February 1, 2017 - February 1, 2018

She walks with wisdom, she is grounded deeply in her medicine, unbridled in how she carries herself in the world.

She understands how to tap into the depth of her intuition to guide her forward, to be in tune with her natural rhythms of how she creates and to speak her truth deeply, powerfully with confidence out in the spaces that call to her.
She is prosperous, in her creativity and also in her materials. She is tapped into the earthly abundance that life has to offer her, not afraid of asking not just for what she needs but what deeply supports her purpose.
She is confident and clear in her message, in her purpose, and is leading her spaces with ease, knowing with clarity who she speaks to and what spaces she holds that empower her medicine the most.
She is a Medicine Woman Unbridled…..

Welcome, Sacred Woman.

My invitation to you is to join me on a year-long journey of awakening and empowerment of your Inner Medicine Woman, the one who knows her power, who speaks powerfully of her Medicine, and is confidently creating her spaces of impact in the world and claiming her abundance alongside it.

Who is this for?

This Mastermind Circle is for women who are entrepreneurial in nature, the dreamers and seekers, the Medicine Women who are being called forth to lead more powerfully in the spaces that call to their impact.

It is for the Coaches, Intuitives, Artists, Facilitators, and Magic Makers that are seeking to have space held for them so they can more powerfully claim their Medicine and the magic they create in the world.

Together, we will empower and step with confidence into the abundant life our hearts are seeking to create through purpose driven work.

This is not about playing small...
Because you have done that.

You have diluted your dreams, hid the depths of your wisdom, and shied away from your reaching for real success.
Your fears continue to cripple you as the call to step more powerfully into your leadership and impact calls to you…

I know how it feels…

To hide your medicine, to dim your brilliance, to second guess your wisdom and to deflect your impact.
I know how it feels…
…to shy away from acknowledging yourself in your purpose, in the spaces that you hold for others, and the impact you have through your natural gifts and impact.
…to deny the existence of your desires, what you are really seeking to create in your life, the abundance, the success, the deep spaces of purpose and ease.
Once upon a time, not that long ago, I was a woman who was in denial of her Medicine. I left myself out of the picture of my purpose, and gave away my desires of being successful in my work because I was afraid it would be seen as egotistical or “not spiritual”.
I shied away from the bigness of my dreams, afraid of what would happen when I claimed them. I believed that struggle was a part of the initiation of life and that I had to do it in order to prove myself and my worth to the world.
What happened in that space?
I was anxious and worried and afraid – all the time.
I lived in fear and in depression. Incongruence and inner conflict plagued my internal landscape as I battled with myself constantly and denied the expression of my true nature and authentic voice within my work.
And – naturally - my business suffered, my confidence was non-existent ,and exhaustion and overwhelm filled my days so inspiration and creativity waned.
The fear of being seen coupled with a disbelief in myself lead to a self-fulfilling prophesy of struggle as reality.
Bottom line…

It was shitty, and my desire for purpose and holding it was drowned out by the lack I was creating in my life.

But, 2 years ago something happened…
I woke up.
I remembered.
And pushed up against the wall. And that’s where I found my courage, and I rediscovered my heart.
I summoned the bravery to lead a life that was congruent to my own beliefs and not someone else’s.
I mustered the courage to move beyond my fear of being seen by using my stake of purpose for not just myself, but my wonderful herd of horses to create a new relationship with myself - one that believed….
One that empowered my connection and belief in manifestation and the co-creation with a greater source.
One that remembered and honored her power, that understood that it would be in the claiming of her Medicine and her voice that would lead her to the success she sought.
And one that understood the desire for a successful material life was not absent of purpose, rather it supported it.
And now…
Now I find myself living on a beautiful 80 acre ranch right from my dreams as a child, and not just engaging and holding space for my sacred work in the world - but having the courage to claim my Medicine and impact, and most important, allow the flow of abundance that is needed to continue to hold this dream-life.

What I want you know is this: 

  • You can have it all.
  • You are meant for it.
  • And you are ready to hold it.

What you can expect as an outcome of this space:


If you are reading this, there is a part of you that knows it is time to leave the denial behind and to step into the deep truth of your sacred containers - not just the ones you will hold for others, but the ones you hold for yourself as well.
To finally claim the life you desire to have alongside your purpose, to have the courage to create and call in your abundance to stake claim to creating in a way that feels good and deeply aligned to you that caters to a state of grace and ease, intuition and most importantly empowerment of you.
To create abundant success in your business in a way that is intuitive, that feels sacred, and is something you are deeply in alignment with.

There is no hustle - no pushing - just ease and alignment here.
This year-long journey is one where I will be supporting you fiercely, calling you forth beyond what you think is possible, and holding space for you to access the depths of your own capacity - not just as a space holder for others but as the creator of your own life, too.
It is a year where you will be travelling with a small and intimate group of soul sisters who are inspired and called to step into their Medicine and capacity in a big way such as you, and where you will be held with a guide who has been through the trial of fires herself and excited to beckon you forward in your own possibilities in your sacred work and in your life.

What is different about this space is the depth of it…

Addressing both the spiritual and fundamental pieces of creating a space for our business that is both deep in its connection to its sacred purpose and its abundance, so you no longer create from a space of fear and lack - rather you start to finally create and experience your true desires manifest through your work.

The year unfolds as such:


Month 1: The Sacred Space of Business & Prosperity


We venture into sacred purpose and holding the container for your business to support you. We begin by clarifying and refining what exactly our sacred purpose is and how to create a container in a way that our business holds it both in depth and in material. This is where we tap into the energetics of what your business wants to be and how it wants to be held and nurtured not just from your perspective but from the alive and engaged space of the sacred flame of your business. The second half of this month is looking at our relationship with prosperity, money and wealth, because this is a fundamental piece of us being supported in our business.


Month 2: Ritual and Divine Connection


Here we dive into creating the rituals that are going to support the manifestations of what you are seeking to create not just in your business but your whole life. Because truly they are all connected. In that, we are going to begin to develop and awaken a deeper connection to your own divine wisdom and the one that empowers us in our creations. We are not alone and tapping into this powerful connection is what is going to allow what you create to do so with ease.


Month 3: Messaging & Empowering our Voice


What is the message of your work? Where are you being called to amplify your voice? The depth of it? The wisdom of it? Here we learn how to have your message be the magnet that is filling up the spaces you create, and how to support that which our message is being called to fill. This is where you move beyond the place of fear and step into the space of writing, of calling forth and connecting with your authentic voice - the one that will inspire and attract your tribe of clients to you.


Month 4: Deepening into our Offerings & Spaces


This month is when we revisit our offerings and spaces and look at where we are being asked to create and lead with greater depth. Our spaces are always evolving and not always on the surface but in the depth of where we are being asked to lead from. The more presence and essence of us we can bring to our spaces the more powerful they become. This is the month where we sink deeply into our spaces and where they are being called to evolve.


Month 5: The Evolution of Self-Mastery


Self Mastery is essential to our growth and continued evolution as sacred business owners. Self Mastery is a continual space we hold throughout the program and intuitively it felt like month 5 wanted to be a space where we deepen into the evolution of where our mastery is being held. We are always expanded and in expansion we are needing to more greatly master our own inner landscape.


Month 6: Rhythms of Intuition

Horses - Social Media-05.jpg

An essential aspect to creating is the ability to tap into the natural rhythms we are a part of. In month 6 we will dive deeply into being lead more intentionally with intuition, of recognizing and noticing our own Rhythms, the rhythms of nature and partnering with it in a way to leverage our creativity and the way we hold spaces for others.


Month 7: Leadership


Leading is a way of being. Leadership is a place where we are called forth, and in month 7 we are going to anchor more deeply into our leadership not just in the present but also moving into the future. Where are you being asked to be intentional about your leadership for future creations? It is here we also look at any fears or doubts that get in the way of your continued success and evolution as in your purpose and in your business. Leadership is constantly evolving and here is where we get fierce in calling that part of you out even more deeply.


Month 8: Horse Wisdom & Empowerment


Enter the Horses. Month 8 is when we meet for our horse retreat. It was intentional to place this retreat in the fall, the season of abundance and harvest after a year’s work, and also the bridge into the new year.

The purpose of this mastermind is to not just support you in having a remarkable year but set you up with a solid foundation of growth, empowerment of your purpose and success beyond our time together.

This is the month where we meet with the herd and settle deeply into their wisdom, to uncover the aspects of ourselves, our gifts and intention that is going to pave the way for the present and the future.

Where we touch more deeply and awaken to a greater consciousness of our wisdom to serve us for many years moving forward, a powerful month that will leave you deeply empowered and in celebration of what you have created thus far and what is waiting to be harvested in the future.


Month 9: Harvesting, Celebration, and Visioning


Month 9 will be light, it is a place where we drop into the celebration of our journey to date and to really align ourselves with the harvest of our year. The intention here is about acknowledgement, receptivity, and planting seeds for the next vision that is ready to come.  


Month 10: The Dream within the Dream


Here is where we will be holding space for new seeds to come, where we are being asked to expand next, what is wanting to be created next, where we are ready to receive and ask for more, and starting to lay the foundation for the next year ahead. Our manifestations begin in the dream space and month 10 is where we settle into that sacred womb space to call it forth.


Month 11: Laying the Foundation


The year is almost up and it will be time for us to really be conscious about applying everything we gathered and experienced this year to lay the foundation for another fruitful year ahead.

This is the space where we will call in our partnership energies, get clear and concrete on what we are going to be creating in the next year, what foundation is going to be needed both in the energetic and physical spaces to support it, and feeling a solidity on where we feel empowered and confident on what we are stepping out to create moving ahead.


Month 12: Integration & Empowerment


The last month of our journey. This is the month where we hold all the pieces of our year long journey up to the light, see how far we have come, and begin to integrate those pieces for a new mastery and empowerment of ourselves as creators and sacred keepers of our medicine and sacred spaces.

It is where we empower our journey forward, declare our intentions for a new year and step into soaring with confidence into the next leg of our journey in our sacred work and abundance in our lives.

It is here we map out, we celebrate, we declare and we launch forward towards the end of a journey with a new found confidence and clarity of ourselves, our spaces, our ability to hold and create abundance and hold powerful spaces for those that are called to us.

A closing circle and a send-off will complete our journey together and have you feeling solid in what you are stepping into beyond our time together.

You will feel complete and leaving with a new set of tools to utilize far beyond our time together.

Hillary has created a space that enables you to truly feel seen and heard. Her own unique presence and leadership style in the container that she holds for her clients allows her brilliance to be a lighthouse for others to find their own true path.

The courage and vulnerability that she brings from within her own life experiences into her container is both inspiring and personable.

And if you are unsure of what your path is or gifts are... Hillary knows, coaxing and guiding them into being so that you are able to see and, more importantly, feel your gifts and brilliance as part of you rather than something outside of you.

The space she holds and the wisdom she shares is generously supportive, encouraging, caring, compassionate, uplifting and truly transforming.

She is a true role model for the definition of leadership and the experience of working with her is nothing short of life changing!!
— Jess Campmans

How our year long journey unfolds:

These topics will include:

  • Two 2-hour mastermind calls per month ($7500 Value)

  • 52 weekly check-ins in our private Facebook group

  • 12 monthly modules and teachings to deepen each progressive topics

  • Full access to me both 1:1 and in group spaces

  • 14 1:1 75-minute coaching calls ($5000 Value)

  • Two 2-hour 1:1 immersive calls. One to start, and one to end our time together, for a total of sixteen 1:1 sessions along with our group mastermind ($1500 Value)

  • One 4-day all-inclusive Retreat at Epona Rise Retreat Center ranch, September 20-23

    Plus Additional Bonus:

  • Full access to all programs and courses I facilitate throughout the year ($5000+ value)

Your year-long journey also includes a 4 day inclusive retreat at the ranch in the space of the horses, for a powerful mirroring and affirmation of where you are being called forth. The horses are a powerful amplifier bringing clarity and undeniable presence to our lives, where we are holding ourselves back and most importantly allowing us to experience a deeper and clear perspective of ourselves. The space of the horses is transformative and unmatched in the sustainability of change, it is magical and it is affirming in ways you will not experience anywhere else.

Before I met Hillary I was lost in a strange sort of limbo, an in-between state where the story of the life I had previously been living had ended, and a new story had not yet begun.

The soundtrack for my life up until that point was a constant barrage of negative self-talk, I wasn’t “good enough, smart enough, strong enough, knowledgeable enough”, etc. I lived a life run by fear. Fear of being seen, being judged, fear of failure and of success.

And in this in-between state I had started to feel that I didn’t want to live this small life anymore. I had a deep belief, underneath all the critical voices, that there was something that I was meant to be doing in this world, that I had a deeper purpose that I had been ignoring.

There was a very small quiet part of me that believed that I had gifts that needed to be shared, but I had no idea how to move from where I was, as an empath and an introvert who was used to hiding from the world, to a person who is able to step up and be seen while sharing their gifts and being of service to others.

The first thing that I felt when I started working with Hillary was that sense of calm that comes when you know that somebody sees you. I mean really sees you, and can reflect back to you who you are in way that you have never experienced before.

I have worked with other people who have tried to do this, but when you have lived as an empath with intense self-judgement for many years, you are not easy to convince. You can spot the bullshit.

What is different in the way Hillary works is that she comes from a place of her own vulnerability and transparency. She talks to you as a person who understands where you are because she has been there herself. And she has stories to prove it. And she is living proof that there is a way out of the place you are in.

One of the first things she told me is that she didn’t think I had a long way to go from where I was, to where I wanted to be.

As hard as that was to believe, I sensed a truth in her words, so I did believe her.

She didn’t say it would be easy, but the important thing was that she knew the way, and she could guide me there. If I put in the work, I could get there.

One of her greatest gifts is her ability to get right to the core of things very quickly. In telling your story, she is able to cut away at the ideas and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, holding you back and limiting you.

She shows you where you are getting in your own way. She questions the negative beliefs that you have about yourself and encourages you to question them too, and to find and take note of the evidence that proves these beliefs to be wrong. And you start to see that the evidence is there. And before you know it, you have learned to find this evidence for yourself.

She is fierce in her desire to help you see the sacred space of possibility that exists for your life, for fulfilling your purpose and what you want your impact to be in the world. To see that you can choose a different, more empowered way of holding yourself, and that it actually is a choice.

In a very short span of time, she helped me to see that there is part of me that already has all the things that I need and desire to be the person I want to be, and to live the life I want. I just have to connect to that part, to feel what it feels like to live from there, and how different my life can be when I do. And to be gentle with and love myself through the process of learning to connect to that part.

Because as she will tell you, it can be challenging, and you will come face to face with the very loud voices that have kept you hidden for so long. But she will help you to see the beauty and growth that exists in the challenge, and will help you to find the tools and practices that keep you connected to and focussed on that strength and the dreams that you want to see come to life.

She is able to hold a safe and solid container for you when you are feeling broken, and is there to help you gently shift what needs to be shifted. She gives you a nudge when you are ready to step into something new, and is the first to cheer when you take that step, reminding you to honour and celebrate that within yourself. All of this is done within a powerful space of love and support...and of course a whole lot of magic.

Yup. There is always a little sprinkle of pixie dust, because there is something magic in the work that Hillary does. (As if that needs to be said!)

It’s something I can’t quite put my finger on. I just know that I am profoundly different from the inside out since I started working with her. I am stepping up and doing things that I never would have been able to do in the past.

Being able to live my purpose and have the impact that I want to have in the world requires me to show up and be seen and heard, and I am doing that!

I still have some fear, but I just keep moving because I have learned that my value, my gifts, are more important than my fear. That my desire to live my purpose and to be of service to others is bigger than any resistance that comes up. That I am stronger and more powerful than I ever believed I could be.

Some of the things I have been able to do since I started working with her:

- Put myself and my work out into the world more through offering sessions with the horses to a wider scope of potential clients
- Showing up and stepping into doing horse sessions with more confidence and clarity
- Sharing so much more of what I do through writing and video
- Creating a website for my work with the horses and for craniosacral therapy which showcases what I offer and my story and message
- Trusting in my connection to the horses and sharing their wisdom and medicine with a larger audience
- More flow and creativity around what I can offer people and how my medicine and purpose can help people connect to theirs.
— Lucy Wilkonsin

This Container is for you if you:

  • Continue to struggle with making a profit or significant financial gains in your business

  • Experience a lack of confidence in your ability to hold space for others and claim your natural impact.

  • Allow fear and limitations get in the way of truly expanding yourself both in your business and in where you lead and hold space for others.

  • Struggle with a lack of belief in yourself, your ability to manifest and create success through purpose.

  • Have no idea how to translate your ideas into content that connects deeply with your tribe of desired clients

  • Feel overwhelmed with how to build or get your business to a place of success without going into burnout or hustle mode.

  • Struggle with setting boundaries or doing business in a way that feels good and sacred instead of like a chore or something you resent.

  • Have inconsistent flow of clients and money in your business and are seeking to have a more harmonious and abundant relationship with money, finances and client flow in your business.

  • Hold yourself back from really creating the spaces or stepping out and sharing your work because of fear and yet you know it’s time to really claim them and the wisdom you hold for others.

  • Are looking for a more intuitive way to do business that feels both good to your soul and your pocket book, that creates both alignment and abundance in what you do.

The Outcome of the space is THAT You will walk away with:

  • Confidence in your leadership of your spaces, your medicine and your ability to hold them both.

  • Greater Prosperity and financial success in your business: A core aspect of this journey to amplify and expand your capacity to create financial success through your sacred work

  • Clarity in your authentic message and how to speak to it to powerfully align and attract your clients

  • Creation of your ritual which will energetically support and enhance everything you will create through your business.

  • Client Attraction: Filling spaces in your programs, and having a greater belief and experience of clients finding you with ease.

  • Owning your unique gifts and medicine so you can powerfully speak to and create the spaces that will hold the depth of what you do.

  • Expanded awareness and experience of your rhythms and intuition and how to leverage them for the greatest creativity, flow and manifestation of success through your work.

  • Content and Course Creation with ease. Creating containers for your content so that it is constant and fluid and gives your tribe of people access to you in a way that leverages your current courses for greatest impact and abundance.

  • Experience the manifestation of long held desires for your business, including greater cash flow, fuller client roster, a tribe following that resonates and is devoted to your teachings.

  • Self-Mastery: The ability to master your fears, limitations and connect more deeply to the authentic version of yourself.

  • Higher Level of mastery in your work, in the spaces you hold for others and your capacity to fill them.

  • Greater belief in yourself, in your ability to create what you desire in your business, to lead from a space of confidence in yourself and your ability to not just step into your impact but create abundance alongside with it.

  • Your big vision of your business or purpose becomes real, whether that is a retreat space, you sharing your work far and wide, experiencing the elusive success in your business, or simply filling a program that you have longed to create and share for a long while, this space will hold you not just in the creation of it but also in the manifestation of its wild success.

Due to the intimate and in depth nature of this container, there will be only 8 spaces available.

Apply now to see if this is the right support for you!

Working with Hillary has widened my perception of what is possible for me.
Working with Hillary accelerated my progress tremendously and I can’t thank her enough for holding that space for me.

In the 90 days that we worked together, I went from having an abstract picture of my possibilities….
....to a woman who knew she had something to share with the world.
....to a woman who declared the medicine I have within.
....to a woman taking action to share my medicine.
....to a woman with an intuitive coaching practice and a thriving crystal jewelry line.

Hillary will help you clear the self-doubt so you can move into exploring what it is you are here to do in this world. She will be your biggest advocate, sacred space holder, believer, earth angel, and bringer of clarity.

When I started working with Hillary I had just quit my six-figure corporate job and wasn’t sure what to do next. I knew that I couldn’t stay in the corporate world and knew that I wanted to be of service somehow, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.

Hillary and I worked together and leaned into my core values and desires to determine exactly where to start. With Hillary’s help I was able to deepen into my crystal jewelry business by offering intuitive custom designs. This deepening allowed me to do what I love and infuse it with my medicine.

Hillary held the container for me to define the type of coach I wanted to be. I had been trying to step into coaching by being the coach I thought I *should* be rather than the coach I wanted to be.
We explored, held my medicine up to the light so that I could hold space for exactly the type of coach that I wanted to be.

Now I can proudly say that my medicine is like no other, rather than trying to fit into the box that I tried to keep myself in.

Honestly, Hillary changed my life and I am so glad that I was brave enough to agree to work with her.
— Christine Juckett
I have been working with Hillary for almost 9 months.

It’s difficult for me to summarize everything that has transpired since we first began our work together as there is SO MUCH THERE!

This was my first experience working 1:1 with a coach for a longer period of time and although I did not have the funds to jump in and was apprehensive, I can’t even begin to think about what my life would be like if I hadn’t made that move…

I have launched a business entitled Venusian Vibrations and am now a Sensuality Guide and Reiki Visioning Practitioner, working with women across the globe! I hosted my first retreating Hawaii last February and am getting ready for my next one this coming Spring 2017!

I have gotten in touch with my intuitive abilities, I learned to manage my overflowing and hypersensitive energies and I am now stepping more solidly into my offerings and leadership, all due to the support and encouragement I received from Hillary along my path.

Hillary calls it like it is, catches me when I am playing WAY to small and is an AMAZING second brain to have around when life situations come flying through the door and you have no idea what to do with it all!!

It’s been a pleasure, truly. And I can only hope to be as solid a leader as I continue to delve into my business, life and power.
— Xine La Fontaine
Hillary offers the greatest amount of support in holding a torch really, bringing the disillusionment out of the shadows and seeing it for the teachings it brings. Not as something scary, but as something to be integrated along the path.

She gives permission and honestly reflect all that should be acknowledged - both the wholeness or fullness of who I am and what I can offer, and also where I get caught or stuck.
— Angela Slomke
We just kicked off with a 2-hour immersion call, but I feel like that’s the best conversation I’ve ever had about my business.

I feel like you really understand me, what I do and what I want to build, holistically. I already feel 1000% supported.

It’s amazing how you’re able to see the BIG big picture of work/life/personality type/zone of genius, and resistance and address them all through your coaching and with the horses.

Some people are amazing at each of those pieces, but I’ve never seen it pulled together quite like this.
— Jocelyn Ring
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