I believe deeply in our destiny and wisdom as women.

We have a purpose that is ours to hold, to nurture, and to share with the world.

We have been gifted with a unique medicine, a voice, and a mission which is greater than ourselves.

But often, witnessing that medicine and mission is a struggle for us.

We do not think of ourselves as worthy of holding it, or we get overwhelmed with the form that it is meant to take.

We are moved and yearning to have expression of our gifts in this lifetime but are often held back by fears and doubts and old wounding that prevents us from honoring what is ours to give and to hold in connection to what these gifts are.

Over the past 7 years, I have guided woman like you in knowing the certainty of their purpose and the clarity of their gifts, and the courage to hold it boldly and with confidence in the world.

Our leadership and our medicine is necessary in the world. It is our responsibility to get to a space where we are offering that up in alignment to the full depth and scope of the expression of what our purpose is meant to be in this lifetime.

What I often witness with women is this…

We dilute our presence and our message because we are afraid of being seen or we are afraid that others will not “get” or align to what we are speaking to.

We create from a surface level of our talents, instead of the full range of what we have to offer, because deep down, we are afraid of our power and judge our full range as intensity and something that others will not receive.

We are blind to our own gifts, because we are so rooted in witnessing ourselves through our wounds and our flaws. It is hard for us to step into sharing our offerings because we don't think we are talented enough or worthy or have something of value.

We are afraid of being seen. We hold the fear of being judged and old energies of having in our lifetimes been condemned for our gifts.  We hide ourselves and our fullness because we are uncertain that it will be what aligns our community of who we wish to serve to us.

We deny our power and try to force ourselves to create from a place of hustle instead of deep intuition and flow.  We operate through a place of self sacrifice and often flirt with the edges of burn out, instead of accessing where our true place of power comes from as a woman. 

Here is another truth…

Our medicine and our purpose and our leadership of it are deeply needed and necessary in the world.

We don’t have to abandon ourselves and our own desires in place of service.

The two are one in the same.

We can create incredible abundance and possibility in our practice and places of purpose with intention and flow, instead of hustle and burn out.

We don’t have to sacrifice anything in the name of service. Not in our desires to be with our families and tend to our personal life, or our other pursuits that bring us joy.

Burn out is not a thing to strive for, nor is it something we need to fear. When we are listening to our rhythms and honoring our needs and the space we hold for ourselves, burn out will not be anything we ever have to experience.  Pursuing our own joy in service moves us away from burn out and we can pursue our joy in our service.

There are thousands (and that is not an exaggeration) of those who are waiting for our medicine and will eagerly receive it from a place of our authentic expression. We don’t have to dilute ourselves or fear that who we are is not going to “attract” our clients or community.

You have tremendous capacity to hold space for the fullness of your visions and desires for your life and the expression of your purpose. You don’t have to worry about not being able to hold or handle everything.

You are worthy of your purpose and what you desire alongside of it.


The Women Who Run with Horses: 10 MONTHS TO MASTERY is a journey of mastering our inner spaces and the ones we are seeking to support our gifts and purpose in the world.

It is a journey of depth, which addresses the core wounds and places of dysfunction we hold as women. Especially spiritual and introverted women because that tends to be who comes into my spaces.

And it is a journey of where you are empowered in the ownership and leadership of your purpose and sacred gifts that are yours to facilitate and hold in this lifetime.

This journey is for women who feel the yearning to be on purpose in their world, to step into sharing their gifts with boldness and ease and creating meaning in their world, in an intuitive and deeply aligned way.

The depth of this journey provides not just the transformation of how you are holding space for your work but also yourself.

You will no longer be held back by old stories and fears.

Your spaces of wounding and doubt will not drive your experiences.

You will not question your worthiness and value of what you do.

You will have a deeper space and self sovereignty of yourself, and the ability to witness the gift you are. Which in turn transforms your ability to share your spaces with those who they are meant for and create a practice that meets your desires for your material life and also your internal one.

What we cover in this journey is a combination of personal transformation and the emergence of our containers of our gifts and business that we are wanting to grow into the vision of success we hold for it.

We are the vessels of our purpose and work. Our business is the container that holds it, and can be held in a sacred way.

It is no longer ok for you to procrastinate nor sleep on your gifts, or hide them away.

It is no longer ok for you to sacrifice yourself and your own joy for service, or dilute or deny the fullness of what you are desiring to create for your life and your purpose.

We address all of these pieces in this space.


A share…

I was 29 years old when I stepped into my journey of holding my purpose in a big way.

Up until that point I had been dabbling on the side with my work with horses because I was uncertain if I could do my work full time. But I felt that I wouldn't know if I didn’t step into it.

My dream was to have my own land and space for my horses and share their wisdom with others.

I found a 17.5 acre facility and so began my journey.

Three years after that, I found I was facing another dream of mine. I was 32 and didn’t think I would be at the space that I was but here I was.

An 80 acre retreat center that was a picture of the dreams I had of my land since a little girl and I had an incredible year in my business that allowed me to pursue it.

I bought a 1.2 million dollar property at 32 years old and so began the journey of deepening the holding of my purpose and vision in the world.

Almost 4 years later, I am still here growing my vision and hosting people from all over the world in my spaces, both online and at my retreat space.

I have built 3 businesses to multiple 6 figures while following the path of pursuing my purpose and my desire to empower other women in their own versions of purpose and the manifestation of the dreams that support it.

I know that the building of this path isn’t easy, because it isn't.

It is vulnerable; It stretches us; It is deeply uncomfortable, but it is worth it.

I understand the pathway of building something unique and of purpose while honoring ourselves and what we feel we are called to serve.

I also deeply believe in our capacity as human beings and the magic of following a path that is meant for us and having the courage to share our medicine.

This container is created for you to be held in an energy that deeply believes and witnesses your strengths and the potential of your visions.

It will hold you in the fullness that you are and what your purpose is meant to be. And it will do that with a loving and fierce encouragement that honors your unique and authentic path and way of creating.

I listen and follow the energy and resonance of your path, while standing back and encouraging you to follow it in a way that feels good to you.

Sometimes we require the medicine of having another to remind us of our strength and our visions and our capacity to fulfill them. Someone to wake us up out of our places of doubts and fears, and give breath to our true purpose and the power of our intuition and gifts in knowing how to create it in the world.

_DCS2160 (1).jpg

What we journey through during this 10 Month Container:

We will have two spaces we will be holding during our time together, Personal Mastery and the Business and Leadership Mastery which is the container of our sacred gifts.


Here is what we will be journeying through in our personal mastery…


Identifying our core wounding that stops us from living and creating fully into our purpose and gifts.  We all have a wounded woman archetype, the part of us that exists and lives in fear and her wounded spaces. We will get to know this part of us, and both the individual and collective wounds we carry as women in connection to how we serve and exist.

In our wounding, we look at our core wounds and how we relate to the following:







Along with the above, we will also be creating space to uncover the core wounds that are operating for you during this lifetime and creating the space for them to be let go so you can be open to creating from a different place.


In our personal mastery, we will be meeting a powerful archetype of our authentic self. This is knowing who we are in our wisdom, in our soul and being awakened to the consciousness that we are connected through the divine.

Being in communion with this aspect of ourselves is going to be our greatest ally in moving beyond feeling held back from our wounded self.

It is here we come to know our power and potential and create a lifeline to the part of us that we will be able to tap into through any challenge or obstacle that comes into our path.


Many of us are creating without knowing what our true beliefs, values or places of alignment are, and in this way, we are often out of it.

If we are going to have success in our personal spaces alongside our business, it is important to understand what our authentic place of value, belief and alignment are.

To discover this, I will be facilitating you through powerful processes and tools that will help identify and claim your unique set of alignment that will bring clarity and sense back in your world.


Vision and Manifestation will show up in both spaces we journey. Often when we are creating a vision, it is coming from our mind and ego, not our spirit. The space of vision is where we will be anchoring into the authentic vision of our purpose and life that is coming from a space of being guided by our spirit and the potential for us to create through, not through the boundaries and limitations of our mind.

Manifestation is our right and natural space of creation. This speaks to us remembering how we create which is the opposite of hustle and force.  In our journey, you will be taught and empowered through the space of manifestation, how you uniquely manifest and to empower this pathway into bringing to life the visions you create for yourself and your business.


The last space we will be holding for our personal mastery is creating a powerful space of ritual, practice and self care for ourselves.  If we do not take care of our vessel we will have nothing to create from.

Ritual is life giving, and it is in this module, you will learn how to create a ritual that works and feels empowering for you and is easy to create space to lean into.



The other space of holding in this container is looking at how we master the container of our business, offerings and our leadership of them.

We will be holding both pieces as we journey to create mastery of all of the spaces we show up and create from.


I like to call the offerings of our work containers. What I witness the most in the spaces I mentor is that we are not able to clearly define or know the depth of our containers in how we serve others.

During our time together, I will be mentoring and supporting each woman in the design and creation of their purposeful containers and the full range of them that really powerfully mirrors their medicine.

We have many spaces we can serve. It is here you will get certainty of what those containers are.


Who do you serve? Who are your clients and your community?  Before we can fill our spaces, we first need to know who we are speaking to. I have a unique process of identifying our community that often feels incredibly resonance and liberating to those who journey with me.

It is here you will connect to the clarity of your community and how to reach them.


Do you know your medicine?  Our medicine is our essence and our gifts we give to others through our sacred work. In this module, we will be diving deep into the discovery of our medicine, the range of it, the depth of it and how to facilitate through it in our work.


Knowing how to price our offerings to our clients is often one of our greatest struggles. We can price our offerings and hold money in a way that creates empowerment and even joy in our exchange with our clients. In this space, we will be looking at how to hold money in a new way and to price our offerings in a way that feels good to us and our clients


Our intuition is our superpower. Leaning into our intuition is going to allow us to create and know how to share our messages and gifts with the world, but also powerfully facilitate our clients and our own process.

In our Intuition module, we will be looking to explore how to utilize our intuition more deeply and to feel more confident in how we receive and share it.


What is your core message? How do you communicate it and where?

In this module, we will be guiding you to uncover your true authentic message which is powerful for you and your community and helping you to know where do you speak it and how.  You don’t have to feel overwhelmed in connection to speaking your truth or being seen in it, or trying to figure out where do I share?

We all have our platforms that feel authentic and aligned to us and the medium that is going to best serve our voices and how we wish to be seen.


What model needs to be created to support the success of our business and our lifestyles and how do we create the structures to support it?

It is here we look at the full view and umbrella of your work, and look to what avenues we can create that will support the sustainability of your business.

We will also be addressing agreement forms, boundaries, schedulers and all of those practical pieces which support our structures of our business.


I believe deeply that the divine source, God, spirit, however you connect to it, takes its place in what we create with our purpose.

In this module, we will be aligning ourselves to that connection in how we create and allowing that to infuse our spaces.

We are not creating things on our own, and sometimes, we need to be reminded of the power that is supporting us through what we are creating.



Over the 10 months, you will receive:

In depth welcome packet to begin the journey

Bi Weekly 2 hour group coaching calls

Call Recordings

Private Facebook Group

Guest Expert Teachers

4 1:1 60 minute mentorship calls with yours truly.

Monthly Modules.

Monthly Horse Medicine Readings for some extra medicine in our container.

Along with all of the above, you will also be introduced to resources and processes I have used over the course of 7 years which have been tremendously instrumental to what I have created in my purpose and in the business that holds it.

Hillary’s mentoring in how to look at business through a spiritual lens has helped me immensely. It is allowing me to create a business that honours my own rhythms and beliefs, and that comes from a deep place of authenticity. Her transparency about the challenges and struggles she has faced, and the way she overcomes these, creates a container that is honest and vulnerable, and gives us tools and an approach that can be moulded for our own situations. My time in Hillary’s program has felt like a time of exploration and expansion into possibility, and very much valuable.
— Wendy Hartley
The Four Month to Mastery container has been a deeply nourishing space to be held, heard, witnessed and seen…in the full (often messy) spectrum of what it is to walk this path of sacred leadership & a world hell bent on making us conform to the numbing norm.

Choosing to invest in this mentorship program was a huge leap of faith for me. I’ve fallen into the wounded hands of female business mentors in the past that were so blinded by their own, they could never hope to hold space for mine and honor my own healing & onward journey through that. That leap guided me back to solid ground and helped me re-member to nurture my roots right where I am.

If you’re drawn to working with Hillary, it’s because you have a yearning…a deep ache of inner knowing that just won’t go away, no matter how much you try to trash talk yourself out of it. A heartfelt desire to make a difference in this world…for ourselves, for our horses, for our herd & for this planet. This is the sacred space to hear the whispers of that ancient calling back home to yourself.

Hillary is a grounded, graceful, courageous & wise woman embodying every facet of authentic, healthy, heart-led, feminine leadership…a woman riding her own trail home and creating safe & sacred spaces for us to ride home together.
She has such a nurturing way of reverently rocking you between fierce encouragement and bone deep belief in your purpose, and holding you in the knowing that this work must unfold in the hoof prints of your own unique soul path and timeline.

I have a deep love, respect and admiration for Hillary and her herd (2 legs & 4), the women I have journeyed with in this community and the work we are contributing to raise consciousness of the horse-human potential.
I ride on from this space feeling deeply nourished…a smile in my heart at the renewed sense of my service in this world and the supportive Sisterherd I have to ride alongside.
— Jayne Roberts

Our Journey Begins on Monday, September 9, 2019



$3000 USD paid in full


$3500 USD IN 5 payments of $700 USD 

Space is limited to 7 Women

To apply for a space please fill out the application below. 

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