Women who Run with Horses:

1:1 Coaching and Mentorship

Dear Sacred Woman,

An invitation and a reminder...

You have big work to do in the world.

Your purpose and your leadership is essential to the transformation and healing of another.

The creation of your spaces and the manifestation of the big vision you have for your life’s work and purpose does not have to come at the expense of yourself, or time spent with the ones we love.

Sometimes, we have this idea that we have to choose our path, family, or career, our own well being, or the success of our purpose led business.

And truth is, we get to choose how we want to hold the spaces of our work.

The women who journey with me in my 1:1 spaces are driven by the calling and sense of serving a higher calling for their lives.

You have a compelling desire to be on purpose in your life and to create something that lives on beyond your time here.

You are pulled to have a bigger impact, one that has a ripple effect not just on the personal lives that are moved by you, but also the collective spaces that you are drawn to heal with your work.

You understand that your purpose in being here is to have your gifts felt and impacted in the world, and that leaving this planet without acknowledging that or finding the courage to create space for it, is not something you are willing to live with.


Despite the knowings of this place of calling, you find yourself waylaid by fears and doubts, procrastinating from the creation and stepping into the leadership of your work because of old traumas and wounds.

You fear the sacrifice of yourself, and the time you wish to spend with loved ones, or on other places in your world that speak to you.

You question whether your form of leadership is valid, or if you even have anything of value to contribute.

Old stories that you are not enough, not worthy, too woo become recordings that create the fear of creating something that not only speaks wildly to those it is for, but also to you.

A fear that you have to conform, be judged in who you authentically are, or that you will not be embraced keep you rooted in place, never allowing the creative spark and essence of your leadership to be let free into the world.

The spaces of my containers are about the unbridling of our well worn fears and belief systems that trap our purpose and calling which is desperately yearning to be let out of its cage so it can be expressed and experienced in the world.

Horses - High Res-44.jpg

Are you a woman who runs with horses?

Are you a coach, a healer, an equine guided facilitator, a space holder, who feels held back by her fears that she keeps her purpose and medicine rooted to the ground and caged behind bars of insecurity and self doubt?

Here is what I want you to know…

You have a powerful medicine inside of you that has its own purpose and reason for being.

You are the holder of that medicine and it is your stewardship of that medicine that is essential for allowing it to be owned and felt for those that are calling for it.

In our own fears, we can forget that we hold something sacred within us and that there are others who are seeking and in need of what we have to give them.

Our courage in taking ownership of our innate gifts and the spaces that hold our medicine is an important space for us to be able to tap into.


If you find yourself here on this page it is because…

You feel that you can no longer hide your gifts and the spaces that are yearning to be created around them.

You recognize that the calling to be of service to something greater than yourself is worthy of being listened to.

You are uncertain and perhaps unclear on how to bring your sacred work out in the world in a way that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice to yourself.

You are looking for alignment, courage and a deep knowing of who you are and what medicine you bring to the world.

Even though there is a big space of fear and doubt, you know that deep down now is the time to powerfully claim and give freedom and space to your sacred work and the space of your leadership that holds it.

A gentle reminder…

Sometimes, we feel as if we have all the time in the world, that there is no urgency to the call of courage and stepping into the leading of the purpose that is ours to claim in our lifetime.

But we do.

Procrastination will speak to you that tomorrow you will find courage.

Your soul is speaking to you.

now is your time and you are ready.

35972704_10160439114865153_5686304836094525440_o (1).jpg

What does my 1:1 spaces encompass?

Working with me 1:1 is a journey and experience of creating alignment and clarity in how we master ourselves and the mastery of our business that is the container to our sacred purpose.

The spaces I journey with the women who are called to my mentorship address the following:

Mastery of self and our spaces:

The ability to master our own fears and self doubts.  In the space of self mastery, we are rewiring your internal belief system and alignment and creating the capacity for you to master the places in which you sabotage yourself.

Self Mastery is also about knowing how to hold sacred space for self, where to tend to your own needs, and how to create space for your desires and places of self nourishment.

We are the vessel to our sacred work. If we do not tend to ourselves, our values, and our authentic beliefs, we will not have the capacity to honor the calling of what is ours to lead and create.

The mastery of our spaces, includes our business, our containers and how we hold the space around our clients.  We need to know the structure and foundation that is going to allow us to feel masterful in how we hold all the places we are responsible for when it comes to building the spaces of our purpose led business and the people we are serving through it, or our horses or land if that is what is also encompassed in what you are holding.

When we master our spaces, it transforms from feeling like a burden to a place of liberation and deep fulfillment for us and those it is created for.

Medicine and Containers:

I believe deeply in the power of us knowing our medicine, a Native American term I use as a reflection of knowing our gifts.

For many of the women I partner with, they are diluting their gifts because they can’t witness it.  Or they are creating spaces that don’t resonate with what it is they are actually gifted at.

The containers we create must speak to the depth and power of our medicine and sacred work. It is where when we can own and know the wisdom and gifts we carry and we create containers that speak deeply to those that are created for.

In our time together, you will be supported in creating the containers (my word for offerings) that speak to the depth of how you serve.  This includes knowing who you serve, all the levels of how you serve, and the “signature” offerings that are going to feel inspiring to your clients, but most importantly to you.

If you are not lit up by what you do, if your offerings or containers do not feel life giving to you, then you are not creating in alignment with your medicine or you are not serving who you are meant to serve.

Purpose and Money:

What is your purpose? Do you know what it is? 

Purpose is a term that we often associate with what we do in the world. In my time spent with my clients we are navigating purpose from a different lens.

Knowing our higher purpose, gives us an anchor to overcome our own spaces of fear and to root down into to give us courage of launching our spaces and the greater mission we have for the collective.

Your purpose is a unique blueprint to the alignment of how you live your life and also in the awakening of your contribution to a collective healing and transformation.

Money is a space that many of us have to work through and often becomes a block and a challenger of our ability to share and grow the spaces of our work.  It is an energy that is woven into how we serve and the bigness of what we are being asked to expand into.

How we hold money and relate to it is an important core theme and space we heal and learn how to be in sacred relationship with.

Epona Rise - High Res-11.jpg

The Uniqueness of My Containers:

What is unique about my containers is the incorporation of a retreat and the addition of horse medicine as part of a medium and amplify to our work together.

What is often discovered in the connection to my land and my horses and what is revealed there is far beyond what I can sometimes hold just on my own for my clients.

With horses, we are given a mirror to ourselves that we don’t always get to see with other human beings. How we are witnessed and the feedback we receive is really a powerful place to create from because we trust what we are given with horses.

My retreat space is a place that is part of my own journey of claiming my medicine and big purpose in the world and holds that energy and alignment of the possibilities of us creating and expanding ourselves to believe that our purpose can be greater than what we believe it to be and that it is possible to call that in.

My clients are often inspired by being on my land, being integrated in my own story and journey and the medicine of it and what transpires with the herd in empowerment of their time with us.

You do not have to be a horse person to benefit from the teaching and medicine of them, nor are you required to do a retreat as part of working together.  However I deeply encourage it as it is a big element to the benefit and medicine of the spaces I hold for other women.

Hillary’s mentoring in how to look at business through a spiritual lens has helped me immensely. It is allowing me to create a business that honours my own rhythms and beliefs, and that comes from a deep place of authenticity. Her transparency about the challenges and struggles she has faced, and the way she overcomes these, creates a container that is honest and vulnerable, and gives us tools and an approach that can be moulded for our own situations. My time in Hillary’s program has felt like a time of exploration and expansion into possibility, and very much valuable.
— Wendy Hartley
"I had long desired some space and time to rework my business model and long-term vision. My surroundings, accommodations, the lodge, and the ridiculously good food helped me focus.

I wanted to understand and own my leadership style and map out a business plan that is in sync with the rest of my life–a holistic approach. To me, that was A LOT to accomplish in three days.

Right away, Hillary was able to sort out all of my desired outcomes and helped design a process to make it happen. We co-created a plan that would get me exactly what I needed. I’ve worked with several coaches over the past few years and I’ve gained insights for my business, but I felt like Hillary really got what I do, how I show up, and what I want. She was able to help me uncover my strengths, natural style, and the path to success on my terms.

I was finally able to pull together ideas, concepts, and offerings that I’d been struggling to bring into focus for years. It felt aligned to me, rather than following someone’s step-by-step program. Hillary also shared her entrepreneurial journey which was helpful. Her transparency and generosity are much appreciated.

- Jocelyn Ring
"Hillary offers the gift of a safe place so you can lean into your possibilities. She helped me to see my true strengths (that I once thought of as failure and weakness.) She tells the truth and is as authentic as they come!"

- Holly Anne
"Hillary is a carrier of ancient wisdom. She has such an old soul on an incredible path in this lifetime. She cuts to the heart of each situation with a gentle firmness. She is honest and incredibly grounded and her level of giving is incredible. She's an amazing coach because of her natural understanding of a person's sacred work."

- Jackie Deblasio
"Hillary has this incredible capacity to hold space for the sort of profound transformation that would otherwise be excruciating to get through. She also has this rare ability to reach into one's field and make subtle energetic adjustments or tweaks to help everything fall into alignment.

It's energy work, but there's something about Hillary's approach that focuses more on growth and optimization-- as opposed to healing-- that resonated with me from the beginning. The availability of her horses and their desire to serve is absolute magic."

- Siona Van Dyck
"I felt a little anxious at first. But when Hillary walked into the room it felt like this mist of peace rested over the space. Gently sprinkled with hay and rugged up from the outdoor chill, she looked like an angel. When we hugged I felt the rawness of sisterhood.

I didn't need to say anything to her, she knew, she felt what I was going through... she got it. I felt an amazing moment of release."

- Cate
"Hillary is a bridge to help others discover their strengths & gifts and make the world a better place! She is the perfect combination of spiritual and straight up common sense wisdom for life. She refueled my sensitive spirit by helping me learn to manage my empathy for others without allowing my soul to be sucked dry.

Crazy, enlightened stuff is happening for me. I'm learning about myself and picturing myself in ways I never had before. I am doing the practices she taught me and I'm enjoying the new journey!"

- Danielle Oates
The Four Month to Mastery container has been a deeply nourishing space to be held, heard, witnessed and seen…in the full (often messy) spectrum of what it is to walk this path of sacred leadership & a world hell bent on making us conform to the numbing norm.

Choosing to invest in this mentorship program was a huge leap of faith for me. I’ve fallen into the wounded hands of female business mentors in the past that were so blinded by their own, they could never hope to hold space for mine and honor my own healing & onward journey through that. That leap guided me back to solid ground and helped me re-member to nurture my roots right where I am.

If you’re drawn to working with Hillary, it’s because you have a yearning…a deep ache of inner knowing that just won’t go away, no matter how much you try to trash talk yourself out of it. A heartfelt desire to make a difference in this world…for ourselves, for our horses, for our herd & for this planet. This is the sacred space to hear the whispers of that ancient calling back home to yourself.

Hillary is a grounded, graceful, courageous & wise woman embodying every facet of authentic, healthy, heart-led, feminine leadership…a woman riding her own trail home and creating safe & sacred spaces for us to ride home together.
She has such a nurturing way of reverently rocking you between fierce encouragement and bone deep belief in your purpose, and holding you in the knowing that this work must unfold in the hoof prints of your own unique soul path and timeline.

I have a deep love, respect and admiration for Hillary and her herd (2 legs & 4), the women I have journeyed with in this community and the work we are contributing to raise consciousness of the horse-human potential.
I ride on from this space feeling deeply nourished…a smile in my heart at the renewed sense of my service in this world and the supportive Sisterherd I have to ride alongside.
— Jayne Roberts

Who are my containers for?

My clients are spiritual women who are driven by purpose and are called to occupy more space in their leadership and the creation of their offerings.  

You are seeking a greater clarity in how you serve and what to create around your gifts and a deeper confidence in your ability to lead what is calling you to step into.  You have big visions for your work in the world and want to be supported in manifesting what you need to support it.

The women who are called to work with me are...

They are writers, coaches, mentors, horse women, healers and creators.

They have a value around spirituality, personal development and being of service.

They are looking for a mentor who leads with intuition and woo while being deeply rooted in the practical. 

Is this you?

A little bit about my containers and how my 1:1 mentorship unfolds…

There are three different ways that you can journey with me.  Each container has the option of adding a customized retreat experience to our journey together. Although it is not required, I encourage and empower the addition of a retreat as part of our time together if it is available to you to step into. 

3 Month Mentorship Container:  

This is for women who have a good foundation underneath them, have worked with a mentor before and are looking for a boost and space of wisdom to get them through to their next level of expansion and leadership.

What is included in the 3 month container:

  • In depth welcome packet

  • 1-75 minute discovery session to begin our journey

  • 6- 60 minute coaching sessions

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions

  • Call Recordings

INVESTMENT:  $3000 USD paid in full OR $3500 USD in payment plans.

6 Month Mentorship Container:  

The 6 month mentorship container is for women who are embarking on the path of emerging into their containers and their leadership. You have been operating your business for a couple of years, perhaps not the scope you would like, and are wanting to grow and expand your current practice and also look at a realignment of your offerings and what you are creating in your business.   This is a really great container if you feel as if you are starting from scratch but still have a baseline of having worked with clients and have had signs of success in your business although you are looking to greatly expand that. You are looking for mentorship to help you realign your spaces, gain a deeper clarity in the medicine and strength of how you serve and expand and grow your vision of success.

What is included in the 6 month Container:

  • In depth welcome packet

  • 1 75 minute discovery session

  • 12 60 minute coaching calls

  • Unlimited email support

  • Call recordings

  • Access to any membership sites or group programs that I run during our time together

  • INVESTMENT:  $6000 USD paid in full  OR $6500 USD in payment plans

1 Year Mentorship Program:

Our 1 year mentorship program is a beautiful container for women who are in a space of transition and massive expansion in their personal leadership and also what they are growing in their business.  It is a supportive space, if you are looking for a deep container of support to move you through the all encompassing transition and uplevel and you know you need someone to hold your feet in the fire of your growth and support you in the expansion that is playing out in all levels of your life.

1 Year Mentorship includes:

  • In depth Welcome Packet

  • 24- 60 minute coaching calls 

  • (Plus the addition of emergency support calls as needed)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Call recordings

  • Access to any group programs or courses I create throughout our time together.

INVESTMENT:  $10,000 USD paid in full  OR $12,000 USD in payment plans.

The Addition of A Retreat:

In addition to our over the phone sessions, you have the option of adding a 3-day private retreat experience at our retreat center with the herd to accompany our time together. The space with the horses empowers the experience and brings a potency to our work that is a powerful medicine to join us.  Part of the medicine brought to my spaces is the land, retreat space and the herd. Your retreat includes your accommodation, meals and time and facilitation with the horses. The timing of the retreat in connection to your program will be created between you and I.



ABout Your space holder…

I am a believer of purpose and for us as carriers of it to be supported and held in bringing it out into the world.

I have lived and created my life in connection to what I feel is my calling in the world and continue to deepen myself into that space.

For those who are called to journey with me, I feel it is important to know who I am and the philosophy I bring to the spaces I hold for other women.

I am woo woo and rooted in the practical. As a Taurus, it is a natural part of the make up of who I am to look at how we can ground things in our world.  

I believe in the greater plan of spirit and the divine and the connection to that space is an important co-creator of what we feel called to bring into our world.  I believe in the power of manifestation, our beliefs and what we communicate with our thoughts and energy. I have lived my life over the last 10 years looking to master the place of creation that comes from us knowing how to master our own energy to call in what we desire.

I bought a ranch at 32 years old, a dream come true and a manifestation of a vision I had held as a little girl. I turned this ranch into a retreat center, where I host and lead retreats, trainings and where I co-facilitate with my herd of 28 rescue horses.

I have been mentoring women in the space of purpose and the ownership of it since 2012--- mentoring and coaching  women on their journey of awakening to their gifts.

Along with my coaching, I developed Horse Medicine Leadership which encompasses my training and certification program for those who are drawn to facilitate in the field of equine experiential learning.

I am the eldest of 4 children, and in my lifetime have been a horse breeder, nanny and dog walker.  

I have extensive training in coaching and leadership through CTI (Coach Training Institute) along with 3 years of certification and training in the field of EAL.

I have grown 3 businesses to reach 6 figures in the last 7 years and enjoy supporting other women in growing their version of success in their business.

My philosophy is this...

I believe intuition and listening to our authentic way of being in the world is essential to our success.

We don’t have to compromise or sacrifice ourselves, or any part of our life, for our purpose and places of service.

We have far greater capacity as human beings to create something magnificent far beyond what we believe is possible.

The knowing of our medicine and how to hold it is one of the most sacred gifts we can give to ourselves and the world.

Nothing compares to the spaces that horses and nature can hold for us and the reflection of our own wisdom and soul that is found there.

If you are here, it is because you are being called and I believe that the universe guides us to those who will support that journey of calling so that we can be supported in stepping into it.

I appreciate that an investment in ourselves and our path is a big decision and commitment and I honor the process of exploring if the fit of the support is the right one for where you are right now and if what I offer is something that is going to be of value to you.

To explore if we are a good match to work together, apply for a space below and I will be in touch within 24 hours to set up a time where we can connect around what your vision is and how I think I may be a fit to support it.

I am honored that you found yourself here and I look forward to exploring the journey together.

Love your coach and guide,


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