November 3-5, 2017

3-Day Horse Medicine Retreat

What medicine is seeking to make its way into your life?

Where are you seeking deeper clarity? Direction? Movement?

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Horse Medicine

What is it?

As humans, it is rare that we get a completely unbiased and pure mirror of ourselves, absent of ego and opinion. Horses are purely responding to the core intent of our energy, our intentions and what we are currently navigating through in our lives.

Horses are naturally sensitive, intuitive and attuned to the deeper tones of intent and energy that walks into the space. These big beautiful animals bring us naturally to a deeper place within ourselves, carrying a medicine that reminds us who we are, connects us back to our own courage and clarity, and gives us a pure and unfiltered connection to what we are needing to create transformation.

There are times in life, in purpose, in vision where we simply can't move ourselves forward, or see without bias or ego where our path is taking us. Fear can rear it's head, doubt feels magnified and we lose touch with our direction, with our voice, with our power and with ourselves.

In this retreat we will be partnering with the clarity and potency of horse medicine, to give us the knowing and medicine we need to move ourselves forward, find courage and confidence in our action, align ourselves back into our visions and create movement in our world. 

Surrounded in our beautiful valley where the ranch and horses call home, you will be greeted into the magic and beauty and stillness of nature. Alongside the majesty of the space, you will also have your own sacred and still cabin to rest and reflect in, healthy and vibrant food to nourish your body and soul and be held in the witness and holding of your depth with the horses and I.



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Clarity, Courage, Healing, Reconnection, Wisdom

Whatever it is you are seeking or needing to be in touch with, you will find it here.

“I came to the Horse Medicine retreat needing some clarity. I had reached a point in my professional and personal life where I felt like I was stuck in the rat race, and lost sight of my true values and beliefs. Anxiety kept creeping up, and at times I found it difficult to breathe. The constant mental chatter and negative self-talk were both mentally and physically exhausting. When I first arrived at the ranch, it was clear that the space was magical. Hillary has a way of making all people feel welcome, even though we had never met one another. The entire experience was deeply profound and one I will never forget. The horses allow you to gain perspective in life and to remind yourself of what is truly important. I left feeling lighter and with a great sense of peace. Hillary’s wisdom and life experiences are remarkable. I would strongly recommend this retreat for other women who are looking to feel empowered.”

Beth Saunders, Montreal Quebec
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I was feeling on the verge of a transition in my life. I could feel myself ready to both transform and emerge, yet there was a huge part of me that was confused, insecure, and afraid. I knew I was taking a big step somewhere, but I did not know where. I came seeking clarity, direction, and strength. And I got it all, and more. The herd offered a gift of unconditional love and acceptance in such a pure form that I have never felt before. They so gently and with so much support, helped me face with ease the blocks that were in my path and asked nothing of me except to know me and for to be my authentic self. I was reminded of my dreams and shown that they are real, and they do exist in this world. I was shown my path and asked to step into it. A torch was passed to me and I was asked to to take up my role as a leader. My weekend with the herd and Hillary was was a so magical and gift of the highest form. Hillary’s horses are filled with so much love that they continually brought tears to my eyes, not of sadness but of gratitude and humility. The weekend was so magical that part of me is left in disbelief, and so magical that it couldn’t not be real. I left feeling complete.

Kristin Dyck, Vancouver BC

Fully catered meals, we take care of every aspect of our time together so you can simply be immersed in the medicine of the horses, nature and of course your guide and facilitator Hillary.

As a master space holder, Hillary is attuned to providing a deep and clear space for each participant to receive what they need, her intuition and messenger of the herd is powerful the transformation will be palpable, tangible and held for you not just to have a magical experience here but to take forward into your life.

When: Friday, November 3rd - sUNDAY, November 5, 2017

We will begin our retreat on Friday afternoon at 4:oo pm and end our time together on Sunday at 12:00 pm PST.

Please plan your travel around those times.

What is included:

  • Up to 5 night stay at the ranch in your own cabin
  • Fully Catered healthy and nurturing meals
  • Travel to and from the airport
  • Full days in facilitation with the land and herd
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Your Investment

$1,797 CDN + Tax

A $500 non-refundable deposit holds your space.

Payment plans are available for the remainder of your tuition..

“I am a true believer that the universe will provide you what you need when you need it.  While on Facebook one day a post showed up from Hillary regarding an upcoming horse medicine retreat.  It couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.  Having worked with Hillary individually before (at another location) I was excited to experience what she had to offer at her new location.  Being at the ranch with other women also seeking clarity for their lives purpose and having Hillary and the horses facilitate the process was incredible.  Hillary provided a safe space in which to explore myself and seek out what it was i needed to heal myself and move myself forward in the right direction.  Hillary has an incredible way of bringing the messages from the herd to your life and to show you what you need.  The ranch is an incredible space that provides time for personal reflection as well as group work.  I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone seeking clarity on their lives purpose.  It was a truly magical and healing experience. Thank you Hillary for creating such a beautiful place to hold space for people to come and heal themselves.”

Monica, Vancouver BC



To register for this retreat or inquire more:

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