Welcome Visionary Medicine Woman.

You are a visionary leader who is ready to put a greater stake in the ground for your ability to step more boldly into the purpose of your work and in the success and vision of your business and impact in the world.

If you are reading this…

You may find yourself closing in on a time in your life where you are being called perhaps more loudly and bravely than you have been before.

When you know it is time to stop hiding, to stop shrinking from the enormity of your purpose and step forward to lead in a way that you haven't before.


My 1:1 Mentorship was created...

To get you to the place where you are:

  • Doing what you are called to do in the world....not sitting around dreaming about.
  • Creating a sustainable business that is purposeful in its nature of impact and its ability to support your chosen lifestyle.
  • Claiming your medicine and brilliance; no more doubting who you are and what you hold space for in your work.
  • Showing up boldly, with authority in your gifts and enjoying it. Visibility can be empowering to not just others but yourself.
  • Owning your mastery both within how you hold yourself and the containers you create for the transformation of your work for your tribe of resonant and soulmate clients.
  • Speaking authentically through the message and voice of your work, where content and copy no longer escape you and you have the courage to speak what is deeply within your heart and soul of your medicine.


I know the path of the visionary and purpose holder, a partner of horses, a guide and a mentor.

I am 34 years old, living on a beautiful 80-acre ranch with a herd of 16 horses that I give homes to and partner with me in medicine and in purpose.

I am fierce in the devotion of purpose. I have succeeded in creating containers that both speak to the essence of my purpose and to the internal and external spaces of success.

Multiple 6 figures, the courage to breathe life to when I am asked to lead and where I continue to hold that for others.

And I know this path well.

I used to struggle and, in transparency, sometimes I still do.

With worthiness...

With the insecurity that I am too young...

That I am not gifted enough...

Or wise enough...

Or a savvy enough business woman...

Where I wonder if anyone ever really feels impact, even if I have hundreds of testimonials of others telling me I do.

Where I have questioned the validity of my dreams and my visions to the point where I wonder if I am insane.

I get it.

I get what it means to have a different perspective, to be ruled by intuition and spirituality but have equal ambition to be grounded in the physical world.

To have to balance being both practical and intuitive, without compromising the essence of who I am and how I wish to rule or hold the sacred space of my business and the containers that allow me to do what I do.

My clients are drawn to me because they are seeking a space of intuition, of alignment that also lends itself to the importance of anchoring and creating through a practical lens that allows us to create the full picture of what we are being asked to hold space for through our medicine without sacrificing ourselves in the process.

So here you are…

And here I am…

My greatest gift to is to hold space for women such as yourself, that are ready to be anchored into a vision of a higher calling that is leading you forward with courage because you know it is time for you to lead and you are ready to manifest and step into what is ready to be stepped into. 

Where you are seeking mastery because you know you need to grow and be held in that space so you can be who it is you need to be to honor what is asking to be meant.

I see you…

What do I hold space for?

I hold space for you…

The creator and the weaver that is the vessel for everything in connection to your purpose, your vision of a higher calling and greater impact.

There are times where we come to a place where we recognize we need support to move us beyond our own fears and limitations, so we can be in service of what we are feeling called to hold space for in the world.

Whether that is launching your coaching business, or writing the book that is being asked to be written, or creating the certification program we are being asked to teach.  Whatever the form of medicine that is seeking to make it's way through us. This is what we create space, and we begin with you.

Because as the leader and the holder of your medicine, you need to be clear and grounded in your vision in order to make it a reality and for you to feel confident and clear in holding it.


What is unique about the spaces I hold in my mentorship is, of course, the option of addition of a retreat with my wise equine teachers on this beautiful ranch that has become the manifestation of my own personal medicine and purpose.

The horses give us a mirror that is potent and wise, that is beyond anything we humans can give ourselves, that goes beyond blind spots and deeper truths and becomes undeniable in our capacity to receive it.

I find what takes the most time in where we have space held for us is our ability to receive the mirrors and the feedbacks we are receiving about ourselves, mostly the mirrors of our own true essence.

With the horses it is close to impossible to deny it and so our pathway to being empowered and confident in who we are and what we hold becomes quicker for us to hold.

And quite simply the space of the horse in undeniable powerful.

When we add the horses, we are speeding up the pathways of transformation and enlightenment on our own journey so we can give powerful space to what we are being asked to hold, along with our setting in the beautiful valley and ranch that holds its own magic because it gives you a real example of the possibility of purpose and the manifestation of it. These retreats are potent.

And then our time together post retreat continues to integrate the wisdom and apply it practically, intuitively to yourself, the containers you are called to hold and the business that is going to hold it..

Hillary - High Res-41.jpg


THE Journey we dive deep into:

  • Uncovering your personal medicine and natural brilliance.
  • Cultivating the courage and belief in yourself the higher vision of your purpose and your business.
  • Developing your zone of genius and inner leader to empower the confidence in your facilitation of your work and spaces with your clients.
  • Learning how to attract your tribe of resonance aka your soulmate clients with a natural ease and grace.
  • How to manifest your desired vision of success.
  • Honing your authentic message and voice.
  • Visibility and overcoming your fear of being seen.
  • Creating your unique ritual to support both your internal and external success.
  • Understanding how to hold the sacred space of your business, what it needs to thrive and who you need to be to hold it.
  • Creating new internal pathways for self mastery and the empowerment of your inner belief and strength of purpose within yourself.
  • Healing your relationship with money and shifting how you relate and hold it in connection how you perceive your value and hold your offerings.
  • Creating your spaces and offerings that will be reflective of your natural brilliance, speak to the depth of your purpose and will be highly resonant to your tribe of soulmate clients.

When we align ourselves to a higher frequency of who we are, we are opening the doorway to experience greater ease within ourselves and the depth of our brilliance and impact that we are called to bring into the world.

This is at the heart of my work....

Opening you up to the greater resonance and awareness of who you really are, because in that space there is no doubt, question, or fear and you are on fire in your purpose, and your vision and your certainty and confidence to manifest it into a reality.

Being a visionary, an entrepreneur and a creator can be difficult. We have many challenges facing us each day from decision making, to getting beyond our own fears... The ability to be able to tap into a greater awareness means that we are not bogged down or burdened by the mundane or everyday aspects of our journey and the in’s and out’s of running a business, being there for our clients, and have a life of our own on top of that.


The truth is….

Whether in this moment you are conscious of it or not, something lead you here.  

You are meant for great things, and it’s time that you step into the resonance of that through the claiming of your own brilliance and I would be honored to hold that container for you as you step into it.

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a three day 1-1 retreat with Hillary Schneider at her ranch as the beginning of our 6-month coaching program. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the experience and Hillary.

I’ve worked with several coaches over the past few years and I’ve gained insights for my business, but I felt like Hillary really got what I do, how I show up and what I want. She was able to help me uncover my strengths, natural style and the path to success on my terms. This is rare. She really is a unicorn.

One of the reasons I chose to work with Hillary was for the work with the horses. As a lifelong equestrian, I know the power of these animals, their sensitive nature and the connection they have with humans. This was an entirely new facet, though. It was fascinating to see how the horses can help you see the lens through which you view the world and offer a different perspective in a non-threatening way. Hillary’s observations and powerful questions facilitated some big ahas.

I discovered that I have several beliefs about myself that needed some adjustment. Because the learning was experiential with the horses, I feel like those lessons have really stuck. I learned about connection and leadership and have taken those lessons home and I use them daily. I can’t remember another time that learning has resulted in an ongoing shift and continued learning.

Again, Hillary was able to take what happened in the sessions with the horses and apply that to the coaching and planning work away from the horses. Everything felt custom-tailored to me and it felt like I was finally able to pull together ideas, concepts and offerings that I’d been struggling to connect for years. It felt aligned to me, rather than following someone’s step by step program. Hillary also shared her entrepreneurial journey which was helpful for me. I learn by hearing about other’s experiences. Her transparency and generosity are much appreciated.

I’m still so excited about what we mapped out: my leadership styles, my business and life vision, programs, pricing, messaging, marketing (in a way that works for me) and a plan to bring all of this to life. Again, these are things I’ve been wanting to have for years–and we did it in three days. We’re just beginning our work together, but I feel like I’ve got incredible support and that what emerges over the next few months will support me, my business and vision for years to come.
— Jocelyn Ring | Branding & Business Strategy + Visual Facilitation |
Hillary has created a space that enables you to truly feel seen and heard. Her own unique presence and leadership style in the container that she holds for her clients allows her brilliance to be a lighthouse for others to find their own true path.

The courage and vulnerability that she brings from within her own life experiences into her container is both inspiring and personable.

And if you are unsure of what your path is or gifts are... Hillary knows, coaxing and guiding them into being so that you are able to see and, more importantly, feel your gifts and brilliance as part of you rather than something outside of you.

The space she holds and the wisdom she shares is generously supportive, encouraging, caring, compassionate, uplifting and truly transforming.

She is a true role model for the definition of leadership and the experience of working with her is nothing short of life changing!!
— Jess Campmans | Intuitive Energy Healer & Equine Guided Practitioner |
_DCS2096 (1).jpg

How the Journey unfolds:

Because I believe in the deeply intimate and unique journey of each individual our containers are custom crafted to your needs and also what is going to be the most supportive to bringing your vision, your mastery and the space of your sacred work to life.

This journey is one that requires readiness and commitment to transformation and to the meeting of your potential. 

Visionary Medicine Women are women that are ready to leap into the unknown and unformed of their brilliance and are able to hold both the risk and  rewards that come when we decided to meet our potential halfway and let it have its way with us.

I hold your feet to the fire, reminding you of your own capacity, holding up the mirror of your strength until you feel it deeply within yourself that the only mirror you require held up for you is the one you hold in your own hands.

We leap and we find our wings on the way down. My job in this is to hold space so that you find those wings sooner and more quickly than if you leapt on your own.

If you are looking for a container of mentorship and guidance, and I imagine you are if you find yourself here, but are looking for something that is unconventional in its holding, is equally attuned to both the depth of the spaces we occupy, the intuition to see them through and the practical and grounded foundation we need to successfully hold it in the world....

You have come to the right place.

The next step would be to fill out the application so we may explore what container is going to be the best suited for you and for us to have a conversation of what that might look like to begin.

Hillary walks the walk. When she talks about manifesting, it’s because she’s experienced it, lived it, and now she’s doing what teachers do—she’s passing it on. From inception to reality, Hillary explains the process in such a natural way—because it’s a natural process. We’ve just been programmed differently. Hillary helps to realign what always was. And that’s when the magic happens.
— Michelle Pendergrass,
Before I met Hillary I was lost in a strange sort of limbo, an in-between state where the story of the life I had previously been living had ended, and a new story had not yet begun.

The soundtrack for my life up until that point was a constant barrage of negative self-talk, I wasn’t “good enough, smart enough, strong enough, knowledgeable enough”, etc. I lived a life run by fear. Fear of being seen, being judged, fear of failure and of success.

And in this in-between state I had started to feel that I didn’t want to live this small life anymore. I had a deep belief, underneath all the critical voices, that there was something that I was meant to be doing in this world, that I had a deeper purpose that I had been ignoring.

There was a very small quiet part of me that believed that I had gifts that needed to be shared, but I had no idea how to move from where I was, as an empath and an introvert who was used to hiding from the world, to a person who is able to step up and be seen while sharing their gifts and being of service to others.

The first thing that I felt when I started working with Hillary was that sense of calm that comes when you know that somebody sees you. I mean really sees you, and can reflect back to you who you are in way that you have never experienced before.

I have worked with other people who have tried to do this, but when you have lived as an empath with intense self-judgement for many years, you are not easy to convince. You can spot the bullshit.

What is different in the way Hillary works is that she comes from a place of her own vulnerability and transparency. She talks to you as a person who understands where you are because she has been there herself. And she has stories to prove it. And she is living proof that there is a way out of the place you are in.

One of the first things she told me is that she didn’t think I had a long way to go from where I was, to where I wanted to be.

As hard as that was to believe, I sensed a truth in her words, so I did believe her.

She didn’t say it would be easy, but the important thing was that she knew the way, and she could guide me there. If I put in the work, I could get there.

One of her greatest gifts is her ability to get right to the core of things very quickly. In telling your story, she is able to cut away at the ideas and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, holding you back and limiting you.

She shows you where you are getting in your own way. She questions the negative beliefs that you have about yourself and encourages you to question them too, and to find and take note of the evidence that proves these beliefs to be wrong. And you start to see that the evidence is there. And before you know it, you have learned to find this evidence for yourself.

She is fierce in her desire to help you see the sacred space of possibility that exists for your life, for fulfilling your purpose and what you want your impact to be in the world. To see that you can choose a different, more empowered way of holding yourself, and that it actually is a choice.

In a very short span of time, she helped me to see that there is part of me that already has all the things that I need and desire to be the person I want to be, and to live the life I want. I just have to connect to that part, to feel what it feels like to live from there, and how different my life can be when I do. And to be gentle with and love myself through the process of learning to connect to that part.

Because as she will tell you, it can be challenging, and you will come face to face with the very loud voices that have kept you hidden for so long. But she will help you to see the beauty and growth that exists in the challenge, and will help you to find the tools and practices that keep you connected to and focussed on that strength and the dreams that you want to see come to life.

She is able to hold a safe and solid container for you when you are feeling broken, and is there to help you gently shift what needs to be shifted. She gives you a nudge when you are ready to step into something new, and is the first to cheer when you take that step, reminding you to honour and celebrate that within yourself. All of this is done within a powerful space of love and support...and of course a whole lot of magic.

Yup. There is always a little sprinkle of pixie dust, because there is something magic in the work that Hillary does. (As if that needs to be said!)

It’s something I can’t quite put my finger on. I just know that I am profoundly different from the inside out since I started working with her. I am stepping up and doing things that I never would have been able to do in the past.

Being able to live my purpose and have the impact that I want to have in the world requires me to show up and be seen and heard, and I am doing that!

I still have some fear, but I just keep moving because I have learned that my value, my gifts, are more important than my fear. That my desire to live my purpose and to be of service to others is bigger than any resistance that comes up. That I am stronger and more powerful than I ever believed I could be.

Some of the things I have been able to do since I started working with her:

1. Put myself and my work out into the world more through offering sessions with the horses to a wider scope of potential clients.

2. Showing up and stepping into doing horse sessions with more confidence and clarity.

3. Sharing so much more of what I do through writing and video.

4. Creating a website for my work with the horses and for craniosacral therapy which showcases what I offer and my story and message.

5. Trusting in my connection to the horses and sharing their wisdom and medicine with a larger audience.

6. More flow and creativity around what I can offer people and how my medicine and purpose can help people connect to theirs.
— Lucy Wilkonsin | Cranial Sacral Practitioner, Equine Guided Facilitator |
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