Welcome Purposeful Woman,

Our businesses and our offerings are a sacred container of our purpose and sacred work.

I believe deeply these containers we hold around our gifts are meant to be guided and inspired by the divine, including our business.

The navigation of running a business, creating an offering, selling our spaces, can sometimes feel void of purpose and heart, and disconnect from a more grounded and spiritual place of operating.

The Business by Divine Soul Camp is an invitation to step into holding your business and your practice in a more conscious connection to the divine and offering you another way of being in relationship with it.

Business does not have to be hard. We don’t have to struggle with it, or feel as if we are forced to do it to make money, or become paralyzed by the thought of entering into it.


What is Soul Camp?

In a recent training, I facilitated with my equine training program, one of the women came to the first day saying how she told her family she was going to soul camp, and how excited she was for the training.

I loved the resonance and idea of soul camp so I decided to create a space around us looking at the pieces of our business in a way that would be inspiring, fun and give us an empowerment of what we are wanting to create in the world through our sacred work.

Who is this space for?

The Business by Divine Soul Camp is for women entrepreneurs and creators that are feeling stuck, paralyzed or stagnant in their business.

Uncertain of how to move forward, afraid of creating their spaces, overwhelmed with the how and feeling bogged down and insecure in their ability to grow or develop a business that feels aligned to their purpose and joyful to hold.

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What are we covering in Business by Divine Soul Camp?

There are some common areas and themes I witness my clients, and even myself, on the journey of creating a business that we get stuck.

What we will be diving into in soul camp is this:

Rewiring our beliefs and internal landscaping:

Most of where we get stuck in our business growth or beginning is our belief system. We operate through a space of fear or scarcity, needing to make money, not feeling confident about what we do, afraid to be seen. Our minds and our emotions are a jumble of scattered insecurity that makes it really challenging for us to create any movement from.

I call belief work inner landscaping. We know in life if we have a garden we must landscape the weeds to let the flowers and beauty grow. The same is true for our inner world.

The first element of Soul Camp is spending time looking at what we are holding internally that is making things hard a struggle or a fear based place to create from.

You will be given powerful guidance on how to shift your inner world to a place of confidence, self belief and trust and what is essential for creating your vision of success in your business and what you are called to create through it.

If you struggle with a “negative” mindset, or can’t seem to get away from fear, or find yourself stuck in.

“I am not good at this; No one can afford me; This is hard”, and those thoughts that keep you small and hidden from your work, this piece alone will be deeply impactful.

What you will be provided with is not just a shift, but tools that work, that address the rewiring of our beliefs in our minds, nervous system, emotions and body, and that you can come back to you and use way beyond your time in Soul Camp.

Knowing our medicine and who we are meant to impact:

Another big space that we get stuck in our business is the lack of confidence or ownership of our medicine and wisdom and not knowing how we are meant to serve.

We can’t grow or create our visions of success in our business if we don’t know what we are gifted at, can’t own it and have no idea who our ideal peeps are.

The second pillar to Soul Camp is deepening into knowing our medicine, owning our medicine and claiming and getting clarity on the community of people that we serve.

Sometimes we get afraid of stepping out and creating spaces or we feel the disconnect or inability to our clients because we do not know who we are speaking to. Or we are afraid they don’t exist, or we are fearful we will have to work with people that won’t align to what we do.

Not true.

There are thousands of aligned community of clients that are waiting for you to show up and share your gifts. We just have to identify who they are.

Creating your sacred offerings:

When it comes to our offerings, we can get stuck in knowing what to create, how to price it, who it is for, how long it should be.

I believe our containers and offerings have their own energy, and we need to just listen to and partner with it to know what they are.

In the space of Soul Camp, we will be looking at what you currently have to offer, where it is aligned and where it is not and then creating your buckets of offerings that serve your community.

My philosophy is we have a few levels in which we reach and work with our community and we can create offerings that serve those levels.

In this space, we will get clear around what those are, and speak to the pricing of it so we feel confident and aligned to that will also connect with our community and create an ease of them stepping int and working with us.

Messaging and Intuitive Marketing:

Your message is important. The ability to share your work, your voice and your services with your community is essential to growing and having success in your business.

The last piece of Soul Camp is diving into unearthing the core themes of our message that feels deeply rooted to our purpose and will align with our community along with knowing how to share our message, where to share and how often addressing the overwhelm that can occur with us trying to navigate being on social media or how to market especially when we have a limited budget to do so or we don’t think we know anything.

The connection piece about intuition and where I believe the divine is always showing us and creating opportunity to share our message is something we will be diving into as part of this piece of Soul Camp.


Who is Business by Divine Soul Camp for?

Business by Divine Soul Camp is for women entrepreneurs, creators, mentors, and facilitators who find themselves:

Paralyzed and stuck around the creation and leadership of their spaces

Are unable to connect with and find clients that they feel aligned to…

Are feeling the fear of being seen…

Have programs they have been sitting on for years that they are not able to put out there or complete…

Lack confidence in their ability to evoke transformation or value in their clients…

Struggle with self worth and knowing how to price or put an offering around their sacred gifts…

Are struggling to know how to market or put their offerings out there in a way that their clients connect to…

If you are seeking...

Greater confidence in your message, voice and knowing your impact..

The ability to know how to fill your spaces and programs with clients you deeply resonate with…

To feel excited and confident in your offerings and who you serve…

Clarity in knowing who you serve, what your medicine is and how to package it…

To get your first client and feel clear in knowing how you will fill the spaces or support your business…

To be in tune with your intuition and connected to a higher purpose and calling of your work and the energy that guides it…

This program is for you.

All that you share so openly and honestly about your business, Hillary, really helps me to know the struggles up until this point are a ‘normal’ part of the journey. For the first time in a couple of years (and most certainly ever with a business coach) I felt a glimmer of this vision I have of the life I want to co-create is actually possible. It helped reframe it from the story in my head to a tangible service worth offering to the world.
— JR
Hillary has created a space that enables you to truly feel seen and heard. Her own unique presence and leadership style in the container that she holds for her clients allows her brilliance to be a lighthouse for others to find their own true path.

The courage and vulnerability that she brings from within her own life experiences into her container is both inspiring and personable.

And if you are unsure of what your path is or gifts are... Hillary knows, coaxing and guiding them into being so that you are able to see and, more importantly, feel your gifts and brilliance as part of you rather than something outside of you.

The space she holds and the wisdom she shares is generously supportive, encouraging, caring, compassionate, uplifting and truly transforming.

She is a true role model for the definition of leadership and the experience of working with her is nothing short of life changing!!

— Jess Campmans
I’ve worked with several coaches over the past few years and I’ve gained insights for my business, but I felt like Hillary really got what I do, how I show up and what I want. She was able to help me uncover my strengths, natural style and the path to success on my terms. This is rare. She really is a unicorn.
— Jocelyn Ring | Branding & Business Strategy + Visual Facilitation | www.theringeffect.com

What does the Soul Camp container look like?

The Business by Divine Soul Camp is a 4 week intensive. 

What is included:

  • Weekly 2 hour training and Mentorship Calls

  • Call Recordings

  • 1 75 minute 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Access to yours truly for mentorship and coaching for the entire month


Access to the Women Who Run with Horses 12 week Empowered in Business Course


Business by Divine Soul Camp begins

Monday August 5th

Your Investment

$797 USD  Paid in Full

Or 2 Payments of $400 USD


About Hillary


Hillary is a visionary, coach, equine guided facilitator and CEO of Epona Rise Retreat Center.

A lifelong dreamer and pursuer of higher calling, she has lead her life in belief of her potential to bring life to her own visions and purpose beyond what she initially believed was possible.

At  32 years old, she manifested the biggest vision of her life in a beautiful 80 acre ranch and stepped into fulfilling her purpose of having a space for her herd, work and a retreat where others could come to touch the magnificence of their own brilliance.


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