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November 2-4, 2018


The Women who Run with Horses Retreat is a 3 day immersive journey into the clarity and certainty of our path of purpose and where the medicine of horses are calling us to claim it more deeply.


Are you a woman who is seeking a deeper clarity of her purpose and vision of it?

Looking to reclaim a sense of empowerment and confidence in how you move through the world?

Seeking guidance on the next leg of your journey as you contemplate taking big leaps forward towards something that is calling you deeply?

Drawn in by the medicine and essence of horses and curious as to what wisdom they have to offer you on the current path you are moving towards?



Where you find yourself:

There comes moments in our lives where we find ourselves in a space of desiring deep reflection and clarity on the purpose of our lives.

Where we know there is something deeper calling to us but we are just not quite sure what it is.

Or we are rooted deeply by fear and are looking to feel empowered beyond where we keep ourselves stuck in places we know are not serving us.

This retreat is a calling forth, a reminder of your certainty and courage to move towards what calls to you to hold in life.

It is about finding time in stillness with the majesty and wisdom of horses in a stunning landscape that strips us beyond the noise of the world so we can hear the direction of our soul.






During this retreat you will be embraced by the wild and inspiring landscape of nature and a majestic herd of horses situated in a beautiful valley on an 80 acre retreat facility. A perfect backdrop for us being able to really tune into our inner wildness and the direction our soul is calling us.


THe inclusion of horses... and why.

Horses are an archetype and symbol of freedom and power, they remind us of our own wildness and purity of our soul. When we are with horses we are naturally taken into a space beyond our egos and fears, self limits and destructive patterning so we can witness and be moved by the magnificence of our souls.

Each horse in our herd carries a medicine, there is meaning behind which horse approaches you and why. Our time with our herd is at liberty, in a space of 50 acres where you will witness the magic of being chosen by a horse and where that mirrors a part of your own soul to you.

Your time with our herd is done on the ground, engaging in a deep and soulful connection with them as a metaphor of touching the depth of our own wild hearts and soul. Due to this nature of experience do not fear if you do not have horse experience or background, as it is not necessary to be included or experience the richness of our wise herd of equine teachers. 

Horses are the mirror to soul, bringing life back to our creativity, our wildness and our deep authentic truths.

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You will leave this retreat feeling:

  • Clear and certain on what direction of purpose is speaking to you.
  • Empowered and Confident in your ability to continue journey forward..
  • Connected to a wiser aspect of self that has been seeking you out.
  • Recharged and Rejuvenated finding a space that will support nurturing for your heart, body, mind and soul.
  • A deep knowing of your power and where it is wanting to be felt more deeply in your life and within yourself.
  • Inspired and cleansed, knowing with deeper clarity the journey you are currently on and where it is guiding you.

If  you feel called to touch the places of purpose, the medicine of horses and be guided to a journey where you will be reconnected to a deeper aspect to yourself that is calling you forth.

This is the retreat for you…
and we would be honored to welcome you to the space with us.



We begin our mornings at 9:30 am and will complete our days at 4:30pm

Lunch is served at 12 with an early dinner at 6pm.

There will be space before and after dinner to process, connect and have further guidance in your experience.

The fullness of your retreat includes...

4 nights accommodation in your own private cabin

3 full healthy and nourishing catered meals

full day experiences with the horses and in facilitation of your creativity


Photo Mementos of your time with us.

Special Spirit of the Herd Jewelry piece to bring the horse medicine back with you.

Pre and Post Support to integrate your time here with the herd

shuttle to and from the ranch

*All of our interactions are done on the ground so there is no previous horse experience that is necessary. Many of our participants that are called to the experience with our herd come with little or no horse background. Our experience with them is geared towards both the expert and the beginner as this is a soulful relationship and connection we are facilitating with them.*


Invesment (CDN)

Includes accommodation, meals and shuttle to and from the ranch.

$2200 + tax


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$500 non-refundable deposit to book your spot.
Payment plans can be arranged for remainder of the payment.

*Full payment is due 30 days before the retreat, 30 day cancellation applies to all of our retreats, meaning if you have to cancel for a reason you will receive full refund minus deposit if notice is given before 30 days before  retreat date. You may forward your retreat deposit forward to a future retreat if you need to cancel after the 30 day mark.

How to book:

Email: to enquire about the retreat and available spaces



Epona Rise Ranch is located 40 minutes from the city of Kamloops, British Columbia; 4.5 hours from Vancouver, British Columbia; 6.5 hours from Calgary, Alberta; and 6 hours from Seattle, Washington. We are in a unique location that allows us to be accessible from a variety of major city centers.

We are 40 minutes from the Kamloops airport. Airport shuttles are provided upon request to the ranch.


Epona Rise Retreat Center:

An 80 acre ranch in the picturesque Heffley Creek Valley, north of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Along with the beauty of our acreage, our ranch comes complete with a stunning guest lodge, catering, industrial kitchen, gorgeous rustic rooms with custom wood furnishings, and a herd of horses that easily add to the magic and experiences at our facility.



“I came to the Horse Medicine retreat needing some clarity. I had reached a point in my professional and personal life where I felt like I was stuck in the rat race, and lost sight of my true values and beliefs. Anxiety kept creeping up, and at times I found it difficult to breathe. The constant mental chatter and negative self-talk were both mentally and physically exhausting. When I first arrived at the ranch, it was clear that the space was magical. Hillary has a way of making all people feel welcome, even though we had never met one another. The entire experience was deeply profound and one I will never forget. The horses allow you to gain perspective in life and to remind yourself of what is truly important. I left feeling lighter and with a great sense of peace. Hillary’s wisdom and life experiences are remarkable. I would strongly recommend this retreat for other women who are looking to feel empowered.”

Beth Saunders
I spent 2 days with Hillary and her horses; the transformation that has occurred from my time with her is profound. She is a gifted coach who can get to the root of issues quickly and in a manner that is respectful providing a safe place to be vulnerable and dive deep. Once we landed on an issue that needed some work and shifting, we were off to spend time with the herd and let them do their magic.
I learned how horses work through energy and the distance they pick up on one’s energy was eye opening. They respond to whatever you are projecting and I’m still amazed at the impact our energy has on the world around us. It was something I knew, but actually seeing the horses respond and to the degree to which our energy reaches out into the world has changed the way I think and communicate. Standing out in the field for me working on trust, support and love was literally seeing the divine in the physical realm.
I am grateful for the time I shared with Hillary and her herd. Their impact has deeply connected me to the world around and within me. An absolutely life changing experience.

I went to a retreat the first part of September in Kamloops. I was very excited to be going even though I knew there was an art component. You see, “art” and I are not a thing. I kind of thought I would go for a walk or something while everyone else painted. That was my concept, others would and could paint, I can’t and won’t!!!! Off we went to the retreat, lovely venue, lovely people, amazing food. I fell in love with the intention of bringing forth a greater good for myself which will ultimately bring forth a greater good for those around me. I fell in love with the “knowing” that I am a creative being. I believe I am a spiritual being having a physical experience and there is sooooo much to explore and learn and do. I have been painting every day off I have and I am having joy, joy was not in my vocabulary for a very long time.

Judy Mayotte
Painting my Priestess was transformational beyond anything I could have imagined. I did not fancy myself adept at painting (exact opposite) I had lots of stories of how uncreative I am. This workshop undid so many limiting beliefs I held. I feel more available to my creativity and I am blown away at my final result. Thank you Jackie. I can’t wait to attend another!


Meet The Herd:

Epona Rise Retreat Center is home to a herd of 20 beautiful horses. What sets this herd apart is not only their backgrounds and where they have come from, but also why they chose to be doing this work, at this space. Every horse at Epona Rise comes with a story and what we call a medicine. When it comes to rescue horses (and the horse industry in general), when a horse is rescued and enters a life away from cruelty- we believe there is a magic there. Somehow, the horse is guided towards a different life. Our herd holds a diversity in ages, breeds, stories and offerings. Many of them rescued, we treat the horses very differently to the standard relationship at Epona Risa. When horses are offered the option to “work” every single day, and given the space to be who they are, a different dynamic comes into play around how they show up and how they are able to support us.

Meet the whole herd here


Hillary Schneider

Hillary Schneider is a mentor, equine guided facilitator, retreat founder and space holder of possibility.  

She empowers other visionary’s to bring their medicine, purpose and brilliance to life and step into a life of meaning and success that aligns to what speaks to them.  

A life long seeker and dreamer, Hillary has spent her own life in pursuit of creating space for a deep calling and purpose of partnership with others to assist others to leave purposeful lives and claim their unique leadership in the world.

Her mentorship is a blend of horse mastery and medicine through in person retreat experiences as well as space holding in the online world through her own wisdom and intuition of how she is called to serve her clients.

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