Private Retreat for Leaders

As powerful space holders, facilitators and visionaries, we are often the ones that are holding and creating space for others.

We thrive in our role as mentor and guide.

We love giving our clients and our spaces care and attention and nurturing it in the world…
There comes a time in every leader's journey where they are the ones that require a space held for them.
Where they are feeling the need to be held in the same space of power and wisdom that they hold for others.
Where they require the same intuition, recharge and surrender that they so willingly give to people in their tribe.

Welcome, LEADER...

As a fellow space holder myself, I know how important it is for me to have a container to be vulnerable as I grow, to sink into my own inner wisdom as I am being asked to expand and to simply have that experience to be held as powerfully as I hold others.

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Enter into the space of the horses…

A powerful herd of 16 magnificent master teachers in the form of horses are waiting to hold and guide you back to your own center, to recharge your magnificence and be held as you navigate through perhaps an expansion you yourself are feeling you are ready to step into but feeling vulnerable about stepping into it.
You are seeking a powerful container to be held, to be brought back to yourself, to be expanded beyond what you are ready to hold more succinctly within yourself.

Your space is waiting for you….

Horses are intuitive and highly sensitive, they are powerful and unbiased, they don’t hold back in their delivery of their messages, they don’t care who you are, or how powerful of spaces you hold yourself.
It is a neutral yet profound container for us as leaders to sometimes step into without being held on a pedestal or in separation from our own humanity.
The horses will hold you in your own self mastery, encourage you to go deeper within your intuition and simply give you a space to be held as masterful as you hold others so you can surrender to the greater space of receptivity and vulnerability that is perhaps calling to you.
In my own journey, I often seek out my horses when I need to be seen beyond how I hold space in the world, as I continue inward in my journey of growth and evolution and need to be seen as powerfully as I see those I hold space for.
And I see you leader…
So come…

Find your center and your space of rejuvenation and wisdom in the space of myself and the herd, in an inspiring and magnificent valley and 80 acres of land that will gift to you what you need to feel nourished and supported in the next level of your own expansion both within yourself and what you are being asked to hold in the world.

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I came away from a weekend visioning workshop with Hillary at Epona Rise knowing I was about to embark upon an adventure. Reflecting back I knew before I arrived that it was going to lead to a breakthrough. I was on a conscious path of self-awakening, exploring ways of propelling myself into the next phase of life. I was looking for signs from the universe and in the weeks prior, I had received three directing me to spend time with horses. With gratitude I can now say that I am wise enough to recognise and accept some of the signs that come my way.

Hillary’s coaching skills and the work with the horses is a potent combination for drawing out from within ourselves what we need to know or do to break barriers and to move forward.

Being able to interact with the horses in their natural environment in the open field is a beautiful experience. They are the boss of their territory, they are at ease, they do what they want and everything is real. I had a very deep and meaningful experience with two particular horses that had very simple yet profound messages to give me. During the interaction, Hillary had been sitting to the side watching the play unfold and with her intuitive knowledge she was able to add to my interpretation of what had happened in a debrief afterwards.

The next day Hillary had us sit on the land and reflect on our experiences and open up to what our next steps might be. The land sits in a valley surrounded by trees and mountains and a river runs through it.

There is a lot of wildlife there and it is very much alive and I found it too has messages if we sit and listen.

My breakthrough was that I was going to take the sabbatical from work that I had been talking about for over a year. I was so clear and confident about this that the very next day at work I told my boss of my decision. This sabbatical is going to change my life in a big way and I am moving towards it with full commitment and no doubts. The horses reflect back what we are experiencing. We just need to breathe into it, get out of our thoughts and into our feelings and be ready to receive their wisdom. I say to anyone who has an urge to work with Hillary’s horses or even to work with Hilary herself as a coach to do it. I went for it and I rejoice my decision each and every day.
— Tracy, Vancouver BC
I felt the magic of Epona as soon as I arrived, but it was the next morning, when it was quiet except for a few birds and I was walking through the mist that I experienced the depth of the place. I could talk about the gorgeous lodge where we lounged for hours and soaked up the sun or the cabins that had everything we needed and where I slept like a baby. But the space you’ve created is so much more than amenities and structures. It has heart and soul. It’s sprinkled with a rare sort of still, deep magic. I felt more connected to my heart walking those fields than I had in months. The time we spent with the horses showed me things about myself and my impact in an immediate, profound way. I still think about it, months later. And more than that, I live it. That’s the power of your work, Hillary. It sinks into the bones and becomes a part of anyone who experiences it.
— Rian Kerfoot

In the spaces we hold as a leader it is important that we too have containers for us to go to not just for our clients and where we are called but also for our own vessel.
If you are a leader, a space holder, a mentor coach or guide, that knows it is time for you to be held in a container as you journey back to your center, regain clarity of your next vision, or just step into where you are being asked to expand deeper into yourself and surrender to the magic of that.

We would be honored to hold that space for you.

We believe in a custom approach for our retreats to inquire or apply for an experience and space with ourselves and the herd, please fill out an application form below and we will be in touch!
We look forward to welcoming you to the deep magic and potency of the horses and this beautiful land with the honor of journeying with you.


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