You are being invited into true freedom.  The unleashing of your deep worthiness and into the awakened and wise aspect of your being.

Our society encourages us to sleep on our gifts, to question our worthiness and to stay in contrast over our true nature of being.

The Wounded Woman…

This journey was birthed through the uncovering of the wounded woman.

An archetype of our wounded self that we all must be initiated through as women.

The journey of the wounded woman archetype is not about reliving trauma, or playing victim, or steeping ourselves in fear.

It is about awakening ourselves to an unconscious operating system, understanding how she operates in us, and liberating ourselves through the embrace of what we she brings to our life.

As women, our programming in our world and in our interaction with one another is steeped deeply into our experience, so much so that we don’t always even recognize when we are holding the energy of this wounded self.

This journey is about uncovering the core parts of this wounded woman self to find our freedom and awakening so we may live, create, and lead through our wild, awakened and authentic nature of who we are in our power.


I have observed this…

In my years of journeying with women (as a mentor to them, as a client to them, raised in a home of mostly women), I have realized that we all have places that are tender spots for us.

We all have our own experience of these woundings, but at the core, we can each identify with what they are.

Why is the journey into our wounded self so important?

I believe as women, we find ourselves in a powerful time where the feminine energy of leadership is rising.

Our world, both the larger consciousness and our own intimate and personal circles, require us to answer the call of awakening and empowerment and take our space in bringing this consciousness into rise.

I believe deeply in the medicine we bring to the world, as individuals, in our collective and the service that gives to the healing of the world along with the healing that we carry as individual women.

Our family, our lineage, our own experience relies on our ability to rise, to awaken and to give breath and choice to a different consciousness within us.

The Women Who Run with Horses: The Awakened Woman is an initiation.  It is transformation. It is awakening for women who are called to rise above their wounded ego into a liberated, empowered, and wise leader who knows her worth and place in the world.

Who is this journey for?

I believe deeply in the service we bring to the world as women.  Our purpose, our gifts and our capacity to create around them is dependent on us being awakened to the depth of how we serve and our capacity to lead beyond the confines of the wounded self.

This journey is for women who are called in their path to service, where they witness themselves in a place of transition and initiation to a greater authentic way of sharing their purpose and their depth to the world.

It is for women who are yearning for the discovery of their leadership and feeling brave in stepping into claiming their role of it in what they are moved to create in the world through their gifts.

This journey is for women that identify themselves as:

Healers, intuitives, coaches, mentors, facilitators, visionaries, creators, horse women, doulas and midwives and who know it is their time to listen to the callings of their soul and create around their chosen gifts.

It is for women who are wanting to grow, build, or begin their practice of service that are seeking:

  • To deeply identify their calling of service and the containers that are meant to facilitate them

  • Are questioning their self worth and value in their work.

  • Looking for deep clarity of purpose and the bringing together of their gifts to create something clear that others can receive

  • Are feeling a rise to claim their sacred mission in the world and how to initiate that into being.

  • A knowing of their medicine and how to embrace and acknowledge it through what they create in the world.

  • Overcome the fears that keep them from living the potential of their visions that they have for their purpose and their service

  • A more authentic way of living in relationship with themselves, in relationship and in how they are growing or building the practice of service

  • Strengthen their innate gifts of intuition and facilitation and grow the confidence in how they transform or call forward their own community.

  • Feel solid and certain in who they are, what they contribute and how to confidently speak to the message that they have to give to the world.


I see you, woman….

I understand the path of purpose and of leadership well. Of what is required for us to courageously go after what moves us and what feels is ours to carry.

I understand the heartbreak and the devastation of vulnerably putting ourselves out in the world because we desire something deeply for one another.

Of having to move through our own wounding in how we hold money in relationship to our gifts, looking at our shadows and insecurities when we would rather hide from the world and feeling perhaps the struggle of both wanting deeply to be in service of what we are here to do and attempting to overcome our own personal desire to not have to be seen.

Here is what I know to be true..

I know that there is a part of you that understands that the way you have been engaging and operating with the world isn’t working.

That you are tired of being fearful, frustrated that things are not perhaps aligning the way you wish, and discouraged from perhaps being taken advantage of, or being told how you are meant to show up in the world.

Burnout is a real fear, and perhaps, an experience; the desire to quit, or perhaps, not even begin a real thing.

But deep down...

Perhaps deep, deep, deep down.

There is a small but mighty flame that is saying…. This is yours to claim.

Your place in the world, however large or small is important.

The pursuit of your purpose, worthy.

The vision of you holding deep spaces for others, true.

A new way of inhabiting the world, possible.

What this journey is about is removing the cords and threads of our wounded past, self, and collective so we may rise in strength and confidence in what we are here to do in the world.

It is a journey of empowerment, of transformation, invitations and awakening into not just the greater purpose you hold for the world, but also in the potential of your own self.

Sometimes, there is a complicated experience we have with what we serve with external and how we hold ourselves in it through our personal experience of life.

Our purpose is not separate from us. It does not ask us to sacrifice or neglect, nor does it mean to occupy so much of our space that we do not have our own possibility of living our lives.

It does not ask us to struggle or be in poverty.

It does not ask us to give our power away or ignore our intuition.

It asks us to live deeply and bravely in our cause, to lean into the authentic nature of who we are, to cultivate spaces of sacred self care, and surround ourselves to community that uplift us.

If you are a woman who finds herself here…

Too scared to dream or take any movement forward because of past disappointments of failures...

Is confused as to her place in the world and in her place of service...

Lacks the confidence of sharing her gifts with those that are seeking it out...

Have been burned in the past with other leaders and mentors that resentment and paralysis prevent you from claiming that space...

Question your value and if you have anything of worth to share with others...

Are feeling on the edge of burn out, with a lack of direction of what to do next...

Is wanting to deeply know her gifts and medicine in the world...

Seeking relief and empowerment of her path and herself...

You have come to the right place.


How the journey unfolds…

I recognize that each woman comes to me at a different place in her life and in her journey.

Some of you are ready for a big leap of transformation. You are wanting to go all in, are committed deeply to all stages of transformation and are able to invest in yourself, in a container and in the purpose that is calling to you.

Others may be seeking a softer entry into being held through a transformation. You are yearning for a gentle immersion and awakening that offers a beginning to perhaps a larger journey, but for right now you are seeking small morsels on your path to awakening.

I know my community well and I wanted through this journey to create different stages that can meet you where you are at in the stage of where this container might resonate so you can still receive any medicine and wisdom you are seeking from what this space might give you.

The Maiden: The Initiated

The Woman: The Birthed

The Crone: The Awakening


The Maiden: The Initiated

A 12 Week Initiation into Awakening

We all begin in the maiden stage.

It is here we take a look at the foundation of our places of wounding, where they show up in the world, what is our initial relationship with them and how we can begin to transform them into operating through a more conscious and wise part of self.

In the 12 weeks of The Maiden, there are 4 core stages of wounding and wisdom that we journey through.

We are going to spend 3 weeks on each stage so we have time to steep into the teaching of each piece and go through at a pace that allows us to deepen the discovery of what each stage offers us.

They are:

Stage 1: Discovering our Wounded Woman Archetype

The first stage of this journey is the discovery first of our wounded woman archetype. Who she is, what theme she has guided us through in our journey and how to recognize where she manifest in us and in others.

We each have our version of the wounded woman. It is not the same for everyone. I believe it to be deeply empowering and important for us to be able to identify who she is for us.  Although, I believe that we can each identify with aspects of this archetype we are going to have our version of how she manifests for us.

To first begin to untangle where our wounds saboteur our experiences, or where we continue to blindly go into repeating the same patterns over and over again, we need to be able to identify who this archetype is so we can alleviate where she unconsciously creates the most contrast in our world.

Stage 2:  Healing our Unworthiness

The core wound of unworthiness is rampant in us as women.  Our value is not held equal in the world. We are questioned constantly in our worth and what I have found in my own journey, the space of unworthiness creates the most misalignment in ourselves and how we design and create our spaces of service in the world.

Worthiness goes deeper than our value and being able to step into feeling empowered about charging for our gifts.

Worthiness, at the core, is us feeling to begin with worthy of life, our place in the world, belonging and being worthy of desire and yearning of our purpose and the abundance we are seeking with it.

When we don’t feel worthy of belonging, it is going to be difficult for us to engage in manifesting experiences where we feel we are being seen for our authenticity. It will be difficult to allow ourselves to interact with others who are wanting us to be a part of their journey.

The space of unworthiness drives many of us to quit on our dreams, fail to even begin to start on the path to purpose. It perpetuates the struggle to get clients, or find a community that empowers our talents and nurtures that fear of us being seen.

When we land into the space of worthiness, we are connecting to the opening of us experiencing life hearts wide open.

When we feel worthy, we are open to receiving. We create abundance; we share of ourselves; we give space to our dreams and we feel a deep sense of belonging in the world.

Stage 2 will be about the rooting out of where our unworthiness stems from and how we cultivate the space of worthiness within us to begin to heal this in our experience.

Stage 3: The Empowerment of Boundaries

I will tell you what is at the core of many and most of the dysfunctions in our experience is lack of boundaries.

Our learning of boundaries, our understanding of how to hold them in the world. I will tell you that boundaries and our inability to hold them for ourselves and for what we are creating are at the core root of many places of where things are not flowing.

In the space of boundaries, we are going to first identify what boundaries even are. I know for many women we hear the word boundaries and we contract.  There is a belief that we are keeping others away, or that we either have a wall, or we have nothing.

To create sacred space for ourselves and what we are creating we need boundaries. Think of it this way:  Boundaries create sacred space.

In Stage 3 we are going to speak about:

The anatomy of boundaries, what they are and how they serve us.

Identifying where we lack holding them for others and our world. If you have issues with leaking your energy, feeling drained, or experiencing burn out, boundaries is at the root of this.

Empowering our ability to pause and say no, because for many of us service-based women, we say yes for everything.

When we lack boundaries, we lack the ability to hold anything or have space to receive it period.

Empowering the creation of boundaries in our world that feels authentic to us.  Where do boundaries need to go and knowing how to hold them in a way that feels authentic to you.

Boundaries is an essential and such a deeply important space for us to empower in our world, especially for women.

Stage 4: Meeting our Wise Woman Archetype

In Stage 4, we will complete our first entry into this program with the meeting our wise woman archetype.

To override our conditioning in our wounding, we need to create another pathway that will offer us another perspective on how to move forward.

The Wise Woman Archetype is the pathway that will nurture us beyond our places of wounding and the continued empowerment of our worthiness and our boundaries.

If you are going to be completing our journey together in the 12 weeks, you will be leaving with an anchor into another experience of yourself that you can take into practice into your world.

The wise woman will anchor the teachings that you have gotten in the last 12 weeks and will become your ally in your continued creation, supporting you in the gentle unfolding of a new place of being within you as you complete with us.


Phase 2 - The Woman: The Birthing

In our next phase, we are moving onto the birthing. This next phase is another 12 weeks that comes with a deeper focus on purpose, our gifts and how they are wanting to be held in the world, and overcoming the places that has prevented us up until now of having the success we are yearning in the sharing of them.

Moving forward with the theme of working with our wounded and wise woman archetype, we are going to be delving into uncovering the places we hold ourselves back in our wounded self in our places of service and how to empower a different relationship on how we experience and share our gifts with others.

Stage 1: Reclaiming our Intuition

As women, we are born deeply intuitive. For most of us at some point in our lives we are taught to disregard our intuition and our sensitivity.

Intuition is a place where many of us abandon and live through the wounded self.  We ignore our urges; we bypass our knowings; we deny our instincts and we disempower our intuition.

Many of the women who come and work with me always share this with me. I am blocking my intuition, or I am not that intuitive. And they have a desire to awaken and empower this place within them.

A part of spending time with our intuition is looking at where we have denied it, where it has been denied from others, to recognize how our intuition manifests in us and how we recognize and utilize it both in personal and professional spaces.

I will share this with you, the success of the growth of my business and my ability to facilitate my clients to the core of what they are journeying with is built off of my intuition and knowing how to follow it, empower it, and listen to it.

As a woman, being intuitive is our gift and our divine right. It is our superpower and it is where we will create and discover the depth of our power.

The reclaiming of our intuition is a potent place of discovery and healing for us as women that will serve us in being able to make decisions both in our personal spaces and in what we are creating with our purpose that will serve us not harm us and what we are building.

Stage 2:  Finding our Medicine and Knowing our Purpose

In Stage 2, we are going to be unearthing our medicine and anchoring into the deep places of purpose that is ours to hold in our lifetime.

In this stage, we are finding our way back to our true essence and reminding ourselves of our why: why are we pulled to serve, who we do serve and what is the greater purpose to a larger mission of our work.

When we have our why and when we can witness the strength of our gifts, our ability to know how to speak to what we do, create for who we are called to create for, feel confident in how we transform is easy for us to land in.

It is here where we are reminded of our power, where we get re-inspired as to why it is so important for us.

Stage 3: Embracing the Gift of Money

Money is an energy that most of us have baggage around.  It creates discomfort. We have dysfunction around money, and truth, it is an essential energy and relationship we need to heal.

Money is a gift. It is meant to be experienced in its abundance. In this stage, we are going to be looking at our relationship with money in all of the ways we hold it---physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally---and giving rise to a new experience of it.  It is about healing the wounds where we have been holding shame and guilt around money and learning also how to empower this exchange with those that are wanting to experience what we do.

If we want to be of big service in the world, we have to transform how we relate and hold this energy.

The bigness of our purpose, our own sense of security and freedom, empowering others in their relationship with us can be found in healing how we hold money in our world.

This is a sensitive and tender space for many of us, but through this stage, we will learn how to empower a new way of being with it that inspires and excites us, instead of creating fear, paralysis or resentment.

Stage 4:  Creating Our Offerings

In Stage 4, we begin the process of starting to create the spaces that will hold our gifts.  To step into the depth of purpose, to begin the empowerment of the service we bring to the world, we want to know how to hold containers around what we do.

Creating our offerings goes into depth of how we identify who our offerings are for...

How we create offerings that speak to the depth of what we do for others and what is going to feel inspiring for us to hold.

What our branches of offerings are that speak to the greatest value to our community.

It is here we get clear about what we offer, uncover the holding of our offerings that feel aligned to our community and to us, and go deep into understanding how we serve and how to speak to our service and offerings in a way that will resonate with our community and who it is for.

At the end of Stage 4, you will know what you have to offer you will be clear in your medicine, confident of how you serve, knowing of your why and who your services are for and feel empowered in being able to step into the exchange of money through your gifts.



Phase 3 - The Crone: The Awakened Woman

Should you choose to join us, the last phase of the journey is about the call to leadership in our world and stepping into experiencing ourselves as our awakened self.

This phase is about going deeper into the spaces of potential of what we have to bring into the world and bringing forward the wisdom of the first 6 months into creation and integration of what we are here to do.

The Awakened Woman creates through her own rhythms, possibility, and can recover back to flow.

She is able to meet the contrast of her world through the cultivation of creativity and she doesn’t shy away from where she is being asked to step into the leader of her world.

What is different about the last phase of this journey is it is fluid.

Less about structure and more about what we are faced in life, the Awakened Woman expands her consciousness into what is happening in the collective and where she can address and infuse her wisdom in it.

The last 3 months of this journey is about living and integrating through the Awakened Woman. It is where we land deeply in our wisdom and take big leaps forward in what we feel is ours to hold in the world.

It is the phase of big dreaming and visioning, creating spaces for us to listen to the wisdom of life and in our own medicine, of pursuing the bigger containers that are for us to hold and deepening into what we are here to create with our consciousness.

We are the weavers of our own worlds in this phase. We learn and empower our knowing of manifestation. We ask for the bigness of what we are creating in life. We are serving at our highest level, go bigger with our asks and apply our wisdom in our everyday world.

Phase 3 is for us to deepen, expand, awaken, create, and flow.

It is a container that asks us to meet the unknown, to know our power to create through it, to trust where we are being led, and to stand in the fullness of our leadership of what is ours to teach.

It is about giving full permission to our expression in life, giving space to our mastery and being asked to trust the journey that comes from complete surrender and trust to our most highest self.

Unlike the first 6 months, this last phase is shrouded in a bit of mystery, because it is here we learn to dance with the unknown, cultivating our wisdom to create a new world.

If you are called here it is because you are wanting to discover how to be in a co-creation with spirit and yourself more deeply. It is about the expansion of purpose, reaching higher and discovering the depth of your mastery.

We are led in this container by what is authentically showing up. We flow with the themes that present itself. We go deeper into devotion to our own practice and sharing of wisdom. We are in full radiance and emergence. This is the last phase of transformation where we meet the fires of our last places of resistance and create something miraculous that we could not even predict if we tried.

It is magic. It is a mystery and it is mastery.

The Investment to enter into all 3 phases (9 months):

$2000 USD paid in full or 4 payments of $625USD (paid every 2 months)


The Structure: How the journey is delivered

Each phase will have it’s own private Facebook group along with:

  • bi-weekly Livestreams

  • bi-weekly modules

  • horse medicine and messages infused in our time together

If you are entering all 3 phases you will also receive:

6 1:1 60 minute calls to deepen your journey and assist your vision and process during our time together.

These calls are catered to give continued support through the material we are journeying with alongside any mentorship needed for your vision of business and how you are holding it.


Some of the bonuses that will be given as part of your entry into this program:

Manifesting Mastery Course (Valued $497 USD)

Empowered in Purpose Course (valued $297 USD)

For those journeying with me in the full 9 months will also receive

Women Who Run with Horses: 12 Week Business Mastery Program (valued at $997 USD)



Phase 1 and 2: 6 month journey




Uncertain of where you would fit and would like to speak to me about your entry into this space?

Fill out the application below and we will be in touch to chat further!

A deeper invitation…

With any experience that I offer, there is always an invitation to add a horse experience as part of your time with us.

During the running of this program, I will be offering a retreat with the horses on the Wounded Woman at our ranch that can be added on as part of this experience.  Taking place on August 9-11th, 2019.

To add a retreat experience as part of your journey with me:

$1500 USD (includes accommodation and meals)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to have a business in order to take this program?

No, as long as you have a desire to begin or grow a space of service, this program will be a fit for you.

What if I am just looking to experience this for personal healing?

I believe the claiming of our purpose in the world is connected to our personal healing. The intention of this space is to give breath to what the expression of purpose is in your world and it is completely up to you how to use or manifest the teachings of this program and where it feels like it is applicable to you.

Do you have to be a woman to join this program?


When does this program begin?

The Program Begins Monday July 8th 2019

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