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Leadership coaching for purpose driven entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and magic makers that are ready to step into their natural brilliance, make an impact, and lead their purpose powerfully in the world.

You have a responsibility to the world to bring forth your brilliance and natural impact for them to be effected by.


I truly believe this.

My desire to hold powerful spaces for leaders come from the alignment to the quote "don't die with your music still inside of you."


My perspective on leadership is this.

We are all leaders, and the gifts and natural brilliance we hold within us are our responsibility to bring out into the world. It is the music of our soul and the music that we are meant to lead others with.

Leadership evolves through our businesses, our relationships, our passions and our purpose.

It is a way of being that when mastered creates a profound ripple effect both in our internal and external world. 

You are a leader, you posses within you a very unique and powerful gift that is meant to be felt and is destined to bring you greatness.


Your journey to purpose, to clarifying your gifts, to uncovering your brilliance, to creating and achieving your desired success begins and unfolds through the journey of leadership.

Who am I as a leader?

My gifts of leadership has been refined and honed through years of personal development and spending time with horses.

Horses demand that you step into the role of authentic leadership with them, they call you forth in the depths of your intuition and push you to your edges of clarity that comes from the deep inner communication with our gifts and with the subtle awareness that weaves it's way into our lives.


All of my programs were developed and created from this inspiration. What I have learned and gleaned from my time with the herd, through my own development of my leadership through training and personal growth and through the deep and unyielding experience of life.

When you step into a container with me as your coach, you are stepping into a space that comes with a depth of intuition that has been mastered through the brilliance of horses and the ability to call your forth into the most authentic and brilliant version of your natural gifts.



There are three different ways you can work in partnership with me as your coach, each program created to attend to the needs of the evolution of layers of your leadership and mastery of your innate talents and gifts.

The 6 session package

The 6 session package was created for those that are already on their journey of leadership. You have experienced coaching before, you have an already existing container that you hold yourself, whether it be as a coach, creative or entrepreneur and you are looking for a powerful container to take you to the next level and evolution of your leadership.


This package was evolved through clients of mine wanting to continue working with me post programs to deepen into their awareness, leadership and continue to be held in a space where they developed the confidence to move forward on their path of purpose.


What it looks like...

6 60 minute coaching calls

call recordings

unlimited email support during our time together


Your Investment $2500 if paid in full $3000 in payment plans


The 6 month journey

Uncovering your Brilliance

My signature program the 6 month journey takes you into the depth of the uncovering your brilliance, natural impact and your unique style of leadership.

The 6 month journey is for those that are called to really step boldy and powerfully onto their path of leadership, purpose, and destined success.

You are someone that is feeling deeply called to show up more powerfully in the world. There is an undeniable stirring and urging you are receiving to start sharing your message and your purpose more boldly in the world.

It's calling is too loud for you to ignore any longer but you are stuck.

You lack the complete awareness of what exactly your purpose and gifts are.

You struggle with feeling confident or capable in sharing your message

You are unclear what your unique and authentic message is

You are sitting in a place of fear of not believing in yourself, not knowing how, and not feeling ready.

You lack the clarity and conviction of your vision, of your purpose and of your how.

You are terrified at the idea of being seen or stepping fully into where you are being called to lead.

Here is what I also know...


You have ideas that are calling to you, inspirations of programs of ways of working with people, visions of your creations that haunt you and speak to you that you keep trying to force down.

You have an completely distorted viewpoint of yourself, believing you don't posses the ability, the gifts, or that anyone would find what you create or do remotely valuable.

Here is what I also know to be true.

You have a natural brilliance and impact that is meant to be felt in the world.

There are people that are waiting for to step into your place of leadership so they can benefit from what you have to give them.

You are capable, you are brilliant and you have something others want.

You are a natural creator, born leader and there is a part of you that deeply knows that.

What you believe about yourself is completely and utterly untrue...

How do I know this?

For one I see this time and time again with my clients.

They come to me when they are at their edges both in not being able to ignore their calling and in their fear of following it.

I have also witnessed them in their unlayering of their fears to step into the transformation of their brilliance, where they are showing up in the world, sharing their gifts, making their impact and in that creating the desired success and fulfillment that they seek.

I have also been where you are...

Terrified yet unable to ignore the calling.

Paralyzed in my fears and false self voices that painted an image of myself that was so far away from the truth it effected my entire ability to see an authentic version of myself.

The process I hold space for in the 6 month program is the journey that I myself took and have held space for many that I have been blessed to call my clients.

What transforms for you in this 6 months:

1. you discover your brilliance and natural gifts and impacts

2. You get clarity on your core message

3. You are held in the space of building your self confidence in your purpose

4. You shift your internal landscape to one that holds a more authentic and empowered version of yourself

5. You identify your unique and brilliant style of leading

6. You get over your fears and you get seen

7. You step out boldy and passionately sharing your gifts with others

8. You find the fulfillment you are seeking in holding your purpose

9. Your external world begins to reflect the desired success you are seeking to create

10. You soar...


The 6 month Journey has two options...

Option 1:

6 months:

2 hour deep dive discovery session

Bi weekly 75 minute coaching calls

call recording

unlimited email

Investment: Pay in full $6500 payment plan $7500


Option 2:

6 months including 3 day in person retreat with the horses on the ranch includes your meals, accomodation and shuttle to the ranch.

2 hour deep discovery session

Bi weekly 75 minute coaching calls

call recordings

photos of your time with the herd

unlimited email support

Investment: Paid in full $13,000, $15,000 in payment plans

All prices are in CDN dollars.

Due to the intimate and immersive experience of the 6 month journey there are limited spots available on the year. To apply for a space please click the button below.

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