Ever since I was a little girl I have had a deep rooted calling of purpose, a stirring within me to find what I was meant for, feeling deeply the connection to something that was greater than myself.

As a young woman I struggled deeply with finding my authentic voice and the bravery to hold it, I was often confronted with fears and projections of being too out there, too woo, and too sensitive. It took me years to find the courage to step out boldly in the world to share my message and my authenticity of magic, woo, and inspiration through the deep relationship and majesty of the horse.

I believe deeply in the journey we take to reclaim and witness the strength of our own passions, gifts and purpose, and the growth we go through to be courageous enough to hold it, to create through it and step into the full potential of what it is meant to be for us and others.

Horses and their medicine were a guide for me, a gateway and a place where I always found myself rooted into my authenticity, being reminded of my true purpose here in this body and on this earth.  They gave me a place to witness myself in a more pure and empowered way.  Reminding me of my strength of vision, conviction and endurance to get where I am today.

I didn't strive to be an entrepreneur, my passions for horses and the purpose  I found in them lead me to create sacred containers of my work that manifested itself in a business.

With a deep understanding and appreciation of what it means for us as mentors, guides, purpose holders and facilitators, in our quest to honour the calling of our purpose and sacred leadership in the world, I seek to remind and empower my clients in the worthiness of their vision, their gifts and their courage to create great things through their purpose on earth.  Breaking through the barriers of our fears and doubts that have kept us  stuck for too long can no longer be an excuse for us to hide our purpose and our brilliance, the time to unleash your leadership and your gifts and experience the fulfillment of what comes with that starts now.





Currently I reside and create from a beautiful 80 acre property in a valley north of Kamloops British Columbia with my herd of 21 wise equine teachers, most of which I have rescued to give a second purpose to.  Our ranch is a retreat for those that are seeking to have a transformative experience to witness their own magic, get clarity of their purpose and know more deeply their gifts and what it looks like to create space of abundance around them.. In the space of our valley and our herd we create experiences that are catered to the uniqueness of our clients and those that are drawn and called to the medicine of horses, and myself.

The journey to get here, living my dreams and purpose with clarity and conviction was not easy, I believe in and know the courage and perseverance it takes to stand in something deeper than what we could have believed for ourselves and to be in pursuit of something greater that speaks to us.

We coach and mentor through our own experience of living deeply in tune with our purpose and the journey that it actually takes for us to create and step into the reality of our sacred work in the world.  And it is a path that we continue to grow and evolve into each and everyday.

On a personal note

I am the eldest of 4 girls born in Montreal and raised in beautiful Dundas, Ontario. I have been a pursuer of purpose my entire life and my journey has taken me across my native country of Canada 7 times, finally settling in the beauty of British Columbia, Canada. I went to college to be a horse breeder, I have been a nanny, dog walker, intuitive card reader  before finally bringing all of my talents into the spaces I now hold in my coaching both online in person with my herd.  Along with my herd of 19 rescue horses, I share my life with two dogs Odin and Luca, and Luna the Cat.  I am an INFP, Enneagram 4, classic introvert that prefers the company of books and nature over the busyness of the crowds. I love to spend my spare time enjoying the medicine of my horses and the land we now call home.  

Trainings and Certifications

  • Equine Science Production and Breeding Diploma from Olds College
  • Coaching Training and Leadership Development through the Coach Training Institute
  • Certified Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Practioner through FEEL from Horse Spirit Connections
  • Certified Equine Assisted Personal Development through the mentorship of Chris Irwin
  • 8-month Apprenticeship in Equine Guided Coaching with Wisdom Horse Coaching in Minnesota
  • Intuitive Development Certification through the mentorship of Hannelore
  • 7 years as a Coach and Equine Guided Faclitator
  • 5 years as a full time Retreat Owner and Entrepreneur
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