A woman who runs with horses is a woman who is in courageous pursuit of her purpose. She is devoted to her process of growth and stepping into alignment of her greatest calling and yearning in this lifetime.

A woman who runs with horses seeks out containers that empower her visions, that solidify her own inner knowing and wisdom, and create space for her to listen and witness to that wisdom.

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A retreat Experience…

In our everyday lives and in our world, we don’t often get the opportunity to create SPACE, to witness or to listen deeply to where the journeys and path of our soul is taking us.

We are conditioned to the hustle. We are surrounded by noises and made to believe that our desire and yearning for a more meaningful life and creation of space is a myth, or made up reality that can never be ours.

We seek outside validation on our path and expose ourselves to the dysfunction of human feedback, both external and our own to affirm to us what we can and cannot do with our purpose, our intentions, and how we want to live in our lives.

Most of us spend a majority of our time living through our past conditioning, our fears, and our doubts. 

The Woman Who Run with Horses retreat experience is about shedding the veils and conditionings that are stifling our creativity and purpose. It sheds light on where we are nurturing and creating dysfunction in our world.

When people come to retreat with us, they are seeking validation in where they feel their paths are leading them but they are letting fear dictate whether they follow or not.

What we receive in the interactions with horses is not anything we can get in our human-to-human interactions.

With horses, we are given pure feedback that is unbiased and is not driven by ego or agenda. We get a clear mirror of our energy and how we are showing up with them in a way that we can also deeply receive. 

What holds us back in our lives and in our pursuit of our purpose and calling is ourselves and our conditioning.

When you are feeling stuck and waylaid by your fears and your doubts, but also you know your yearnings and callings for your life deserve space to be heard....

You find yourself here.

Our private retreats are a journey inward.

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Women Who Run with Horses for Personal Transformation

If you are here on this page, you feel called to the spirit and medicine of horses and your own transformation seeking to make its way through.

Perhaps you understand the power of the horse. Perhaps you do not, but there is something in the energy that pulls you to the medicine of them and the space in nature in which they exist at our center.

I believe deeply in the possibility of life and our purpose. We have within us great capacity to manifest and achieve what is in our desire and our destiny to have take place for our lives.

And there is a part of you pulling to this experience that does as well.

Horses are gateways to the soul. Being in space with them, we find clarity on our own soul’s wisdom that is looking to make its way into our world and gives us a path that feels more aligned to who we are seeking to become.

It is an authentic experience of exploration, discovery, and claiming that we find with them.

The journey…

When women feel called to journey with us in retreat, it is because they are yearning for a deeper fulfillment and more authentic expression in their personal or professional spaces.

There is a manifestation of contrast or dysfunction in their world that they want clarity around, with also finding a space that gives them validation and confirmation on what they are feeling movement towards in their life.

In their lives, there is a desire to make space for something that reflects their deepest desires, a more meaningful relationship with self and others, a change in how they show up in their intimate relationships.

A clarity on what rituals and practices they can create in their life that feels empowering and supportive of the life they are trying to build for themselves.

And a space to heal from old wounds, past hurts so that they can walk into a new life with freedom and permission of claiming what they deeply desire.

The journey that we take with the horses is created for us to move through what is no longer serving and create space for what is waiting to be claimed.

We tend to our fears and our wounds and listen to their wisdom so we can be available for the part of us that is leading us to greener pastures to have the space to come through and guide us.

Before you even come to the retreat, we start with a welcome packet that helps you to outline where there is feeling a disconnect in your world.

What parts of your life feel painful and unforgiving? What parts are creating stress and a disconnect from self and your soul?

And then we move into generating the clarity of what needs to be held here as you come to retreat.

How the retreat unfolds...

Our retreats are held in 3 or 5 day options depending on the length of time you are seeking to journey and to have for yourself.

The first portion of our retreat will be spending time with what you are here to heal and let go of.

We create space to uncover the core wounds and fears that are keeping you stagnant or are driving the dysfunction of your world and then we tend to them.

Time with the herd, plus powerful practices facilitate the process of being guided through the release and discovery of where you are continuing to get triggered and facilitates the awareness of what is at the core of what is keeping you stuck.

The second portion of the retreat will be held for creating clarity on the new direction. What new pathways both internal and external are wanting to be held and what is needed to anchor them into your life?.

Here is where we explore:

What are the core themes of wounding and fear you carry in this lifetime and what is the overarching theme of growth that you are being asked to tend to? This is a space where we root into what your core pain patterns are and what an opportunity for healing and a shifting around these areas that are available to you.

Purpose, the authentic desires you have for your life, new behaviour and thought patterns that will empower you.  

Practice and rituals that will keep the connection to your inner wisdom resonating with you beyond our time with the horses.

And an access to the confidence of your knowing that affirms what you are desiring to create more of in your life.

What is the medicine that is making its way into your life and being at this moment and how do you partner with that to successfully manifest what you are seeking more of in your life experience?  

How our process works...

Each day, you will have 3 hours of facilitated time with the herd along with your own time to reflect and process.

We believe in creating spaciousness in our experiences and time for you to integrate the learning and land in it at a pace that allows you to deeply absorb and reflect on the teaching.

During each day, you will be guided with prompts and rituals that you can tend to alongside of our time together. 


The Experience:

The impact and outcome of your retreat:

Horses meet us and empower our growth on multiple layers.

We are provided with spiritual nourishment and guidance, mental clarity and empowerment, physical support and nurturing along with release and honoring of our emotions.

Whenever you are stepping into doing an experiential retreat, you are receiving the opportunity for the transformation to land not just in your spirit, but in your body and in your mind.  Your whole being is addressed and tended to.

With horses and their size, we are forced to be present, and in that holding of being present, we are able to absorb the teachings in a much more profound way.

Our environment of being in the mountains and in nature also fosters a deepening of the experience, and a place where you feel deeply restored back to yourself beyond the chaos and busyness of life.

We are creating new pathways of being, not just in concept but in your physiology so it makes it easier to pull through what we work on in retreat to integrate into your life.

Our intention is that what happens in retreat carries forward.  It is not just a transformational 3 or 5 days but it creates a pathway for the transformation to continue to be felt in your world way beyond your time here.

My experience with Hillary and her beautiful majestic herd of horses was truly life-changing. Hillary is an amazing young woman who has such insight and intuition and a true gift. Her medicine is pure and loving and healing. She helped guide me through it all and was a great source of support for me. The herd of horses is truly magical beings whose energy is so comforting and healing. They have such a deep healing medicine that they give to you. I was overwhelmed by their energy and spirit. It was the most transforming and healing spiritual experience I have ever had in my life. I left with a sense of freedom that I have not felt in years. I was free to be me. I felt lighter and happier than I have for a very long time. I was able to leave behind baggage that I have carried around with me for years and the horses were so supportive and kind and gentle and supported me through it all with their grace and messages. Their medicine gave me what I was looking for, a stronger sense of purpose, an inner strength that I had forgotten I had. A spiritual support that reassured me and gave me strength and enlightenment. I will carry Hillary and the herd in my heart forever and am most grateful to them for their medicine, love, and support. I know my work is still ahead of me but I have not felt this connection to my inner spirit in years and it feels so amazing. I feel happy, content and peaceful and look forward to my journey moving forward. Everyone should experience the magic and spirit of the horses their medicine and energy. Hillary is a fascinating woman whom I have a great deal of admiration and respect for. I hope to one day go back and reunite with this gifted mystic spirited herd and their leader. Thank you so much for your medicine and gifts. It has given me a new opportunity to embrace my life and make it what I want and need.
— Cathy Riviere
How can you thank someone for giving you back a piece of yourself? Hillary is a caring, intuitive and down to earth person. She is able to get to the heart of your challenges in a real and honest manner. If you add in the wisdom of her herd of horses, the experience is pure magic. The Epona Rise Ranch is an extraordinary place to regenerate. Listen to the sounds of nature, close your eyes and hear the gentle rumble of the creek, the cry of the hawks flying above and the smell of the pine trees. For my first retreat, I received more than I had hoped for and I would highly recommend the experience to those seeking more for themselves. Thanks Hillary!
— Cindy Frank
I come from a professional horse training background and have been involved with horses for the last 40 years. Although I have always known and witnessed that they are a magnifying glass for my feelings and intentions, I had never thought to ask direct questions or go with a specific intention in mind and then just listen and watch. Hillary’s ability to help interpret the herd’s medicine behind their behaviors and displays has a subtle, yet extremely profound effect. My understanding of how to utilize and incorporate their information and perspective deepened and I am intensely grateful I attended her retreat. Hillary and her herd have a very special gift for the world and she’s delivering it with true love and compassion for both horses and people.
— Heidi Craig - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
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I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a three day 1-1 retreat with Hillary Schneider at her ranch as the beginning of our 6-month coaching program. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the experience and Hillary.

The ranch is nestled in a breathtakingly beautiful valley. I had long been desiring some space and time to rework my business model and long-term vision. It took no time at all for me to get that space due to the surroundings and my accommodations, the lodge and the ridiculously good food. I had nothing to worry about during my time there except what I wanted to accomplish.

My list of desired outcomes included understanding (and owning) my leadership style, mapping out a business plan that is in sync with the rest of my life–a holistic approach. To me, that was A LOT to accomplish in three days.

We started day one with an amazing breakfast and some time outside both of which helped with focus. Right away, Hillary was able to sort out all of my desired outcomes and formulated a process to make it happen. I never felt like this was a cookie cutter process–we co-created an agenda that would get me exactly what I needed. She also checked in to see how I was doing energy-wise as we went along which was much appreciated since we were deep into strategic planning which can be tiring.

I’ve worked with several coaches over the past few years and I’ve gained insights for my business, but I felt like Hillary really got what I do, how I show up and what I want. She was able to help me uncover my strengths, natural style and the path to success on my terms. This is rare. She really is a unicorn.

One of the reasons I chose to work with Hillary was for the work with the horses. As a lifelong equestrian, I know the power of these animals, their sensitive nature and the connection they have with humans. This was an entirely new facet, though. It was fascinating to see how the horses can help you see the lens through which you view the world and offer a different perspective in a non-threatening way. Hillary’s observations and powerful questions facilitated some big ahas.

I discovered that I have several beliefs about myself that needed some adjustment. Because the learning was experiential with the horses, I feel like those lessons have really stuck. I learned about connection and leadership and have taken those lessons home and I use them daily. I can’t remember another time that learning has resulted in an ongoing shift and continued learning.

Again, Hillary was able to take what happened in the sessions with the horses and apply that to the coaching and planning work away from the horses. Everything felt custom-tailored to me and it felt like I was finally able to pull together ideas, concepts and offerings that I’d been struggling to connect for years. It felt aligned to me, rather than following someone’s step by step program. Hillary also shared her entrepreneurial journey which was helpful for me. I learn by hearing about other’s experiences. Her transparency and generosity are much appreciated.

The peacefulness and spaciousness of the retreat center are a big part of why we accomplished so much in three days. I’m still so excited about what we mapped out: my leadership styles, my business and life vision, programs, pricing, messaging, marketing (in a way that works for me) and a plan to bring all of this to life. Again, these are things I’ve been wanting to have for years–and we did it in three days. We’re just beginning our work together, but I feel like I’ve got incredible support and that what emerges over the next few months will support me, my business and vision for years to come.
I’ve been a coach for number of years and despite over 400 hours of coach training and leadership skills, I was still struggling to understand what my form of leadership really is. I was very clear when I contacted Hillary that this piece would make the biggest difference in my life and it is what I want to work with her and her horses on. I arranged to spend some time with Hillary at her gorgeous ranch. We had 5 different sessions together and my life has completed changed because of those sessions. Let me give you an example. When we arrived in the pasture the horses were all grazing peacefully, they could care less that we had arrived, which is significant because the energy that we brought into the field didn’t disrupt them. So we sat some distance away and started talking about what I am passionate about. I had my journal in my lap, resting on my crossed legs as Hillary sat just slightly behind me. I began talk about how I cannot tolerate women spending their lives playing out the effects of some difficult experience that was long over. All of a sudden, one horse lifted his head and walked straight up to me stopping only inches from my legs. This put his head directly over mine. We continued talking. While we were talking the horse starting flicking my journal with his nose as if to say “Are you getting this?” I didn’t immediate start writing anything. All of a sudden the horse ‘clonked’ me on the head. “Okay, okay, I get it, so I started writing down what we had been talking about. As soon as I was done as I asked Hillary “so what’s with this horse?” She replied, “this is Shiva, named after the Hindu God known to be the destroyer of false beliefs.” Wow. There are no coincidences. As soon as I got it, he simply turned and walked away. His job was done.

The gift to me was that the uncertainty around what I speak about and how to make it real in my work completely vanished. Shiva had just given me undeniable proof that I was on the right track. This is what I am meant to do.

There were many other circumstances with the horses that reinforced the inquiry that I came with, which all solidified that I have to stop talking and get doing, if things were going to change.

On returning home I founded The Ellis Institute (www.ellisinstitute.com), begin a daily yoga practice, finished writing my first book which is going live on Amazon on the 14th of August 2017, launched my podcast “Clarity Quest” on iTunes and my Youtube channel. In addition, I’ve launched my 12 week companion program to my book which is filling now for a start in September.

I know, without a doubt, that the decision to work with Hillary and her herd was the catalyst that brought me to the manifestation of The Ellis Institute, and this passionate work coming to life.
— Ciel Ellis
I had reached a point in my professional and personal life where I felt like I was stuck in the rat race, and lost sight of my true values and beliefs. Anxiety kept creeping up, and at times I found it difficult to breathe. The constant mental chatter and negative self-talk were both mentally and physically exhausting. When I first arrived at the ranch, it was clear that the space was magical. Hillary has a way of making all people feel welcome, even though we had never met one another. The entire experience was deeply profound and one I will never forget. The horses allow you to gain perspective in life and to remind yourself of what is truly important. I left feeling lighter and with a great sense of peace. Hillary’s wisdom and life experiences are remarkable. I would strongly recommend this retreat for other women who are looking to feel empowered.

If you are yearning for a place to come back to yourself...

If you are needing support in getting clear on your path and where you can shift and heal the dysfunction in your world...

If you feel called to have time to yourself, to listen, recharge and to feel empowered on the possibility of the shape your life is wanting to make...

This is the space to do it.

Why Horses?

Horses are soulful and intuitive animals with a highly sensitive nature because they are prey. The medicine of the horse, I believe, is to help us raise our consciousness and become more self-aware and authentic humans.

With horses there is no bias or judgement, no ego or agenda. The experiences with them are pure. They feel into and reflect our energy back to us so we can witness it in a safe way. With horses, we find a connection to ourselves that we often lack in our day-to-day lives and they help us become more present in ourselves and in our wisdom.

The Experience with our herd:

Our horses live in a herd of 27 on 60 acres. Our time with them is spent immersed in their wisdom in as a natural environment as possible. We will be with the herd at liberty, because horses are way more attuned to energy than we are.  We will be out in their energy each day to experience their wisdom and allow them to dictate to us where the energy is needed to be moved or held.

Imagine you are being introduced to 27 wise teachers, all with potent medicine who are waiting to journey with you. This is the experience we create for you.

As all of our experiences with our herd is done on the ground, there is no previous horse experience necessary. You do not have to be a horse person to receive the benefit and medicine and teachings from them. They are medium in which we gain access and connection to our own spaces of purity and wisdom, and that is unmatched in its potency and purity. 


Your retreat investment includes:

3 Day Retreat

  • Accommodation in a private cabin for 4 nights

  • Soulful and nutritious meals 

  • 3 hours of guided equine facilitated coaching per day

  • Shuttle to and from the ranch

  • 1 post coaching call for deepening and integration

$3250 CDN + TAX  in payment plans  

$3000 CDN paid in full


5 Day Retreat

  • Accommodation in a private cabin for 6 nights

  • Soulful and nutritious meals

  • 3 hours of equine guided facilitation coaching per day

  • Shuttle to and from the ranch

  • 1 post coaching call for deepening and integration

$5500 CDN + Tax in payment plans

$5000 CDN + tax paid in full

To inquire about creating a retreat please fill out an application below.

This work with Hillary and the herd has impacted me tremendously. My faith in my ability to listen and hear what is right for me has been restored through this work. My job to meet that invitation was to learn to show up completely authentically and to be totally present in the moment. There is a special kind of magic waiting for anyone who chooses to participate in this work.
— Diana Rose, Toronto ON
Simply perfect! I came up to get away and enjoy all that would be offered and that’s exactly what I received. I had a birthday surprise from all the ladies which was a big highlight for me as I will never forget how 6 strangers I have never met gave me so much, I think I have forgotten how good people can be and here in the middle of nowhere I found women love and support me for who I am! Such a special gift! Loved the food and housing. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get away and find themselves walk away feeling whole again! We definitely need more places like this in the world!
— In love and light, Irene Gore
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