Unbridling your Strengths

AN EPONA & WyLD Retreat

September 13 - 16, 2018

Join us for a one of a kind experience that blends Positive Psychology and horse wisdom in a transformative 4-day retreat.

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The Experience....

Spend 4 1/2 days discovering the magic of Epona Rise, a retreat center nestled in beautiful mountain landscapes surrounded by thousands of acres of wilderness. You will be transported to a space of inspiration and majesty that will reconnect you to your most wild and intuitive nature.

Each day will be an adventure with Hillary’s herd of 21 horses who serve as your guides and teachers of transformation and reflection. Learn more about your natural strengths and how to put them to use in your everyday life. Give yourself the time and space in nature to pay attention to the inner wisdom and self-healing you may rarely allow yourself.

Previous horse experience is not needed; come as you are!

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The Outcome... 

Increased confidence and trust in one’s strengths, values, and purpose 

Greater spiritual connection to self, nature, and horses  

Rituals and practical strategies for mindfulness, creativity, and reflection in everyday life 


People who know and use their strengths are: 

7.8% more productive in their role

3x as likely to have an excellent quality of life

6x as likely to do what they do best every day


Deeper understanding and clarity in one’s intuition 

Clarity in what path is calling us the most strongly and the trust in our capacity to follow it 

Rewriting our stories that prevent us from living through our most authentic way of being

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A strengths-Based Approach

Every plant has a unique set of medicinal and healing properties; every animal has a unique instinctual pattern for navigation and survival. We, too, are an original--the combined patterns of your mind, body, heart, and personality are matchless. Clifton StrengthsFinder is a research-based tool that identifies people’s naturally recurring talents. Each learning experience is designed to guide you in your discovery and development of your strengths and values.

Together we will go through the following phases:

Name: identify how your strengths show up in various environments (work, school, home, social settings)

Claim: articulate the genius of your strengths, how they contribute to others, what they need to thrive, what gives and what drains your energy

Tame: learn strategies to manage and self-regulate your talent in times of stress and chaos

Aim: apply your strengths towards intentional growth and goals

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What do horses teach us about our intuition?

As prey animals horses must rely on their intuition and sensitivity for survival. They need to know the intent and energy behind everything that comes into their space. This way of being manifests as heightened discernment, fueling their strong fight-or-flight response, and allowing them to be aware of their surroundings. By nature and need, horses are masters of intuition.

Horses feel the energy and respond to it accordingly. Unlike horses, we waste energy on our thoughts, overriding our intuition. Horses act and then think. Humans think and think and think—and then act.

When we interact with horses we are brought into a space of intuition. The sheer presence of horses guide us to be aware of our own presence and energy and begin to understand, listen, and be in-tune with the information that comes from a much wiser part of ourselves: our own intuition. The horse imitates our emotional cues and in turn develops our understanding of how to listen to and communicate through non-verbal means. They are attracted to authenticity and teach us how to shift from ego into alignment of head, heart, and gut. Their gift is in helping us reflect on our own energetic impact on our environments.

All of our activities with the horses are done on the ground so no previous horse experience are necessary. They give us instant feedback that is intuitively driven without the biases or manipulation of ego or agenda. Their gift is in helping us reflect on our own energetic impact on our environments.

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Each day will be guided by The Medicine Wheel, an ancient map based on a circular pattern and cyclical set of four: the four seasons, the four stages of life, and the four psychosocial aspects of a person.The focus is always on the individual. There are as many medicine wheels as there are tribes in this world, and although there are important differences, certain basic aspects are always the same. For centuries, indigenous culture shave used the Medicine Wheel to support change, transition, and rites of passage. It is a way to listen to our oldest selves. This tool helps us to live in harmony with our environment and our own inner nature.

The ancient Medicine Wheel can be best described as a mirror within which everything about the human condition is reflected back to us. It requires courage to look into the mirror and see what is being reflected back. It helps us to see exactly where we are in life and which areas we need to work on and develop in order to realize our full potential.


Your retreat includes:

  • 4-night stay at our beautiful retreat facility
  • Includes a private cabin with an ensuite bathroom, and access to our stunning lodge.
  • Full catered experience tailored to your dietary preferences and needs
  • Customized Top 5 StrengthsFinder report
  • All materials, resources, and facilitation


If flying, fly into Kamloops Airport.

The retreat takes place at Epona Rise Retreat Center, a short 40-minute drive from Kamloops Airport

Travelers will go through either Vancouver or Calgary:

  • We are 4.5 hours from Vancouver
  • 6.5 hour drive from Seattle
  • 55 minute flight from Vancouver or Calgary


Investment: $3500 CDN + Tax
Non refundable Deposit of $750 CDN holds your space with payment plans available for the rest of investment.

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Hillary Schneider

Hillary is a mentor, equine guided facilitator, retreat founder ,and space holder of possibility.

She empowers other visionary’s to bring their medicine, purpose and brilliance to life and stepinto a life of meaning and success that aligns to what speaks to them.

A life long seeker and dreamer, Hillary has spent her own life in pursuit of creating space for a deep calling and purpose of partnership with others to assist others to leave purposeful lives and claim their unique leadership in the world. Her mentorship is a blend of horse mastery and medicine through in person retreat experiences as well as space holding in the online world through her own wisdom and intuition of how she is called to serve her clients.

She is the founder and CEO of Epona Rise Retreat Center, a space that is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters personal growth, leadership development through the wisdom of horses and nature.

She has been facilitating and mentoring women and men on the path of purpose and leadership since 2010.

Hillary’s background includes extensive training in both the human development field through Coach Training Institute and 3 years of in depth training and certification in the field of equine facilitated coaching and leadership.


Kristin Meek

Kristin is the CEO and founder of WYLD Leadership, a boutique coaching company that guides individuals, teams, and businesses in the intentional design of how they spend their time, use their talents, build a tribe, and personalize their environments. WYLD is about finding the internal compass within yourself or your business. It is about quieting society’s chaos and incessant chatter that influences us to steer our lives or businesses according to cultural expectations, norms and pacing. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Wyoming and the resources within yourself to build the life you want, WYLD is about learning to see and feel what’s already within you. Undomesticated, free, autonomous, and creative, WYLD serves people of all ages and industries.

As a coach and teacher, Kristin leans on various disciplines to guide her work, including positive psychology, Clifton StrengthsFinder™, neuroscience, anthropology, and eco-psychology. Fusing the teachings and applications of ancient wisdom and modern science, Kristin coaches the whole person. Every session is customized to the unique needs of that client.

Prior to founding WYLD, Kristin had a decade long career at Gallup, consulting with Fortune 500 companies, universities, and public school districts across the country. Additionally, Kristin served as Director of The Clifton Foundation, under the Gallup umbrella, which focuses on identifying and developing the strengths of young people. Kristin has led over 2,000 people to know and grow their talents towards their purpose and pursuit of happiness and has worked with 100+ management teams to build cultures where teams increase their engagement and productivity through maximizing individuals' strengths and values.

Kristin is a Gallup Strengths Coach, and a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) 300+hours certification. She holds a BA in Psychology from Duke and a MA in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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