Have you felt a calling to be in partnership with horses as a potential new career or add on to how you serve clients?

Are your curious about this work and looking to experience it for yourself?

Are you drawn to the medicine and energy of how we hold space with our herd?


For the beginners that are stepping onto the powerful path of partnering with horses, I invite you to join myself and our masterful herd for 3 full days of immersion, exposure and illumination into the field of equine experiential learning.



The journey and claiming of the leadership of horse medicine.

If you are drawn to our mentorship and are looking for a place, a journey, a program to be guided through in the space of equine guided coaching and leadership, you will find it here.


12 years ago I left the breeding industry seeking to find a way back to horses that would be fulfilling and honouring for both horses and humans. 


I had been drawn to horses my entire life and desperate to find a space after leaving the breeding industry that would honor the lives and medicine of horses and humans.

That introduction took me into 3 years exploring other people’s modalities in how they held space with horses to find a pathway that I could resonate.

We now create the same experience for those that are starting that path where we once were 12 years ago to do the same.

We believe it important if you are seeking out to step onto this path to understand what it is, how it is held and the realities of becoming a facilitator and guide in this work.

These 3 days give you an experience of how we hold space for this sacred purpose with horses and also an inside look into the reality of also growing a sustainable practice with them as a equine guided practioner.


2017-06-09 17.24.19.jpg

The retreat takes place at our beautiful 80 acre facility just outside of Kamloops, British Columbia.

We begin our retreat on Friday 9:30 am, you may arrive on Thursday, retreat completes at 2:30 pm on Sunday.

With your own private cabin you will join myself an intimate group of women and a herd of masterful equine teachers for a full 3 day immersion into horse medicine leadership.

The unfolding of your time here...

Day 1;

This is all about your experience personally with the herd, receiving perhaps affirmation on your calling to be with them and also getting an opportunity to experience our facilitation with our herd and what messages and wisdom are arising for you personally.


Day 2:

We begin the exploration into how we facilitate with our herd, getting some glimpses into how us as aspiring facilitators might hold the space and start to discover what might our unique purpose in this work be and look like.


Day 3:

Will speak to the journey, the transparency of building the practice, answer your questions and spend some time with the herd deepening into what this field is about the realities of stepping out and holding it with your future and potential clients.



This retreat will leave you with this...

An absolute clarity of why you are drawn to this work and knowing of how to move forward from here.

An affirmation of your purpose with horses and why you are lead here.

A start in knowing how you might hold space with the horses.

A grounded idea of what it looks like to empower this career forward in where you are feeling called to do so in your partnership with horses.

An experience of being introduced to Horse Medicine Leadership, what it is and if it is the resonate pathway for you to follow.


The Investment:

Your retreat experience is all inclusive, meaning it includes a 4 night stay in a private cabin at our facility, healthy catered meals, a shuttle to and from the ranch and 3 full days of facilitation.

$1997 CDN + TAX

Space is limited to 6 participants


Payment plans are available for the remainder of your tuition- email Hillary at hillary@epona-rise-retreats.com to discuss payment plan options!

*If you choose to continue the journey with us in our training your retreat tuition will apply to future training.*





Epona Rise Ranch is located 40 minutes from the city of Kamloops, British Columbia; 4.5 hours from Vancouver, British Columbia; 6.5 hours from Calgary, Alberta; and 6 hours from Seattle, Washington. We are in a unique location that allows us to be accessible from a variety of major city centers.

We are 40 minutes from the Kamloops airport. Airport shuttles are provided upon request to the ranch.


Epona Rise Retreat Center:

An 80 acre ranch in the picturesque Heffley Creek Valley, north of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Along with the beauty of our acreage, our ranch comes complete with a stunning guest lodge, catering, industrial kitchen, gorgeous rustic rooms with custom wood furnishings, and a herd of horses that easily add to the magic and experiences at our facility.


Meet The Herd:

Epona Rise Retreat Center is home to a herd of 21 beautiful horses. What sets this herd apart is not only their backgrounds and where they have come from, but also why they chose to be doing this work, at this space. Every horse at Epona Rise comes with a story and what we call a medicine. When it comes to rescue horses (and the horse industry in general), when a horse is rescued and enters a life away from cruelty- we believe there is a magic there. Somehow, the horse is guided towards a different life. Our herd holds a diversity in ages, breeds, stories and offerings. Many of them rescued, we treat the horses very differently to the standard relationship at Epona Risa. When horses are offered the option to “work” every single day, and given the space to be who they are, a different dynamic comes into play around how they show up and how they are able to support us.

Meet the whole herd here


Hillary Schneider

Hillary Schneider is a coach, mentor, equine guided facilitator and retreat founder.  Her passion for her horses has been the catalyst for her success and is a space she is deeply passionate about empowering for those that are called to the partnership of horses. A life long horse woman, her background includes over 20 years in the horse industry accompanied with 12 years in the fiend of personal growth and leadership development which manifest in how she has worked with clients for the last 10 years. She currently owns and runs a 80 acre retreat facility, where she partners with her herd of 20 rescue horses, where she trains those called to this work, facilitates group and private retreats for her clients that travel all over the world to come and work with her, and mentors both equine facilitators and women entrepreneurs to empower their leadership through what they feel is their higher calling in life.

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