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Women Who Run with Horses

1 month Immersive


Are you a woman entrepreneur who finds herself currently struggling in her practice? 

Perhaps you find yourself in a space of transition in your business, or you have recently gone through something that has rocked your confidence in your leadership and also in your offerings?

The 1 month immersive was designed to give you a quick and powerful shift, giving clarity and movement to where you are currently feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your business and how you are serving your clients.

Sometimes we need a sounding board to help us navigate through where we are seeking clarity or to find with certainty where we are holding ourselves back. We can’t identify where expansion is wanting to take place and we want someone to help us give ourselves a much needed boost of confidence in our ability to hold the transitions and amplifications of our work that is calling to us to step into.


What we cover during our time together:

The current landscape of your business:

What is feeling in alignment and what is not. Who are you serving? Is there a disconnect in your audience and community or confusion in who you serve or wanting to serve?

Your offerings:

What do you currently offer in your business to your clients? Is it serving them or you? Why or why not? We will look at where your offerings are wanting to potentially evolve and what is needed from you to evolve them.

Your messaging and community:

What aspect of your message is getting lost in your work or diluting through your fear? This part of our time together will be looking over your core messaging and what is missing, or that you are hiding which is impacting how your community is able to connect with you.  

Inner Landscaping and Mindset Work:

How we view or hold ourselves in relationship to our work, where has our confidence has taken a hit and where are we self sabotaging our efforts with our beliefs and our thoughts.  The inner work is a core aspect of what I hold space for with my clients. We will be addressing this piece alongside of the external pieces during our month long immersive.

Integration and Walking Out Our Visions:

The last part of our time together is speaking about how we are going to integrate our work together and map out a plan of inspired action that will leave you with knowing how you are going to bring out what we uncovered during our month long journey into practical action that you feel confident and inspired about taking.


Why a month?

I have done single sessions before and most often the way those go is we get through a lot of content in a call and then you are on your own in the integration of it, or we find that more comes up and we are out of time.

The reason why I offer a month long immersive instead of just a single session is because I want you to be successful in the integration of what we cover on the content and make sure we are able to get through the full range of what you are needing in support.

When we are integrating a new belief or service, we are building confidence around our ability to initiate. Having someone who is holding a space for you in a container that extends over more than 1 session is providing you with the support necessary to create the shifts and deeper success you are seeking.

And I have a desire to give my clients as much depth of support that I can give them in whatever container I am creating for them.

Your month long immersive includes:

(4) 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls

Unlimited email support during the month

Call Recordings


Who is this container for?

The month long immersion is for seasoned entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches and facilitators, who have put in already a foundation of work around the building of their business and have been leading and facilitating their spaces for some time. 

This is not a beginner immersive, rather it is for those that have had some experience in their business already and are just simply needing some support to help navigate the shifts they are feeling in their spaces and within themselves.  

This is also a really wonderful container if you have worked with me before and you are looking for a tune up.

If you are wanting some help to even begin to step into building your own practice and transition into it, we recommend our longer mentorship programs to support you in that process.

I’ve worked with Hillary for several years and with her guidance, I’m successfully doing work I’ve dreamed of. Yet, recently, I felt a shift in my business which left me confused as how to navigate through it. Hillary’s one month immersive was exactly what I needed to get the clarity I was desperately seeking. In our month together, we were able to bust through my fears and iron out a new offering. Her wisdom, experience, and mentoring are invaluable to me. It’s so reassuring to know Hillary always has my back when I need her help to get through some of my business challenges.
— Julie Sczerbinski, Founder of Magic Tree Sanctuary



Hillary Schneider

Hillary Schneider is a coach, mentor, equine guided facilitator and retreat founder.  Her passion for her horses has been the catalyst for her success and is a space she is deeply passionate about empowering for those that are called to the partnership of horses. A life long horse woman, her background includes over 20 years in the horse industry accompanied with 12 years in the fiend of personal growth and leadership development which manifest in how she has worked with clients for the last 10 years. She currently owns and runs a 80 acre retreat facility, where she partners with her herd of 20 rescue horses, where she trains those called to this work, facilitates group and private retreats for her clients that travel all over the world to come and work with her, and mentors both equine facilitators and women entrepreneurs to empower their leadership through what they feel is their higher calling in life.


Your Investment: $750 USD


Add a Horse Retreat:

30652559_10160184756030153_1064286621001580544_o (1).jpg

Horse retreats are powerful to add alongside our work together in order to amplify our experience and deepen the content into your body. Horses give us the opportunity to have an experience that lands deeply with us, not just in our logic but in our full being. When we are looking to embody a transformation or transition in how we are holding our work, it is powerful to feel it deeply in our body.

A retreat inclusion will give you 2 days with the horses, accommodation, meals, and bonus coaching alongside of the immersive to integrate what shows up with the herd and to get some accountability and support in pulling what we tend to forward into application.

Powerful coaching with horse wisdom for action and vision that will then transpire into your business and in your leadership.

Add a 2 day horse retreat: $2500 USD includes accommodation and meals and 5 hours per day of coaching and facilitation with the herd.

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