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Hi, I'm Hillary

It is not by accident you found yourself here, I believe we are all guided to the places we need to be when the time is right. When Medicine is required to move us to the next step on our journey.

I believe that each of us holds a medicine, a natural essence and mastery that we are meant to share and create through in the world.

My path has been one of seeking out the courage to create through my own medicine to inspire others to do the same.

I coach and mentor, often in partnership with my horses to call my clients forward and remind them of their own importance and journey of purpose and medicine.

We are not here to simply exist, but to share what we have been gifted to create and lead others through our own medicine. There is great courage that exists in the journey of us witnessing our own brilliance, beyond our perception of fear, so that we may step into honouring a greater calling and leadership we were meant to have through our medicine and the gift of what we bring to the lives of those that are seeking us out.

My own journey is one of giving permission to my own dreams that has lead to the manifestation of a beautiful ranch of 80 acres and a partnership with horse medicine so I may model to those that resonate with our teaching what it feels like for us to really anchor deeply into what we were are called to in this lifetime.





Are you a creative visionary who has big work to do in this lifetime, but often gets blown off course by scattered focus and confidence? 

Then you’re in the right place. 


You don't need another Guru...

You need you.

You need to uncover the wisdom you’ve buried under years of stress, obligations, and emotional complication.

You need to get real with what you want and what’s currently blocking you from it.

We’ll show you. And it will feel like the puzzle pieces of your life have all fallen into place.

Then, you’ll rise up and meet your potential…

With newfound confidence.
With unshakable focus.
With practices that keep you anchored into your self.
With a plan that feels true to you.
With support that is gentle, firm, and above all…experienced.

My clients learn how to get clear and anchor into their most infinite, authentic selves beyond their shadows of doubt and fear so they can finally step into creating and holding spaces of their natural mastery, medicine and leadership.


Epona Rise Retreats

The elegant ranch where all of our on-site program magic happens, in beautiful British Columbia!

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