Welcome to the Women Who Run with Horses Business Mastery Membership Circle. 

It is a membership space to support equine guided facilitators and practitioners in empowering them to own their inner business woman and build their business practice.

For many of us coming out of certification, training, or spending time with horses, we don’t have the experience or know how of how to build a business or empower that vision as a business woman.

Alongside of that, for many of us, we then have limited resources to invest in getting the support we need to build our practice or the capacity to receive more mentorship on top of the that.

This membership was born in a space of service. We believe deeply in the power of this work and we also know that it requires us to be successful in our business to do justice to this work and support our visions and partnership with the herd.

I created this space so I can give mentorship and support to equine guided facilitators and practitioners so they can begin the process of building their muscle, vision and expertise in building a business around their partnership with their herd.


A Little Bit About Myself…

I have been and navigated through the equine experiential learning and coaching field for 12 years.

I have built my practice around horses to a 6-figure business. It took me 7 years to do that, and I now run an 80-acre retreat center that includes a herd of 26 rescue horses who are my partners in the spaces I hold in journey with them.

I understand what it looks like to be empowered in business mastery and to build that vision of who we are as a business woman so we can do this work the way we want to.

I created this container to give support with a soft investment to help where you might feel overwhelmed, overtaxed and unclear about how do you build a sustainable practice with horses.


What it is…

The Business Mastery Membership Circle is a container where you receive access to resources, modules and content that will be applicable to building your practice and business mastery.

Each month, you will receive two modules, a recording and or recorded training, and access to a membership space that gives you a full content into business building mastery.

These modules and recordings will address things like:

  • Building your offerings

  • Pricing your offerings

  • Marketing

  • Finding your clients

  • Building your practice

  • Identifying your inner business woman

  • Communicating our spaces with horses

What it doesn’t include:

1:1 support or access to me as live guide through the content.

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How It is Delivered:

The content will be delivered to your inbox and collected in a dropbox folder so you can come back to the content anytime and it is easy findable so you can also work with the material at your own pace.

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The Best Part…

The investment is only $25 USD dollars a month (opt in or out anytime)  

We recommend staying for at least 3 months.


$125 USD for a full 6 months access of the content.

We update content on a regular basis as well as share material from past mentorship programs we have facilitated over the past two years as we have mentored and taught other women in this industry.

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Will this help me build my equine practice?


Is this program for beginners or those that have been in the practice for awhile?

This program is suitable if you are just starting to build your practice or you have been trying to build for awhile. The material is suitable to be applied whatever stage of business development you are in.

Will I get value for the content even if you are not delivering it live?

Yes! The modules and trainings I will be sharing are full of content. We have been told over and over again how valuable it is even without getting 1:1 support, and this allows us to give support at a lower investment.

Do I get access to the material for life?

For however long you are in the program whatever you download you have for life. If you opt out at anytime you will not get access to any updated content that is given.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up just above and choose your entry point into a 6 month membership or monthly.

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