What Are we are seeking when we feel fear and stagnation? What Creates Discomfort?

For most of us, we are seeking movement in some area of our world.

Movement from fear, movement from being stuck, movement from stagnation, movement from paralysis.

Movement creates clarity. It fosters courage and it supports us moving in the direction of our calling instead of staying where we are.

The most uncomfortable place to be at times is this...

Unable to move ourselves ahead or tap into what is at the core of keeping us where we are.

Feeling stuck and frustrated as we continue to hit the same wall over and over again, while nothing we do creates the changes we want.

Being stuck can create chaos across the board in our world---in our personal relationships, in our own habits, or in our business.

What does stagnation, fear and paralysis really mean?

Stagnation, fear, paralysis are often experiences that dictate to us that we are not operating in true alignment with our desires, our needs, or our authenticity.

Often, it means there is an old operating system that is orchestrating with us and we are being given an opportunity to claim something that is in greater alignment with where we are wanting to go.

For most of us, we don’t always know how to define or find our alignment because it is often buried beneath old stories that we are not worthy, or we have taken on beliefs of our community and family and called them ours. 

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My philosophy...

I believe life offers us an opportunity to receive medicine that gives us clues and hints as to what our alignment is and how to get back there.

Sometimes we need to be guided to this place, beyond our own fog and discomfort, through the false set of beliefs that we may not even know we carry and into a place of clarity, certainty and strength in who we are and how we are going to move beyond the places that get us stuck.

A Journey Of Medicine and Movement is a 6 week journey that cultivates new awarenesses, solidifies a new pattern, or beliefs and creates movement for you in any place in your life that you have felt stuck for awhile and have not been able to move.

The medicine aspect of the journey is us being open and connected to the medicine that surrounds us in the world, how to call on it, and journey with it as a process to move us when we are feeling stuck in ourselves.

This journey is about facilitating your movement but also providing you with tools and processes that you can come back to you to keep you moving ahead way beyond our time together during the 6 weeks.

What is unique about this facilitation is we will also be joined with horse medicine, a powerful ally that gives clarity to the invisible threads of energy that we sometimes cannot see.

Their medicine will be anchors for us as we find our movement, face our fears and recognize the invitation to alignment that stagnation is offering to us.

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How the Journey Unfolds...

Each week, over 6 weeks, there will be a module and a training call that gives you a process to look into where you are in a holding pattern and how we will untangle it.

This will be accompanied by a video, guided by horse medicine, and a private forum to share our findings.

It is a deep intensive of discovery, of shedding and revealing things about ourselves that we didn’t know which are causing unconscious blocks, and learning how to grow past them so they no longer keep us held back.

Week 1:  Identifying our Contrast

Where are we holding contrast in our lives? We will look with honesty where we are not living in truth and bringing it to the surface so we can change it.

We cannot create movement until we identify where it is not being held.

Week 2:  Uncovering our Core Beliefs

Our beliefs run our world, to create change we must look at our belief system. Week 2 offers us the opportunity to navigate into what core beliefs are driving our experience and whether it is serving us or not.

Week 3: Empowering our Alignment

After we uncover our core beliefs, we will move into the place of alignment. Here is where we identify our core values, our new belief systems and create clarity on where to re-navigate our focus.

Week 4:  Applying the Wisdom

Once we have identified our beliefs and our values, now we have to apply wisdom on changing it. It is one thing to be conscious of what we are traveling with and another to apply the practice of it.  In week 4, we will create our process and our practice that will set us up for successfully creating movement where we are feeling stuck.

Week 5:  Embracing Change

When we are going into a journey of movement, it means change. Many of us are going to meet resistance along the way. Embracing change is an opportunity for us to understand how to work with the part of us that is resistant so we can empower the change that is being offered to us.

Week 6: Vision and Movement

By week 6, we will be already experiencing movement in the parts of our lives we are seeking and to go deeper into that is to create and be open to how the vision of how we are going to continue to inspire it will look.

It is wonderful to be held in container that allows us to create the movement we seek and we need to be able to feel confident in knowing we can continue the momentum forward. Week 6 is about nurturing that space so you can continue the path of holding your movement forward beyond our time together.


What is included?

Private Facebook Group

Weekly Modules and Trainings

2 Group Coaching Calls

Horse Medicine Videos and Messages

Working with Hillary has widened my perception of what is possible for me.
Working with Hillary accelerated my progress tremendously and I can’t thank her enough for holding that space for me.

In the 90 days that we worked together, I went from having an abstract picture of my possibilities….
....to a woman who knew she had something to share with the world.
....to a woman who declared the medicine I have within.
....to a woman taking action to share my medicine.
....to a woman with an intuitive coaching practice and a thriving crystal jewelry line.

Hillary will help you clear the self-doubt so you can move into exploring what it is you are here to do in this world. She will be your biggest advocate, sacred space holder, believer, earth angel, and bringer of clarity.

When I started working with Hillary I had just quit my six-figure corporate job and wasn’t sure what to do next. I knew that I couldn’t stay in the corporate world and knew that I wanted to be of service somehow, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.

Hillary and I worked together and leaned into my core values and desires to determine exactly where to start. With Hillary’s help I was able to deepen into my crystal jewelry business by offering intuitive custom designs. This deepening allowed me to do what I love and infuse it with my medicine.

Hillary held the container for me to define the type of coach I wanted to be. I had been trying to step into coaching by being the coach I thought I *should* be rather than the coach I wanted to be.
We explored, held my medicine up to the light so that I could hold space for exactly the type of coach that I wanted to be.

Now I can proudly say that my medicine is like no other, rather than trying to fit into the box that I tried to keep myself in.

Honestly, Hillary changed my life and I am so glad that I was brave enough to agree to work with her.
— Christine Juckett
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Hillary offers the greatest amount of support in holding a torch really, bringing the disillusionment out of the shadows and seeing it for the teachings it brings. Not as something scary, but as something to be integrated along the path.

She gives permission and honestly reflect all that should be acknowledged - both the wholeness or fullness of who I am and what I can offer, and also where I get caught or stuck.
— Angela Slomke

Our Journey Begins Monday, May 27th


or 2 Payments of $199 USD


VIP Upgrade: (Receive 1:1 60 minute private session with horse medicine reading)

Investment $597 USD

or 2 Payments of $300 USD

We just kicked off with a 2-hour immersion call, but I feel like that’s the best conversation I’ve ever had about my business.

I feel like you really understand me, what I do and what I want to build, holistically. I already feel 1000% supported.

It’s amazing how you’re able to see the BIG big picture of work/life/personality type/zone of genius, and resistance and address them all through your coaching and with the horses.

Some people are amazing at each of those pieces, but I’ve never seen it pulled together quite like this.
— Jocelyn Ring
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