An intimate 12-week journey into the expansion and leadership of purpose in partnership with the medicine and wisdom of horses


Greetings, Wild Woman...

You are a woman of purpose, on a mission that is called to deepen her commitment to her practice the evolution of it and the grounding of it in 3D.

You may be a woman who partners with horses and you may be a woman who is called to their essence and are drawn to the medicine that they bring into our lives.

The Women who Run with Horses is an intimate gathering of purpose, awakening and empowerment of our leadership and sacred gifts in the world. Where we come together in deep commitment and devotion in what our teachings and visions  are and where we are being called to bring them into the world for our resonate tribe to experience. Whether your teaching is to be a mentor or guide, an artist or a visionary the expression and sharing of it is important.


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This is about the sharing of our gifts, creating the form of it and shifting our relationship to abundance so we can hold it with empowerment of ourselves and the practice that is meant to hold what we have to share with others.


When we know what that purpose is we can empower it deeply in the world, this journey is a blend of discovery and deepening of purpose, along with the moving beyond and outside of our blocks that prevents us from stepping into the most powerful places we can be with the essence of our gifts and our sacred leadership of our work.

The Medicine of horseS


What is unique about this space is that it blends the energy and essence of horse wisdom, a powerful ally for us to get to the core of what keeps us from moving forward and to give us an access point and deep remembering of why we are here. Horse consciousness is a proven energy that can be profound in helping us reconnect to our own power of what we hold space for in the world, it has been a medicine we have partnered with that has illuminated our path and given us the courage to create deep spaces of leadership with our purpose in the world.

If you are a woman that finds herself in the space of knowing she can no longer ignore her calling but is overwhelmed and uncertain of how to even begin to bring space to it.

If you are at the point where you know things need to change, a deeper commitment held in who you and what you do in the world.

If you are looking for a more soulful connection to bringing purpose and the practice that holds it to life that is both abundant and meaningful.

If you are looking for a container of mentorship that is deep in spiritual and grounded practices and feel called and drawn to the medicine of horses and what they bring into our consciousness and our creations.


The Woman who Run with Horses Journey is for you.


How this Journey unfolds

Our Journey of Medicine is accompanied and co-held with our herd of medicine horses, teachers, transformers and healers. They will be showing up each week to help us anchor into a new energy for ourselves.

  • Each week you will be given a module and a training video and an experience of the horses to deepen what we are travelling with in that module.
  • Weekly Calls to answer your questions and deepen the material
  • Intuitive readings with the horses to amplify our journey together in virtual and video.
  • Recordings of all our materials so you can continue coming back to it
  • A private facebook group to share, be supported with a like minded tribe of women that empowering the things you are also wanting to do in your life.
  • One 1:1 45 minute mentorship call

Module 1:
The Path to Purpose


From a meta view perspective what is the bigger purpose of our being and of our work. What is at the core of what we are called to hold space for in others.  What is the resonance and alignment of purpose that we can anchor into.

When we know our purpose and our greater why it gives us great courage to be take the action and have the courage to see our visions through.



Module 2: 
Our Voice and Unique Message to the world.


We have a voice that is important, a medicine that is necessary in the world and we often get tripped up with knowing how to communicate that message or feeling confident and connected to what our message.

In this module we will be unpacking a deeper knowing of what our voice is, the deeper one and the courage to bring that voice.

Whether your voice is to be used in facilitation or in creativity is powerful for us to know what our greater message to the world is.


Module 3: 
Abundance and Prosperity


The energy of abundance is one that follows us and can often create deep conflict. Moving in connection with the land that we are on and the horses we are going to be diving into developing a different consciousness about money, abundance and prosperity that serves our business and direction moving forward.

If you have been struggling with how to hold abundance and are seeking to shift that, how you relate to it, connect with it we will be diving deeply into it in this module..


Module 4:
Aligning our tribe:


Our tribes can manifest as our clients, our partners, our ally’s both in physical and in spirit and is an important connection for us to make in our lives and in our business.  If we have a service based offering our tribe will include our clients, our support systems and our connections in spirit that empower us forward in what we hold space for.

If we are moving into partnership in a vision we are holding for something we are called to birth into the world, our tribe may manifest as the form of support we need around that to hold it.

In this module we will be identifying the different aspects of who our tribe is and how to call them into our spaces in a way that feels deeply in tune with our purpose and in benefit of the highest good for all.


Module 5: 
The Medicine of our Impact

Horses - Social Media-05.jpg

Purpose and impact are two different things, medicine is a word borrowed from native american tradition that speaks to the essence and gift of each source we come into contact with. We have a medicine, our impact has a medicine, the spaces we create has a medicine, when we connect to what this medicine is we feel sure in what we deliver as value through what we create. We are then able to create something that we know with certainty is going to bring good medicine to the world.


Module 6: 

Creating the spaces and form of our purpose and gifts


Whether you are a service provider, a coach, a facilitator, a creative, a visionary or an artist, knowing the space and form of your gifts and how it serves is a really big piece of the puzzle.

This module takes us deep into the heart of what form does our gifts want to take, that will serve our purpose, our medicine, our tribes and bring about the greatest form of abundance possible.



Module 7:
Manifestation and bringing life to our visions


After we have moved through the foundational pieces to what we feel called to the next step is how do we manifest it into life.

I believe deeply in the space of manifestation, I have witnessed it for myself, this beautiful ranch I live on the horses in my field the practice that empowers it all, came through understanding how to we hold space for things to come into our lives.

Manifestation.  This module is going to walk you through the process of bringing it to life, empowering your visions so that you witness the reality of what you are trying to birth to become real.


Module 8:
Mastery and Integration


The last few weeks of our time together is going to be focused on our mastery and integration of the content. Unlike some potential other programs you may be exposed to, I like to create space for the integration of the material, it taking root in ourselves and our lives and be able to be given a space of mentorship while we build the new strength around it.

When we are paving new pathways of awareness it takes time for us to feel confident in it these last few weeks will hold you in the application of applying everything we have learned here and being able to provide support where you are seeking in as you gain new ground in what is unfolding around you and within you.


How to step into this journey

** Our journey officially begins Monday, June 11 2018 **
 There are two options to join us on this journey

Option 1:

$997 USD (paid in full which also comes with 2 1:1 60 mentorship calls)

Or 6 payments of $200 USD spread over the 12 weeks.

Option 2:



If you are looking to amplify your experience with some VIP treatment which would include 6 1:1 calls throughout our journey that if not completed will extend beyond our time together, an intuitive blueprint reading with the horses, and individualized guided audio journey that will empower and support your time in the space and bring a little extra magic into your experience.

$1500 USD  or 3 payments of $500 USD

(4 spaces available)



To claim a space for women who run with horses connect with us below:

Due to the intimate and in depth nature of this container, SPACE IS LIMITED.

Working with Hillary has widened my perception of what is possible for me.
Working with Hillary accelerated my progress tremendously and I can’t thank her enough for holding that space for me.

In the 90 days that we worked together, I went from having an abstract picture of my possibilities…. a woman who knew she had something to share with the world. a woman who declared the medicine I have within. a woman taking action to share my medicine. a woman with an intuitive coaching practice and a thriving crystal jewelry line.

Hillary will help you clear the self-doubt so you can move into exploring what it is you are here to do in this world. She will be your biggest advocate, sacred space holder, believer, earth angel, and bringer of clarity.

When I started working with Hillary I had just quit my six-figure corporate job and wasn’t sure what to do next. I knew that I couldn’t stay in the corporate world and knew that I wanted to be of service somehow, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.

Hillary and I worked together and leaned into my core values and desires to determine exactly where to start. With Hillary’s help I was able to deepen into my crystal jewelry business by offering intuitive custom designs. This deepening allowed me to do what I love and infuse it with my medicine.

Hillary held the container for me to define the type of coach I wanted to be. I had been trying to step into coaching by being the coach I thought I *should* be rather than the coach I wanted to be.
We explored, held my medicine up to the light so that I could hold space for exactly the type of coach that I wanted to be.

Now I can proudly say that my medicine is like no other, rather than trying to fit into the box that I tried to keep myself in.

Honestly, Hillary changed my life and I am so glad that I was brave enough to agree to work with her.
— Christine Juckett
I have been working with Hillary for almost 9 months.

It’s difficult for me to summarize everything that has transpired since we first began our work together as there is SO MUCH THERE!

This was my first experience working 1:1 with a coach for a longer period of time and although I did not have the funds to jump in and was apprehensive, I can’t even begin to think about what my life would be like if I hadn’t made that move…

I have launched a business entitled Venusian Vibrations and am now a Sensuality Guide and Reiki Visioning Practitioner, working with women across the globe! I hosted my first retreating Hawaii last February and am getting ready for my next one this coming Spring 2017!

I have gotten in touch with my intuitive abilities, I learned to manage my overflowing and hypersensitive energies and I am now stepping more solidly into my offerings and leadership, all due to the support and encouragement I received from Hillary along my path.

Hillary calls it like it is, catches me when I am playing WAY to small and is an AMAZING second brain to have around when life situations come flying through the door and you have no idea what to do with it all!!

It’s been a pleasure, truly. And I can only hope to be as solid a leader as I continue to delve into my business, life and power.
— Xine La Fontaine
Hillary offers the greatest amount of support in holding a torch really, bringing the disillusionment out of the shadows and seeing it for the teachings it brings. Not as something scary, but as something to be integrated along the path.

She gives permission and honestly reflect all that should be acknowledged - both the wholeness or fullness of who I am and what I can offer, and also where I get caught or stuck.
— Angela Slomke
We just kicked off with a 2-hour immersion call, but I feel like that’s the best conversation I’ve ever had about my business.

I feel like you really understand me, what I do and what I want to build, holistically. I already feel 1000% supported.

It’s amazing how you’re able to see the BIG big picture of work/life/personality type/zone of genius, and resistance and address them all through your coaching and with the horses.

Some people are amazing at each of those pieces, but I’ve never seen it pulled together quite like this.
— Jocelyn Ring
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