Our herd is a central core of the medicine we support and bring into the world.

Over the years, we have heard from our incredible tribe and community a desire to be able to contribute to the horses and support the mission and purpose of their place with us.

We created the Sponsor A Horse program as an opportunity to create a mutually beneficial exchange and acknowledgement of medicine and purpose that goes towards empowering our herd and the contribution they make in our programs, as well as with the lives of people they touch with their wisdom.

All of our horses have come to us looking for homes, often being discarded or saved from a fate of slaughter or euthanasia. It is our mission to create a space for these horses to live out their days, have purpose and be recognized in their medicine. Your sponsorship contributes to our herd and our ability to continue to give homes to these deserving, beautiful beings that have so much to teach us.

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There are three levels of sponsorships.

Each one comes with an exchange to honor your support of the horses in our herd.

These are one-time sponsorships that you can choose to renew or change at any time.

Whatever level you choose to contribute to, we are grateful and honor your giving towards this beautiful herd and their purpose at our center. Our intention is what is given is equally received back to honor the intentional exchange we are creating through this program.

You can learn more about each horse in our herd by clicking the button below.


Level ONe

Choose your contribution amount.

Level One gives you an opportunity to give what you are guided to contribute to our herd.

Level One comes with an exchange of a personalized message from our herd delivered to your inbox.


Level Two

One Month of Care Horse Sponsorship $250

This reflects the monthly care and feeding of one of our horses. You can choose which horse you would like to sponsor, or make it a general sponsorship that goes towards the herd.

In exchange for Level Two, you receive a piece of our horse hair jewelry with hair from a herd member of your choice, a personalized message from the herd, and an photo of the horse you chose to sponsor. For our local sponsors level 2 gives you the opportunity to come and visit the horse you sponsored in person.


Level Three

Three Months of Care Horse Sponsorship $750

Level Three reflects sponsoring a horse for 3 months. Similar to Level Two, you can choose which horse you would like to sponsor, or you can choose multiple horses.

The Level Three exchange comes with a piece of horse hair jewelry, a personalized message from the herd and a photo of your sponsored horse. In addition, you will receive the option of a 2-night stay at our beautiful retreat facility with the addition of a equine guided horse experience, or if you can’t make it to our center or live far away, a 1:1 60 minute mentorship session with yours truly that comes with some medicine and messages from the herd.

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What does the sponsorship support?

The amount of our sponsorship opportunity reflects the cost and care that goes into each of our herd members per month.

The costs include:

  • Hay and feed for the horse which includes any supplements we give to our horses.

  • Vet and Hoof Care

  • Supports the time and care that ourselves and our staff put in to ensure our horses are well taken care of and provided with everything they need to thrive at our space.

 If you are unsure which level is for you, or you wish to speak to us in more detail about the options and horses, please feel free to connect with us.

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