Are you a woman entrepreneur who finds herself stagnating in the same space?  Unable to move beyond the current plateau you find yourself in?

Are you struggling with moving beyond your fears and limited beliefs keeping you stuck where you are, just out of reach of that bigger vision that you are yearning to step into?

Are you having a hard time identifying with clarity the right path, strategy or action to take to move your business forward in a way that feels aligned for you?

Are you noticing signs of burnout and lack of passion in your work? Unable to identify what is the thing that is keeping you from being inspired and excited about what you do?

Are you feeling like you are on the edge of a breakthrough but cannot seem to move past this last final wall to get to the other side of what you are reaching towards in your vision and in your work?

Do you find yourself spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do to move beyond this point and have not been able to create clarity?

The potential of what you are seeking is just around the corner, but in order to get there, you need to access a creative solution, and also the internal shifts which will support you getting to the next level.

Does this sound familiar?

You have been trying to create success in your business for the last couple of years, but can’t quite create the traction you want.

You have a feeling that there is a greater depth of authenticity to you and your work that needs to come out but you are uncertain of what that looks like.

You are not sure why your programs or sessions are not selling the way you want and you are feeling frustrated by the lack of clients that are coming into your practice.

You are struggling with aligning yourself to the rates you want to align yourself with in your work that will have you feel excited and also profitable in your work.

You are not sure what programs to create or how to create them in a way that connects to your community and audience of aligned clients.

There is overwhelm around the how, transitioning a business online, or building it up that doesn’t feel like it takes away your time from everything else you are wanting to create space in your life.

You don't trust your intuition or instinct any longer because you believe it has lead you astray in the past.


Here you are…

Some of these pieces above might really be resonating with you. This is where you are at.

Also perhaps, you are hesitant to look into another program or mentor to try to give you answers that you have already sought guidance on.

And yet you know something needs to shift and you recognize you need some support to allow that shift to take place.

Women Who Run with Horses is a holistic approach to business, aligning you to your inner beliefs, strengths and vision, while giving space and room for intuitive strategy to finally receiving the shifts and results you have been seeking to create.

Here is what I know to be true….

Strategy alone doesn’t create success.

There is no one size fits all model that you can follow.

You have to do the inner work and understand what shifts are needed to create external results.

There is an easy way to do things that aligns with your values and way of being that you are probably overlooking.

I understand the full picture of building something that is sustainable, holds the vision of success and speaks deeply to purpose.

Over the last 5 years, I have built my coaching and equine guided leadership practice which has generated 7 figures in revenue, and more importantly, I have done so without losing that space of integrity and heart in my work.

I know there isn’t a straight answer that can be given to each person and we all have a unique blueprint of how we are going to create our success.

I also know that we cannot move ourselves into a place of clarity and empowerment on our own. In my own journey, I rely on the strength and vision of my own mentors for encouragement, alignment and wisdom to move me beyond my own plateaus.

Hillary - High Res-03-2.jpg

The Women Who Run with Horses program is designed to give you mentorship, coaching and leadership support through all aspects of the foundations that is required for us to manifest and create the success we are deeply seeking.

It is a 16 week program that looks at how we operate internally, what actions to take externally to create the success we have been seeking but have not been able to step into.

Many programs give you a step-by-step process or a formula that says do this and you will succeed.

This program gives you a framework of support and mentorship to find the clarity of answers that will serve you and your business uniquely while empowering you in creating the success you seek without compromise on who you be in the world.

If you find yourself in a place where…

You are constantly doubting yourself and your efforts...

Your flow of clients has dried up or disappeared...

You are stagnating in your practice and uncertain of where to go next...

You have not been able to move beyond a certain point in your business...

You are lacking a clarity of how to bring your work out more deeply to those that are seeking it...

You feel your fears are holding you back from creating what you truly desire in your work...

You are feeling like the spark that you started out with is missing...

You are needed to redefine your programs, ideal clients and pathway to creating revenue that doesn’t burn you out...

And you are wanting to move to a place where…

There is a consistent flow of clients and revenue in your practice that meets what you are seeking to create in your business.

You feel confident and certain in what you are offering, how to offer it and the delivery of your spaces to your clients.

You are clear in your how’s.

You are showing up more authentically in your work.

Your workflow feels supportive of how you create, giving you energy instead of burn out.

You feel excited about what you are doing, connected to the message and purpose of your work.

You are seeing the results and outcomes for yourself and your business that you are reaching towards.

You have a clear understanding of your strengths and how to leverage those in the building and sustaining of your practice.

Then I invite you to claim a space in this program.


How it unfolds:

Every two weeks, we will have a focus of what we are moving through, that builds a foundation of our ability to transform our fears and doubts into clarity and success and witnessing movement in yourself and in our business.

Week 1-2

REWiring Our Limiting Belief Systems

In our first two weeks, we are going to take a look at the limiting beliefs that hold us back from stepping through the next level.

The inner work makes a huge impact on our ability to take action and have clarity in how we build what we are seeking.

We all have programing that occupy spaces within us that are not serving, our ability to root those out and understand how to shift and empower new beliefs is really important.

Week 1-2 we will be doing a deep dive to discover:

The core belief systems that create dissonance within ourselves and our business.

The limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching our desired success.

How to move ourselves beyond our limitations and the practices and tools that will continue to support you long beyond the program.

Rewiring our belief systems to empower our visions.

Our belief systems impact everything; how you operate in yourself and your business, what you create, how you show up. If you don’t understand where you are being held back internally you will never see the results that you seek in your external world.

Week 3-4

Building a business model for success

In weeks 3 and 4, we are going to be really digging deep into your current business model and offerings, whether they align to your zone of genius, re-clarifying who you serve and why and what your model of success is going to look like.

What happens for many of us is we adopt a service or offerings that we think is going to sell instead of creating what is really aligned to our brilliance and what we would like to lead.

In these two modules we will be taking a look at the current space of your business and what you offer and looking at whether it really is in alignment with your genius and is being delivered in a way that is the most empowering to yourself and your clients.

Week 5-6

Money and Our Gifts

In week 5 and 6, we are going to do a deep dive around money and the exchange of our gifts. Most of us have some baggage around how we hold money, the exchange of it in our services and how we present it around our gifts.

After we do a reframe of our model it is going to be essential to do some work around money.

The depth of these two weeks also goes into helping you create better systems and management with how you work with your money so you feel empowered around it.

One of the biggest energy drains for us in our business is our lack of holding of money in our work, how we charge for our services and how we hold our energy with money.

What is a piece of this work is also diving into the value of our work and our gifts so we can really lean into knowing our worthiness of receiving money in exchange of what we do.

Weeks 7-8

Intuitive Strategy and Messaging

Owning our voice, knowing the depth of our message and where to put it out into the world is an important piece to connecting to our community of people that will align to our services.

Strategy can feel overwhelming for many of us, there is also not a strategy that is going to fit every person.

In these two weeks, we are going to look at empowering how we find connection to strategy through our intuition and also how to empower the message we feel we have to share with the world.

What we cover in this module is understanding:

Where to share our message

The different ways to deliver our core essence to people

Understanding what strategy is

How to follow our intuitive urges in our business.

Week 8-9

Leadership and Reading the Space

Our business has an energy and reading the energy around our business, our programs and our strategy is an important aspect to success.

We need to know whether it is time to push forward in active energy, to lean back into flow, and what aspect of our leadership is required to push our vision ahead.

In these two modules, we will be talking about the strength in our leadership and how to read the energy around what we are creating to continue to nurture our success.

You will be learning how to read space around your business, identify the strengths of your leadership and what aspect of your leadership is required to bring forward in order to move your creations forward.

Weeks 10-12

Finding our Rhythms

How do we create in alignment with our natural rhythms and create systems that support it?

Overwhelm and burnout are real problem for many of us. We overwork, or we don’t tend to our energy finding ourselves in this highs and lows that is not super supportive of what we are building.

In weeks 10-12, we are going to look at the rhythms of our energy, how to empower our natural  currency of energy and what systems and structures we need to build to support it.

It is here we'll look at the practical and energetic systems to support our work, ourselves, and our clients in what we are creating space for.

Weeks 13-16

Mentorship and Coaching

Most programs will teach you an outline or walk you through a process and then send you out into the world.

We created an opportunity to give you some coaching and support for the remainder of the 3 weeks to empower your continued success and application of the program beyond our time together.

It is here we can talk about what is coming up, what we struggle with and you will receive powerful coaching and mentorship to continue your momentum and see you through to witnessing the outcomes that you desire as part of your time here and the knowing and confidence that you can continue beyond our time.

Hillary - High Res-10.jpg

What is included in the Space…

  • Weekly 90 minute group coaching calls

  • Private Facebook group

  • Weekly modules

  • Unlimited access to yours truly

  • 1 60 minute 1:1 Call

Each month, you will receive a new module and a group call to go through the material, get coached and supported through the material.

You will be guided through exercises and practices each week along with getting access to a private Facebook group with support from yours truly throughout the 4 months.

Each women in the group will also receive a 1:1 call with me to empower the content that is delivered throughout the 4 months.

Horses - High Res-47 (1).jpg

The Journey begins Tuesday, May 7th


The Investment

$2000 USD in 4 payments of $500

$1500 USD paid in full

Due to the intimate and in depth facilitation of this program space is limited.

Claim your space today!

Working with Hillary has widened my perception of what is possible for me.
Working with Hillary accelerated my progress tremendously and I can’t thank her enough for holding that space for me.

In the 90 days that we worked together, I went from having an abstract picture of my possibilities…. a woman who knew she had something to share with the world. a woman who declared the medicine I have within. a woman taking action to share my medicine. a woman with an intuitive coaching practice and a thriving crystal jewelry line.

Hillary will help you clear the self-doubt so you can move into exploring what it is you are here to do in this world. She will be your biggest advocate, sacred space holder, believer, earth angel, and bringer of clarity.

When I started working with Hillary I had just quit my six-figure corporate job and wasn’t sure what to do next. I knew that I couldn’t stay in the corporate world and knew that I wanted to be of service somehow, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.

Hillary and I worked together and leaned into my core values and desires to determine exactly where to start. With Hillary’s help I was able to deepen into my crystal jewelry business by offering intuitive custom designs. This deepening allowed me to do what I love and infuse it with my medicine.

Hillary held the container for me to define the type of coach I wanted to be. I had been trying to step into coaching by being the coach I thought I *should* be rather than the coach I wanted to be.
We explored, held my medicine up to the light so that I could hold space for exactly the type of coach that I wanted to be.

Now I can proudly say that my medicine is like no other, rather than trying to fit into the box that I tried to keep myself in.

Honestly, Hillary changed my life and I am so glad that I was brave enough to agree to work with her.
— Christine Juckett
I have been working with Hillary for almost 9 months.

It’s difficult for me to summarize everything that has transpired since we first began our work together as there is SO MUCH THERE!

This was my first experience working 1:1 with a coach for a longer period of time and although I did not have the funds to jump in and was apprehensive, I can’t even begin to think about what my life would be like if I hadn’t made that move…

I have launched a business entitled Venusian Vibrations and am now a Sensuality Guide and Reiki Visioning Practitioner, working with women across the globe! I hosted my first retreating Hawaii last February and am getting ready for my next one this coming Spring 2017!

I have gotten in touch with my intuitive abilities, I learned to manage my overflowing and hypersensitive energies and I am now stepping more solidly into my offerings and leadership, all due to the support and encouragement I received from Hillary along my path.

Hillary calls it like it is, catches me when I am playing WAY to small and is an AMAZING second brain to have around when life situations come flying through the door and you have no idea what to do with it all!!

It’s been a pleasure, truly. And I can only hope to be as solid a leader as I continue to delve into my business, life and power.
— Xine La Fontaine
Hillary offers the greatest amount of support in holding a torch really, bringing the disillusionment out of the shadows and seeing it for the teachings it brings. Not as something scary, but as something to be integrated along the path.

She gives permission and honestly reflect all that should be acknowledged - both the wholeness or fullness of who I am and what I can offer, and also where I get caught or stuck.
— Angela Slomke
We just kicked off with a 2-hour immersion call, but I feel like that’s the best conversation I’ve ever had about my business.

I feel like you really understand me, what I do and what I want to build, holistically. I already feel 1000% supported.

It’s amazing how you’re able to see the BIG big picture of work/life/personality type/zone of genius, and resistance and address them all through your coaching and with the horses.

Some people are amazing at each of those pieces, but I’ve never seen it pulled together quite like this.
— Jocelyn Ring
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