Can you really make a living following your passion?

There are mixed views around whether following or being in pursuit of your passion can lead to a thriving life and business.

And I wanted to be able to speak to the YES of “can you really make a living following your passion?” Because, you totally can.

Before I go on I want to share a bit about who I am…

I am a dreamer and pursuer of purpose. I have been so my entire life; from a young age I developed a passion for horses, and later on for personal growth and development.

My whole life I have been in pursuit of creating a life reflective of purpose, where I was passionate about what I did.

I have been relentless and persistent with the vision and I am in deep gratitude to be able to have done that.

At 33 years old I live on an 80 acre ranch surrounded by the beautiful a beautiful mountain range - an almost exact reflection of a dream I had since I was little girl.

I have 15 horses who live as close to wild as possible on 50 acres with each other in a happy herd setting.  I have a thriving coaching practice where I get to hold space for others to step into what calls to them deeply and have the courage to do, in purpose, in medicine and most importantly in thriving.

I have made the six figures and have built it around what calls deeply to me, what I am passionate about and what feels purposeful to me.

A life of worth, of meaning and fulfillment to me looked like my work was sacred, my business encompassed my purpose and my passion weaved it’s way into every aspect of my life.

I won’t lie and say it has been easy because it hasn’t. There have been many times I felt the lone believer of what I knew deep within me was possible.

I still had to become comfortable with finances and business plans (the practical and logical aspects of running a business).

But I have always held onto with - a vice grip of fierceness - that passion and purpose can be what I build my life around, because that is what living on purpose means to me.

So, how did I do it?

I believe that there is a difference between being in pursuit of our passions and in pursuit of our purpose. I am passionate about horses, but a life with just horses is not my purpose.

I reflected and spent years searching for a career that felt meaningful to me and having the courage to look at where I could hold space alongside with it. I had to let myself acknowledge and recognize my own capacity to hold space for my purpose and my dreams first. And that turned out to look like spending years honing my craft, refining, and asking the right questions - including how to hold the intention of creating a thriving practice alongside what lit me up.

There were times where I wasn’t supporting myself and making a living following my passion, where I was creating more and more debt even alongside a beautiful facility and a herd of 8 horses.

There was a time I was too afraid to step into creating a coaching practice, because I didn’t believe I could help anyone, and I convinced myself through thoughts that I most definitely could not create a practice around purpose or “woo,” or speaking of the things that lit me up and in turn being able to hold space for the conversation of purpose for others.

There were times I was in denial of my space within my own business, where I excluded myself from the picture and conversation, lacking the confidence in my ability to build something sustainable and worthy.

There were times that I was deeply afraid I was delusional, that I was too much of a dreamer and would never be able to achieve what I held secretly within me.

I won’t lie when I say that it hasn’t been work. I have been walking this path for years, really since I was a girl I immersed myself in my field before I stepped into it as coach, trainer and leader. I spent years on my own with horses, in reflection, working on myself in personal growth, and investing in my own self awareness where I wasn’t making money at all.

And yet I persisted, I held the vision, I did not lose faith, completely.

Can you really make a living following your passion?

Yes you can… and it’s not the only ingredient in the equation, you must be willing to expand your awareness of yourself in connection to your passion, acknowledging your gifts and strengths alongside with it.

You must spend time honing your craft, understanding the in’s and out’s of where you feel called, getting curious to what is the purpose underneath this passion.

You have to have courage, to be able to put yourself forward and be in pursuit of something greater, to hold the space of possibilities and belief for yourself, surround yourself with people who empower and believe in you, and to find the endurance to keep walking and holding the vision of your path.

You gotta do the work, everyday. The inner work and the steps towards what you are creating externally need constant attention in order for you to be willing to get uncomfortable and stretch yourself when it feels too overwhelming or daunting or hard.

You have to be willing to take risks, to invest, to ask yourself what is greater than your fear of failure. For me, I was more afraid to getting to the end of my life without having been in pursuit of anything and having regrets than to fear the failure.

You have to have a strong sense of self, to be committed and hold conviction in your purpose. I often say it is not that we are not clear, it is sometimes that we are not holding the right questions or we don’t have the courage to see the clarity of our paths and our purpose.

Because we know, inside we know what our purpose is, we know what our strengths are, we know what our gifts can be in relationship to our passion, we are just afraid of seeing them.

Because in seeing them it means we can’t excuse ourselves from living it, and we have to muster up the courage and the energy to be in pursuit of something, that we can’t hide from ourselves and the world anymore and we can’t deny the existence of purpose in our lives.

It is not an easy path although I do believe it is the one that is more fulfilling, that leads to not just the fulfillment of our desire to thrive externally but the deep fulfillment that comes from when we hold space and move towards the call of our purpose.

The truth is…

I live a deeply meaningful life. I have moments where I am honestly in disbelief of where I am - it feels like it didn’t happen quickly at all and then I look in amazement at where I am at just 33 years old.

I have sacrificed, I have stayed the course, when it felt easy and when it felt cloudy and hard.

But always I held this belief.

I can… and I am going to show others that it is possible.

I can’t give you a simple formula that says do this and you will create a thriving life of passion and purpose but I do want to tell you it is possible.

I am living it….

And I hold it for others.


One of the things I am deeply passionate about is holding powerful spaces for my clients to  find clarity in their purpose and pursue it with courage and with confidence. This year I created a year long container for women who are ready to take the leap into the greatest potential of their purpose, their thriving and their brilliance. Including a powerful 4 day retreat with the horses and year full of group and private coaching, the medicine women unbridled sacred mastermind is my most transformative program yet. We begin February 1st and we still have two spaces available, if you are called we would love to have you join us. Discover more and apply by visiting this link

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