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Are you a woman who is seeking greater clarity on purpose or direction in life?


Are you feeling the calling of creating space to listen to the pullings and pathway of your soul?

Are you drawn to the energy and wisdom of horses?

Dear Woman,

Do you find yourself in your world uncertain about your direction or how to move forward on your path?

Do you feel something stirring in you, a message that is trying to get through to you but you can’t seem to create space to listen to it?

Are you feeling like you are on the precipice of a big change and transformation and are feeling uncertainty or afraid of what that means for your life?

The Women Who Run with Horses retreat is an invitation to find clarity on your path, cultivate the courage to make bold moves in your life, and creating connection to the part of you that knows how to lead yourself through any discomfort you currently find yourself in. 


The women who join us in these retreats are women that are looking for more.

More fulfillment in their life.

More clarity on their path of purpose.

More courage to say yes to the changes that are being asked to be made in their life.

More certainty in knowing where life is leading them.

More confidence and trust in knowing life is supporting them and they can trust where they are being led and themselves to lead.

And they are drawn to being in the energy of a herd of horses that live openly and as close to a wild environment as possible.


When we are with horses, we can’t hide from ourselves, or from them.

We are given opportunity to witness ourselves in a new way. Where you can gain access to connecting with the part of yourself that has the wisdom and knowing of the clarity of your current journey and the ability to step into it.

Horses become our mediums and our gateway into accessing wisdom that exists in a more authentic place, that is pure from bias, and without agenda.


The invitation in this retreat is to get back to nature to create a clear space to hear the whispers of your own soul and find the pathway of courage to follow it.

If you know that you need support to move through where you currently find yourself...

If you are seeking an environment that will cultivate a deeper trust with yourself and your own vision...

If you are looking for a place to provide inspiration and courage and affirmation to pursue a path and a calling that speaks deeply to you...

This retreat will hold you in that.

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The Women Who Run with Horses is a 3 day retreat that begins with an invitation of looking at what is holding us back from pursuing a deeply authentic path, and where we get pulled back by fear.

We illuminate those places of stuckness that have been hard to breakthrough and uncover the core behind the fears that keep us from moving forward.

After we spend time in uncovering our fear and places of doubt, we move into the acknowledgement of strength and purpose, and the clarity of where that energy in us is leading us.

It is here that we tap into the wisdom of our own intuition, our inner compass, and find clarity into what we are wanting for our life, our relationships, and the path to our purpose.

With the horses, we are given invitation to be mirrored in our true strengths and gifts and to cultivate the embodiment and true nature of this space within us.

We leave the retreat spending time with the release of what we are letting go of and the clarity of the vision we are cultivating to bring forward into our lives and the map to nurture it.


How Our Days Unfold...

We begin each day with breakfast and space for each person to have their morning ritual.

Facilitation with the herd begins at 9:30am until 12pm.

Our morning facilitation is then followed by lunch catered by our amazing local chef with healthy food to support our journey.

Our afternoon session begins at 1pm and continues until 4pm.

We then create space for people to process their day and return to the herd if need be or enjoy a walk on any of our private nature trails.

Dinner is served at 6pm, and in the evenings, we give opportunity for each participant to choose how they would like to hold space for their journey.

The morning and afternoon sessions are held in the space with the herd and are a blend of reflective and at liberty interaction with our herd, and guided activities to empower our time and space with the horses.

Each day, there is time both before our morning session and afternoon for participants to have their own time and space with the herd.


What does the retreat include?

Our retreats are all inclusive and include:

4 night accommodation in a private cabin

Fully catered healthy meals

3 full days of facilitation

And a shuttle to and from the ranch.


Our retreat space is located north of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. For those travelling here, you will fly into Kamloops and we will arrange a shuttle for you to the ranch.

If you are driving from local areas we are:

4.5 hours from Vancouver

2.5 hours from Kelowna

6.5 hours from Seattle

7 hours from Calgary 

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 Do I need to be a horse person to attend a retreat?

While many of the women who journey here have previous horse experience, it is not a requirement. You do not have to be a horse person, or have horse experience to benefit from the teachings and gift of the horses.

All of our interactions with the horses are done on the ground. There is no riding and we teach how to safely be in the space of the horses.

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How much is the retreat and How do I book?

The investment of the retreat which includes your accommodation, travel to the ranch and food is:

$2500 CDN + TAX (payment plans available)

We require a non-refundable deposit of $500 CDN to hold your space.

Due to the intimate nature of our retreats, space is limited to 6 women.


Choose Your Dates:

JULY 12-14TH




My experience with Hillary and her beautiful majestic herd of horses was truly a life-changing. Hillary is an amazing young woman who has such insight and intuition and a true gift. Her medicine is pure and loving and healing. She helped guide me through it all and was a great source of support for me. The herd of horses is truly magical beings whose energy is so comforting and healing. They have such a deep healing medicine that they give to you. I was overwhelmed by their energy and spirit. It was the most transforming and healing spiritual experience I have ever had in my life. I left with a sense of freedom that I have not felt in years, I was free to be me. I felt lighter and happier than I have for a very long time. I was able to leave behind baggage that I have carried around with me for years and the horses were so supportive and kind and gentle and supported me through it all with their grace and messages. Their medicine gave me what I was looking for, a stronger sense of purpose, an inner strength that I had forgotten I had. A spiritual support that reassured me and gave me strength and enlightenment. I will carry Hillary and the herd in my heart forever and am most grateful to them for their medicine, love, and support. I know my work is still ahead of me but I have not felt this connection to my inner spirit in years and it feels so amazing. I feel happy, content and peaceful and look forward to my journey moving forward. Everyone should experience the magic and spirit of the horses their medicine and energy. Hillary is a fascinating woman whom I have a great deal of admiration and respect for. I hope to one day go back and reunite with this gifted mystic spirited herd and their leader. Thank you so much for your medicine and gifts. It has given me a new opportunity to embrace my life and make it what I want and need.
— Cathy Riviere
“I came to the Horse Medicine retreat needing some clarity. I had reached a point in my professional and personal life where I felt like I was stuck in the rat race, and lost sight of my true values and beliefs. Anxiety kept creeping up, and at times I found it difficult to breathe. The constant mental chatter and negative self-talk were both mentally and physically exhausting. When I first arrived at the ranch, it was clear that the space was magical. Hillary has a way of making all people feel welcome, even though we had never met one another. The entire experience was deeply profound and one I will never forget. The horses allow you to gain perspective in life and to remind yourself of what is truly important. I left feeling lighter and with a great sense of peace. Hillary’s wisdom and life experiences are remarkable. I would strongly recommend this retreat for other women who are looking to feel empowered.”

Beth Saunders
I spent 2 days with Hillary and her horses; the transformation that has occurred from my time with her is profound. She is a gifted coach who can get to the root of issues quickly and in a manner that is respectful providing a safe place to be vulnerable and dive deep. Once we landed on an issue that needed some work and shifting, we were off to spend time with the herd and let them do their magic.
I learned how horses work through energy and the distance they pick up on one’s energy was eye opening. They respond to whatever you are projecting and I’m still amazed at the impact our energy has on the world around us. It was something I knew, but actually seeing the horses respond and to the degree to which our energy reaches out into the world has changed the way I think and communicate. Standing out in the field for me working on trust, support and love was literally seeing the divine in the physical realm.
I am grateful for the time I shared with Hillary and her herd. Their impact has deeply connected me to the world around and within me. An absolutely life changing experience.

I went to a retreat the first part of September in Kamloops. I was very excited to be going even though I knew there was an art component. You see, “art” and I are not a thing. I kind of thought I would go for a walk or something while everyone else painted. That was my concept, others would and could paint, I can’t and won’t!!!! Off we went to the retreat, lovely venue, lovely people, amazing food. I fell in love with the intention of bringing forth a greater good for myself which will ultimately bring forth a greater good for those around me. I fell in love with the “knowing” that I am a creative being. I believe I am a spiritual being having a physical experience and there is sooooo much to explore and learn and do. I have been painting every day off I have and I am having joy, joy was not in my vocabulary for a very long time.

Judy Mayotte

Meet Your Host


Hillary Schneider

Hillary Schneider is a mentor, equine guided facilitator, retreat founder and space holder of possibility.  

She empowers other visionary’s to bring their medicine, purpose and brilliance to life and step into a life of meaning and success that aligns to what speaks to them.  

A life long seeker and dreamer, Hillary has spent her own life in pursuit of creating space for a deep calling and purpose of partnership with others to assist others to leave purposeful lives and claim their unique leadership in the world.

Her mentorship is a blend of horse mastery and medicine through in person retreat experiences as well as space holding in the online world through her own wisdom and intuition of how she is called to serve her clients.

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