Women wHO ruN WITH HORSES: Horse Medicine Leadership

A 3-day retreat for aspiring and current equine guided facilitators
that are looking to deepen and evolve their leadership with horses.

May 24-26, 2019


Our path and connection to horses moves us.

We are called to horses because we recognize there is something special about being in the space to them.  We are moved to understand the depth of why that is, to expand our awareness of our own leadership with horses and to understand what our path is with them


Women Who Run with Horses:

The Equine Guided Leadership Retreat

Is for women that are aspiring to step onto the path of being an equine facilitator and for women that have been journeying there for a while, that are looking to deepen their understanding of their leadership with horses, how to read their language more intuitively and be empowered in their understanding of their path, strength and purpose with horses.

As a guide, it is important for us to hone and empower our craft as we go along on the journey--- picking up new tools, sharpening some old ones and refining our vision of what we do. If you are beginning the path and are looking to understand how the space with horses work and begin your journey with them, or you are feeling moved to be empowered in your leadership with horses, this retreat will hold you in that space.


Ten years ago, I first did my training in the field of equine experiential learning.

I was called to horses because I knew my path was meant to be with them. I spent 3 years in training getting certified in the field of equine experiential learning before I embarked on my journey with horses at my leadership with them.

t has been 10 years and in the course of 10 years my facilitation has deepened, expanded and opened from the guidance of my own herd which is now at 24 horses.

verything I do, how I facilitate, most of which is lead by the herd, I moved off the path of what I was taught by others to listen to where the horses were guiding me.

his retreat is about listening to horses, their guidance, their wisdom, finding our own path and voice in how we are moved to this work, understanding how we hold space for them, and learning the language of horses in a deeper more soulful way, that speaks to the grounded nature of how they teach and the places of soul that they move.


This retreat may speak to you if...


You are at the beginning of the journey, feeling called to facilitate with horses and this is your entry point of understanding the language of horses, how we hold space for them and what is your purpose and leadership with them look like.


You are on the path of leading with horses but are not feeling confident in how you hold space for them, there are pieces missing for you in how you connect with horses, hold space with them and you want to deepen your confidence and understanding of the horse in what you do..


You want to know how to deepen your understanding of the language of horses, feel more confident in how they are speaking to you and what messages they have for you.


You are drawn to learn from a herd of horses that live like a herd---all 24 in a field of 40 acres---that will inspire and take your intuition and facilitation with horses to a new level.


You have a sense of expansion of what you lead and teach with horses and are looking for clarity and affirmation of what that is.


You feel you have some missing pieces to how you hold space with horses and want to fill in some gaps of what you feel is lacking.


The space of horses runs deep. It impacts us on many levels---spiritually, intuitively, emotionally, physically and mentally. This retreat is going to blend empowering a new mastery of facilitation along with understanding the layers in which this work impacts others and how to speak and communicate that with our clients.


What you will learn in this retreat:


  • How to speak horse, the intuitive, physical, mental and emotional space of the horses and how to interpret it.
  • The power of facilitating at liberty with a herd and the wisdom that comes from connecting to horses in a big open space in a herd dynamic.
  • Affirmation of purpose, whether you are starting the journey of have lost it along the way, the horses will give you an understanding of your leadership and purpose with horses and how that is wanting to evolve and show up for you in this path.
  • Empower your own gifts of leadership with horses and where you are being asked to step up into that leadership with horses.
  • An awareness of how this space works, where it speaks to you on the journey of becoming a facilitator or where you are being asked to lead from as a current facilitator.
  • A deeper more soulful connection to yourself, your calling, your leadership and the partnership with horses of where it wants to take you and a vision of what it looks like for you step into the space or continue to evolve it.



  • 4-night stay at the ranch

  • Fully catered meals

  • One 90-minute private session with me

  • 3 full days of facilitation with myself and the herd


*If you are embarking on a journey of training with us this retreat will count towards your first retreat training session.*


Epona Rise - High Res-51.jpg

Friday, May 24th -  Sunday, May 26th 2019

** Retreat will begin on Friday at 9:00am and end Sunday at 3:00pm.  
Please arrange your travel accordingly.



$2,500 CDN plus tax
(payment plans available)

** A non refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your space.
** Due to the intimate nature of this retreat space is limited to 4.


Screenshot 2017-12-27 22.43.11.png

The retreat takes place at our beautiful 80 acre facility in the gorgeous Heffley Creek Valley north of Kamloops British Columbia.  We are a 4-hour drive from Vancouver, 6.5-drive from Seattle, 7-hour drive from Calgary if driving.  Fly into Kamloops Airport and a shuttle will be arranged to get you to the ranch!


Hillary Schneider is a lifelong horse enthusiast who has turned her passion for these amazing animals into a purpose that has grown to support a vision she had to introduce others to the amazing space the horses hold.

Her love of horses began as a child spending summer camps for 10 years riding and being around horses, to getting a diploma in Equine Science production and breeding where she spent 3 years in the thoroughbred industry in the breeding shed. She comes with 20 years of experience being around horses, understanding their language and the partnership that is possible with them, with a blend of 10 years of coaching and mentorship experience working with people in the development of their leadership and purpose.  She spent 4 years in training in the field of equine experiential learning, gaining various certifications including EAGALA, EAPD with Chris Irwin and a certification through Horse Spirit Connections in FEEL.

Her coaching development comes through CTI, the coach training institute which has Hillary bring a powerful blend of both human and horse experience into everything she does.  

She has been running her business with horses since 2010 and running her own facility since 2012. Along with her private practice Hillary has been training and mentoring other equine facilitators since 2013.  

She lives on a beautiful 80-acre ranch with her herd of  19 rescue and retired horses that are her partners and co-facilitators in this incredible work.

Hillary has experience in both private retreats along with leadership and corporate development alongside her equine partners. She is well-versed in both the development of our craft with horses and building the business that sustains it.  

One of her greatest passions and belief is the power of this work and her desire to empower as many other equine facilitators as possible in the success of their own vision and holding of this increidable partnership with horses.

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