What Are You Choosing?

A word about choosing.

I had several conversations with clients and future clients about the choices we empower in our lives.

When we are trying to decide what is the “right” thing to do and we are looking for signs to decide, how do we know what choice is the one the we should choose?


An exercise:

I don’t think that our choices are really about what is right or wrong, but more about whether we are in alignment or not.

And how do we know we are in our alignment? 

We first have to identify and decide what that is.

When I am feeling uncertain about something, whether that is about a life decision or a business decision, one of the things I often come back to is this:

Where is my alignment? If I am feeling murky about it, then I need to create time and space to get clear on what I am feeling murky about.

Where I start…

What feels like a really good space for my to lead from right now?

What am I wanting to empower in my life and how I want to feel?

Do I want things to feel spacious, or full, or both?

Do I seek ease and softness, or am I wanting the hustle and fast and exciting adventures of life?

Am I wanting positivity and soulful relationships that feel empowering to me?

Am I wanting a deeper space of purpose to hold around myself?


And another place of intention.

What is my soul wanting for me?

We can often try to make choices from our minds or fears not realizing it but whatever we spend time in we are essentially choosing.

Something I like to be thoughtful for myself and holding space to seek out in silence:

What am I truly desiring for myself and my life right now?

And then I write and I create clarity around what alignment feels to me in the moment and from there I can make a decision.

Sometimes when the decision is feeling murky it is because the alignment isn’t there.

Seek first the alignment and then align your choices to that place.

Uncertainty can just be pointing us towards choosing the clarity we wish to hold for ourselves and the place we want to create from.

Try that and see if choosing becomes a little bit more easier to lean into.

Your coach and guide,

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