ...and any other questions or issues you find yourself needing support and mentorship

What You Receive:

I. Monthly Q&A calls and weekly videos 

The program takes place in a private Facebook group with recorded calls and videos for you to come back to, download and take with you beyond our time together.

II. Access to me

In the group, you get access to me as your mentor to answer any questions. You also receive access to content that answers all of the above and more.

III. Connection with a like-minded tribe of equine practitioners for continued community and support

Over the past few months I have had the honour of learning from Hillary and getting to know how incredibly talented she is. Hillary’s work with the horses is one of a kind. I have experienced other equine developmental work and Hillary’s approach is truly unique.
I also love how this apprenticeship has molded over time. I have been given the opportunity to understand how to run a similar business, how to gain clientele, and how to hold space for this type of work. I have really appreciate how open Hillary has been about letting me in on trade secrets. It has been a blast and I can see us continuing to work together in the future!
— Marina Zimmerman
Having gone through the facilitator certification and now having worked with my horses in this new capacity and seen, felt, and heard the positive impact; I can confidently say without a doubt that this work is necessary to this world today. Horses are genuinely authentic teachers that have much wisdom to reveal to the human race. This incredible program has not only allowed me to live my purpose, but more importantly it has made me believe and own my capacity to do so. It opened up for me the world of the horse in a way that I feel privileged and honoured to share with others. With my entire heart and soul, thank YOU!
— Margarita Romano
Hillary has been a pleasure to work with and so supportive. She appreciates my unique style and I believe we work very well together. I would say that we make a great team and bring out each other’s strengths. Hillary is an extremely strong coach and facilitator and I have learned so much from her over the past few months. I would highly recommend Hillary to anyone looking for a coach. This work is transformational!

We begin on September 24, 2018

Your Investment:

$597 USD


1:1 Mentorship Upgrade:

Include 2 1:1 sessions with Hillary for personal attention to your equine practice and coaching include any specialized support with your retreats, workshops and getting your practice off the ground.

$997 USD


The Private Retreat Experience

Consider a private retreat experience at our ranch facility with our herd and our beautiful property for more profound attention to the vision of your own practice. If you would love to get the content and support of this program along with a private retreat experience, we would love to create that for you.  Email us today to explore what a custom mentorship retreat experience could look like for you.


About Your GUIDE:

Hillary Schneider is a mentor, equine guided facilitator, retreat founder ,and space holder of possibility.

She empowers other visionary’s to bring their medicine, purpose and brilliance to life and step into a life of meaning and success that aligns to what speaks to them.


A life-long seeker and dreamer, Hillary has spent her own life in pursuit of creating space for a deep calling and purpose of partnership with others to assist others to leave purposeful lives and claim their unique leadership in the world. Her mentorship is a blend of horse mastery and medicine through in person retreat experiences as well as space holding in the online world through her own wisdom and intuition of how she is called to serve her clients.

She is the founder and CEO of Epona Rise Retreat Center, a space that is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters personal growth, leadership development through the wisdom of horses and nature.

She has been facilitating and mentoring women and men on the path of purpose and leadership since 2010.

Hillary’s background includes extensive training in both the human development field through Coach Training Institute and 3 years of in depth training and certification in the field of equine facilitated coaching and leadership.


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