A Journey of Transformation, Awakening and Clarity unlike anything elSE...


Welcome to the Medicine Journey

There comes times where we feel stuck by life.

Our fears and insecurities seem to occupy most of our time, we feel anxious, and as if we are blocking what life wants to bring to us.

The journey of medicine is one where we get guided and open to the medicine we are needing to move us forward in our lives.

There are times where we are seeking a place of deep holding, so we can shift old patterns and beliefs that are preventing us from creating through the potential of our soul.

Where we can witness where we are feeling paralyzed and where we are also knowing it is time for a transformation to take place.

The Medicine Journey was created to give you medicine, to shift past old wounds and beliefs that are keeping you stuck from experiencing the abundance of life and awakening to your true potential as a creator of possibility.



This is journey is for you…

  • If you find yourself unable to shift past old patterns beliefs that have been holding you back for a long time.
  • Stirred and moved to create and bring life for what is being stirred within your own soul in connection to your vision and purpose and know there is a journey you need to venture on.
  • Are feeling like you are in an awakening of your own power and gifts, and a healing of old wounds that have up until now prevented you from stepping forward in sharing them.


The Journey of Medicine is for those of us that have been on the path for awhile, seeking, shifting and transforming and know that there is a new level of evolution that is speaking to us.
And it is for those of us that find ourselves at the beginning stages of becoming aware and attend to an awakening that is happening spiritually and energetically and we are wanting to explore that more deeply.
And it is for those of us that are feeling called to unburden ourselves of baggage that we have been carrying for what feels like lifetimes and we know we are at a stage where we need a light and a guidance to move through it so we can be in deeper partnership with our alignment.


How this Journey unfolds…

Our Journey of Medicine is accompanied and co-held with our herd of medicine horses, teachers, transformers and healers. They will be showing up each week to help us anchor into a new energy for ourselves.
Each week will have a theme and space held for us as we enter into the journey of awakening and transformation.
It will be held over a private Facebook group.
Weekly calls, modules and worksheets.
Intuitive downloads, meditations and guidance in partnership from our wise herd of horses.
And a powerful space of holding as we shift into a new space within ourselves.
Each call is recorded, each meditation and module uploaded in our Facebook group for continued access for long after our journey is complete.
This journey speaks to multiple levels of where we are and will continue to be applicable for us to continue to come back to.


Week 1: Uncovering our deepest wounds


In week 1 we take a look at our core wounds that are being asked to be shifted, and we uncover and root them up so they no longer keep us from moving ahead.


Week 2: Awakening to presence, spirit & our souls journey


One of the most powerful ways for us to move beyond what wounds us is the ability to awaken to the presence of what our soul has chosen to journey through. This week we will be connecting into and tapping into the wisdom of our soul for clarity of what our life paths have offered us so we can witness the gift in it.


Week 3: Anchoring into Possibility & Manifestation


What happens when we know and have connected to the presence of our soul’s wisdom? Possibility of course… This is a week where we carve out our anchor of possibility that will help us open doorway of opportunity and clarity within where the highest potential of our souls calling is seeking to guide us forward.


Week 4: Boundaries & Sacred Space


Week 4 is integral in our ability to continue to hold open spaces of medicine and transformation. We must know how to hold sacred space and work on our boundaries because most of us tend to be leaky around them.  Week 4 is a deep dive into the creating the containers that will continue to empower us in our journey of transformation, healing and bringing big visions and purpose to life.


Week 5: Self Mastery

Horses - Social Media-05.jpg

Week 5 is where we step into the spaces of self mastery, creating the rituals and tools that will continue to empower the new pathways that we are seeking to create so we don’t fall back into old patterns and defaults. It is in week 5 that we will be able to establish our anchors that will continue to solidify our new pathways long after our time together has ended.


Week 6: Developing & deepening into our strengths & Medicine


This is where we begin to clarify and refine our places of strength and medicine, new gifts may emerge, new strengths take root, it is here where we can acknowledge what is being offered to us to lead our lives and our visions more powerfully forward and our confidence in knowing how to tap into them and use them in creation.


Week 7: Bridging to a new consciousness


The journey of medicine is really truly bringing us in partnership with the horses into a new consciousness. In week 7 we are being conscious about what that new space is, where it is leading us, how to continue to partner with it so that our journey of evolution continues to deepen and where we receive a new vision and gift from the herd that acts as a beacon of guidance forward on what is now emerging for us in clarity to step into.


Week 8: Embracing the Unknown and a journey with the Divine


The truth is that we never completely know how our journey is going to unfold, it is not up to us to dictate or to control the outcomes.  And dancing with the divine in this place of unknown is tricky for us. As much as we uncover during our 8 weeks together we will still need to learn to let the way of the universe guide us forward. It is in this week we build trust in the mystery so we can continue to dance with the miracle our vision and our lives and the guidance of our own soul is giving us.  


How to step into this journey

** Our journey officially begins Monday, April 30th 2018 **
It includes:
An in-depth welcome packet to start off our journey together. This in itself will prove to be illuminating.
Your space in our private Facebook group with weekly modules, calls and guidance from myself with the addition of intuitive guidance of horse medicine.

Unlimited access to myself in the group  space with lifetime access to the content of our journey and time together.

Your investment:

$197 USD




Due to the intimate and in depth nature of this container, SPACE IS LIMITED.

Working with Hillary has widened my perception of what is possible for me.
Working with Hillary accelerated my progress tremendously and I can’t thank her enough for holding that space for me.

In the 90 days that we worked together, I went from having an abstract picture of my possibilities….
....to a woman who knew she had something to share with the world.
....to a woman who declared the medicine I have within.
....to a woman taking action to share my medicine.
....to a woman with an intuitive coaching practice and a thriving crystal jewelry line.

Hillary will help you clear the self-doubt so you can move into exploring what it is you are here to do in this world. She will be your biggest advocate, sacred space holder, believer, earth angel, and bringer of clarity.

When I started working with Hillary I had just quit my six-figure corporate job and wasn’t sure what to do next. I knew that I couldn’t stay in the corporate world and knew that I wanted to be of service somehow, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.

Hillary and I worked together and leaned into my core values and desires to determine exactly where to start. With Hillary’s help I was able to deepen into my crystal jewelry business by offering intuitive custom designs. This deepening allowed me to do what I love and infuse it with my medicine.

Hillary held the container for me to define the type of coach I wanted to be. I had been trying to step into coaching by being the coach I thought I *should* be rather than the coach I wanted to be.
We explored, held my medicine up to the light so that I could hold space for exactly the type of coach that I wanted to be.

Now I can proudly say that my medicine is like no other, rather than trying to fit into the box that I tried to keep myself in.

Honestly, Hillary changed my life and I am so glad that I was brave enough to agree to work with her.
— Christine Juckett
I have been working with Hillary for almost 9 months.

It’s difficult for me to summarize everything that has transpired since we first began our work together as there is SO MUCH THERE!

This was my first experience working 1:1 with a coach for a longer period of time and although I did not have the funds to jump in and was apprehensive, I can’t even begin to think about what my life would be like if I hadn’t made that move…

I have launched a business entitled Venusian Vibrations and am now a Sensuality Guide and Reiki Visioning Practitioner, working with women across the globe! I hosted my first retreating Hawaii last February and am getting ready for my next one this coming Spring 2017!

I have gotten in touch with my intuitive abilities, I learned to manage my overflowing and hypersensitive energies and I am now stepping more solidly into my offerings and leadership, all due to the support and encouragement I received from Hillary along my path.

Hillary calls it like it is, catches me when I am playing WAY to small and is an AMAZING second brain to have around when life situations come flying through the door and you have no idea what to do with it all!!

It’s been a pleasure, truly. And I can only hope to be as solid a leader as I continue to delve into my business, life and power.
— Xine La Fontaine
Hillary offers the greatest amount of support in holding a torch really, bringing the disillusionment out of the shadows and seeing it for the teachings it brings. Not as something scary, but as something to be integrated along the path.

She gives permission and honestly reflect all that should be acknowledged - both the wholeness or fullness of who I am and what I can offer, and also where I get caught or stuck.
— Angela Slomke
We just kicked off with a 2-hour immersion call, but I feel like that’s the best conversation I’ve ever had about my business.

I feel like you really understand me, what I do and what I want to build, holistically. I already feel 1000% supported.

It’s amazing how you’re able to see the BIG big picture of work/life/personality type/zone of genius, and resistance and address them all through your coaching and with the horses.

Some people are amazing at each of those pieces, but I’ve never seen it pulled together quite like this.
— Jocelyn Ring
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