Inside of each of us is an innate potential.

To grow this potential requires us to be fully aware and awakened to it. I’m sure you’ve found yourself lost in your human mind, listening to false beliefs and holding a focus on your flaws or seeking perfectionism. As a result, many of us are blind to our own true nature and brilliance, thereby not able to fully witness or create from the pure essence of our potential and gifts.

If we are constantly doubting, ruminating and in question of who we are Being in the world, we rob others of the experience of our gifts and in turn their transformation.

It is from this place of heightened awareness where we create the greatest impact in the lives of ourselves and others. .To serve at our highest potential we need to be able to bear witness and take ownership of our own uniqueness. This world, our world, needs you awakened to your full potential!

The Awakened Possibilities Retreat is an enlightened experience where you are given opportunities to see and map your potential and the possibilities of the expression of it in both your own personal experience of yourself and how you serve or are in relationship with others.

When we are awakened to who we are and fully aware of what potential lies within us, the possibilities are truly endless!


Horse Wisdom…

Horses are pure mirrors. They sense and read energy at the deepest of levels and in their interactions with us can give us the feedback we need to witness ourselves without the baggage and filters we receive from one another.

Horses, as mindfulness teachers give us access to our soul, and to the potential of our gifts. They provide a trusting and powerful opportunity for us to know ourselves beyond the ego or suppressed definition of ourselves that most of us live within.

The uniqueness of this retreat is the blend of horse wisdom, as teachers and co-facilitators, and part of the experience, where we look to the wisdom of the horse to show us who we truly are, viscerally awakening us to our unique set of gifts and strengths in a way that we can witness and absorb.

Together, we will be guiding you into powerful practices of how to apply this horse wisdom both to your own internal transformation and to how we hold space when facilitating with others.

What is unique about the Awakened Possibilities Retreat and what we experience with horses or equine facilitation is that it is not found in any of our human to human teachings or interactions.

The horses take us on a journey of self-awareness like no other while illuminating our blindspots. They provide us with perspectives (feedback) that is pure and free of agenda, assumptions or ego. They empower us to fully embrace and embody our authentic way of living, teaching, loving and living this life we’ve been gifted with.


Limit your potential no longer…

“Come to our field of dreams, where we lay down judgement…..

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

There is a field. We’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other”

doesn’t make any sense.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doorsill

where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.

Don’t go back to sleep.
— Rumi

Limit your potential no longer.

If you are ready to be awakened to your potential, we would love to welcome you to claim a space at this retreat.

Love Hillary, Sue and the Herd


How the retreat unfolds:

You arrive on Friday by 3pm when we will begin our evening session and opening to our retreat.

On Saturday, our retreat will begin at 9:30 and complete by 4:00pm with a fire ceremony to follow our dinner. Our day will be a combination of equine guided activities and impactful facilitated experiences to assist the intention and theme of the retreat.

Sunday, we will begin at 9:30 am and complete by 3:00pm

The retreat includes:

  • 3 nights accommodation in a private cabin

  • Full catered meals

  • 2.5 days of equine guided coaching and facilitation experiences.

  • A shuttle to and from the ranch if you are flying in


ABout Your Facilitators…

Hillary Schneider


Hillary brings 9 years of experience of guiding women in the space of horses and through her own mentorship for women who are called to the path of purpose.  She has led thousands of women online and in-person spaces with the assistance and guidance of horse medicine and her own intuitive experiences. Hillary is passionate about awakening women in their potential and their purpose and believes that our power lies in being able to embrace and learn from our shadows and our wounding.  She believes in the potential of who we are as creators and seeks to remind those that seek her out what their true possibility in life and in purpose can be about. She runs an 80-acre retreat center (home to 27 rescue horses) where she guides, trains and teaches other women to step into their own places of purpose and leadership to honor what they are here to do in the world.  

Sue Jordan

headshot sue (1).png

Sue is a leadership coach, equine guided facilitator and founder of Unbridling your Leadership. She has also founded the Equine Partnership Project, a cause to raise awareness to the profound relationships horses have partnered with us humans on to serve our growth while being life partners and endeared companions to many of us. Sue has an extensive background in business and entrepreneurial ventures and currently is responsible for Business Development in Western NA for The Coaches Training Institute. A lifelong lover of nature, animals, and especially horses, a Horsewoman! She is blending her business, professional leadership and coach training backgrounds and bridging the horses into her work with her clients for their personal leadership development and growth through the applied and experiential wisdom of the herd.

When: September 27-29th 2019

Where: Epona Rise Retreat Center

Investment: $2000 CDN + Tax

(payment plans are available)

Due to the intimate nature of this retreat, space is limited.

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