I have spent my life in partnership with horses, I walk fields where I have 20 beautiful equine teachers partner with me in my spaces.

I know the soul of horses well and the places in which they speak to me.

My philophosy is this. Each horse has a medicine, a message for us to deepen into. Our horses are messengers of soul, of wisdom and of our own genius. If we can understand and speak their language, create access to that soul connection, we can tap into the space of wisdom and clarity that is found there.

If you are here it is because you feel the connection to horses, your own or maybe others in your life, you know there is something deeper to be found there and you want to access it, with clarity.

Perhaps you have been knowing horses have been trying to communicate with you but you are unable to discern the messages or understand what it is they are trying to speak to you.

After our journey together you won't wonder. You will know. 

Learning their language

Are you a horse person that is looking to deepen their connection and relationship with your horses?

Have you had a sense that your horse is trying to communicate something to you but you are not quite sure what it is?

Are you looking to explore a deeper way of being in communication and relating to your horse?



Learning the Language of Horses is a 1 day workshop that introduces us to a deeper way of connecting and being in relationship with our horses.

Horses speak to us non-verbally through their body language but also through their energy.

They are mirrors to us, allowing us to witness more clearly what is happening with our own energy and how it is impacting the space around us.

Our horses can be one of our greatest teachers if we are aware to and understand what they are trying to mirror back to us.

If there is a struggle between you and your horse, or you are just looking to understand how to relate to them more deeply, you will experience that in this retreat.

Our own herd is compromised of 21 rescue horses that are all unique in how they communicate, we will be interacting with our herd at liberty in their space and in exercises that have both a grounded and intuitive approach to horse langague.

If you don't have your own horse but are drawn to understand horses in a deeper way this workshop can also be powerful for you to experience.


During this 1 day Workshop we will be spending time at liberty with our herd of 21 horses deepening our understanding of reading the language of horses in both a physical and intuitive way.

The horses will be our teachers facilitating us in a transparent and authentic way that will help us speak and understand their language more deeply and improve our relationship with our herd.

What you will walk away with:

  • A greater intuitive and grounded understanding of how horses communicate with us.
  • A knowing of how to receive deeper messages from our horse partners.
  • Confidence in being able to communicate with horses in a deeper more authentic way.
  • An ability to discern the mirroring of horses, what they are teaching us and how to apply this learning to your own herd.

Ready to join the journey?


Saturday September 29th: 9:30am - 4:30 pm

What is included?

1 day workshop includes: Full day facilitation, light lunch, refreshments.


The Workshop takes place at our 80 acre retreat facility Epona Rise Retreat Center, 40 minutes north of Kamloops. 

If you require accomodation as part of your attendance at the workshop please include that in you registration email below. Our facility has private cabins and rooms if you require a place to stay.

Investment: $195 CDN + TAX

Space is limited for the workshop, to register or claim a space please click on the button below.


About your host:

Hillary Schneider is a coach, mentor, equine guided facilitator and retreat founder.  Her passion for her horses has been the catalyst for her success and is a space she is deeply passionate about empowering for those that are called to the partnership of horses. A life long horse woman, her background includes over 20 years in the horse industry accompanied with 12 years in the fiend of personal growth and leadership development which manifest in how she has worked with clients for the last 10 years. She currently owns and runs a 80 acre retreat facility, where she partners with her herd of 20 rescue horses, where she trains those called to this work, facilitates group and private retreats for her clients that travel all over the world to come and work with her, and mentors both equine facilitators and women entrepreneurs to empower their leadership through what they feel is their higher calling in life. 

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