For aspiring equine assisted learning practitioners...

Are you wanting to explore becoming an EAL practitioner and begin a career or business partnering with horses in a way to better serve your clients?

Are you curious about experiencing the facilitation of horse medicine leadership as a potential training?

Are you wanting to get exposure into what it looks like to become a facilitator of horse wisdom?

Current EAL practitioners...

Are you feeling a gap in your competency as a facilitator and coach in your practice with horses?

Are you looking for clarity on how to grow or expand your business with horses?

Are you looking for pure and honest feedback into where your gaps are in your expertise both as a business owner and as a facilitator?

The Horse Medicine Leadership Introductory Retreat was created for those looking to walk the path of EAL or are in it, to fill the gaps, introduce some masterful facilitation and business building skills to support a vision and career in partnering with horses.

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What is this retreat about?

This retreat is joining two seasoned EAL facilitators, Hillary Schneider and Schelli Whitehouse, both of which have over 10 years in the industry and have been leading, mentoring and training others to step into the field over the last 5 years.

Both Schelli and Hillary have witnessed a gap in the field both in the development of business practices and success and in coaching and high level facilitation skills.

This retreat is about introducing horse medicine leadership and the training that we must have strength in our business as well as our coaching facilitation to have deep integrity and longevity in the development and growth in our EAL practice.

What is unique about this retreat is it caters to both aspiring and current EAL practitioners, because in truth, the skills we are introducing in this retreat will be beneficial for whether you are just beginning or are already in the field.

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What We are Covering…

Over the course of 2 days, we will be exploring how to be skilled and masterful in both our business and our facilitation, it is a taste of being exposed to a training and development that is geared towards empowering the full development of you and your practice as an EAL facilitator.

The retreat takes place at Epona Rise Retreat Center, home to 27 wise equine teachers atop a mountain in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Surrounded by thousands of acres of crown land and a facility that caters to EAL experiences you will be immersed into what it feels and looks like to be in a successful practice that will inspire and influence you in your starting or current journey as an EAL practitioner.

What we will be covering in our retreat:

An introduction to developing coaching and facilitation skills.

What it looks like to provide high level experiences for our clients and learning how to:

● Empower our natural strengths in our facilitation as well as become aware of what natural strengths we have. Both aspiring and current EAL, the most powerful thing you can do to build confidence in know where your gifts lie. We will be having the horses mirror your strengths so you can be empowered in the facilitation of it.

● Experiencing and leading exercises that evoke powerful transformation and learning with your clients. What does EAL empower in our clients? What is the learning that comes from the experiences of them? We will be playing and learning a new way of experiencing and setting up exercises that focus on what we develop through EAL.

● Identifying who you are meant to serve. Whether you are being led to this path or are in it, what brings us into this place is who we are called to serve. The horses will act as our guides in mirroring to us if we are in alignment with who we are called to serve, identifying our ideal client, or affirmation who we are wanting to serve through this week.

● Business Development conversation and mentorship, Hillary and Schelli will be taking time each day to speak to the development of your EAL practice as a sustainable practice. You will be guided through exercises and engage in real life discussion that speaks to the reality of running an EAL practice and how we become a success at it.

● How do we inspire others to this work? In this retreat we will also be covering the conversation and communication that can inspire our clients to come and work with us.

What you will walk away with:

● A clarity of your purpose or fit in the field of EAL, an answer to the question of is this path for me or do I continue on this path?

● A knowing of who you serve, how to identify your ideal client and communicate the power of EAL to them.

● Awareness of your natural strengths as a facilitator and the potential of what you bring to this work.

● A understanding of how to facilitate this work for the most impact in your clients and how to empower the learning of what this partnership with horses is about.

● An understanding of how to begin to build or grow your EAL practice.

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Hillary Schneider

For the last 7 years, Hillary Schneider has been navigating the journey of building a business around her purpose. She stepped into running a business full time in 2012 after feeling the call of wanting to see if she could support her vision and partnership with horses in her coaching work.

Hillary has been successful in creating a vision of her practice that aligns to her values, facilitates meaningful work and has been financially successful generating over 800k in revenue over the last 4 years.

Over the last 5 years, she has mentored and coached others in their pursuit of purpose and building a practice that empowers their sacred work while supporting their vision of what their business needs to be to hold it.


Schelli Whitehouse

Schelli Whitehouse is a certified equine assisted coach and business mentor, cowgirl, writer and author of “The Business of Coaching with Horses ~ How to Reach More Clients, Feed Your Horses and Change the World!”

Schelli mentors practitioners to create thriving sustainable, professional equine assisted businesses. Her mission is to help equine assisted learning and therapy become the go-to modality for transformational learning and professional development. As popular as yoga and Starbucks!


When: August 17th - 19th, 2019

What is included:

Your retreat includes:

3 nights accommodation in a private cabin

Shuttle to the ranch

Fully healthy catered meals

2 days of facilitation with the herd and two masterful facilitators.


Your Investment

$1500 USD Paid in Full


$2000 USD In Payment plans

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