A big portion of the delivery of our work as EAL facilitators is in the delivery and offering of retreats and workshops.

Creating a workshop that is compelling for our clients, filling it and then delivering a powerful experience for our participants is required in order for us to find success in our practice.


In this EAL Faciliator Training series, we will cover:

Creating a powerful retreat or workshop experience for our participants.

This includes, knowing our ideal clients and what theme to create around our retreat so that it is easy to fill.

Designing our workshop or retreat.

What exercises to include that will be the most impactful and valuable for our clients.  Designing our retreat also includes what prep do we need to do in order to support ourselves through the process of facilitation.

Marketing and Pricing Our Retreat.

How do we communicate our workshop or retreat and price it in a way that is going to be supportive for ourselves and affordable for our clients?  Marketing and Pricing is also a really fundamental piece to the successful filling of our retreats or workshops.

The Space we require as a facilitator.

What we often forget when we are leading a workshop or retreat is the space that we require as a facilitator, In this portion, I will break down, how do we avoid burnout, what we need to think about our own process, and how to hold a confident mindset in the delivery of our experiences with our herd.

Involving our horses and empowering the partnership with our herd.

The last piece of this training series is going to be speaking about how we involve our horse or horses that you will be partnering with as part of the delivery of our retreats and how to empower our partnership with them in the experiences we create in our retreats or workshops.


If you are struggling with filling your workshops or retreats...

If you experience burnout or depletion after or during your retreat or workshops...

If you are uncertain what to design, how to price or communicate your workshops or retreats...

If you are wanting to create a powerful experience for your clients that has them return and come back to your experiences every year...

This training series will be an impactful and powerful series to take part in.


About Your Mentor…

_DCS2160 (1).jpg

I have been learning workshops and retreats since 2010 in the field of equine assisted learning and coaching.

I successfully run an 80 acre retreat facility home to a herd of 27 horses, where I regularly host retreats that fill and have people travel from all over to attend them.

I understand the unique challenges that come with inviting and having people enroll in the experiences we create with our herd. The work that we do with horses is powerful, and it is also something that can be challenging to communicate and have people excited to sign up.

I also appreciate the work that goes into holding spaces with our herd, creating powerful experiences for people, without depleting ourselves in the process.

How the training series unfolds and what is included…

This is a training series that is delivered in 4 parts, breaking down all the components above on how we create and fill our workshop and retreat.

Each training call is 75 minutes long and will be delivered over Zoom.

A private Facebook group is created for call recordings and to get access to Hillary as your mentor for the entirety of the month.

You will also get me to help with your retreat outline, copy and marketing, and pricing insight for your retreat or workshop, plus feedback on anything to support your future workshops or retreats

You will get access to the training material and recordings and have them for life. The training can be applied to any workshop or retreat you are thinking of holding in the future.

We Begin the Journey on Monday August 12th.

Our training calls will be scheduled once the space is filled to accommodate those that will be participating.

Your Investment:

$197 USD

or 2 payments of $100 USD

OR VIP Enrollment:

Includes a private 60 minute mentorship session with me for a deeper and more personalized support for development of your retreats and workshops.

$397 USD

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