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There are moments and times where we need a container held for us and our visions to empower them to come to fruition beyond what we believe is possible.

Visionary retreats are created for Visionaries that are ready to hold space for and birth their next big vision out into the world and are wanting an inspired space to:

  • Get clear on their next big vision of their purpose and sacred work.
  • Get grounded on what the steps are to make their highest vision a reality.
  • Get beyond any fears or limitations that may be delaying the creation of their vision.
  • Get confident in their ability to hold and manifest the vision that is calling them…. NOW.
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As visionaries... 

Our gift is in the ability to feel and to see the next vision, the next evolution and feel the threads before they happen.

The challenge can be grounding that vision into reality, breaking it down into concrete steps without losing your inspiration that you started with and separating the difference between fantasy and the real big dreams we are being called to hold space for.

When we are called we must answer...

 If you are feeling the nudge and pull of the next big vision of your purpose and your business, that is seeking you out,...

The Visionary retreat  is a beautiful space to clear any noise that may be getting in the way of you creating the space to see the fullness of the vision and to witness who you need to be to hold it.

During this retreat, we create space to...

  • pull the fullness of your vision to life
  •  ground it into practical steps so you know how you are going to make it a reality.
  •  hold space for you, the visionary and creator to nurture the needed confidence and trust in your ability to bring it to life.
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Where the retreat is held…

You spend 2 days with me surrounded by a lush and majestic valley surrounded by mountains on 80 acres of inspiring landscape.

The ranch holds a special magic and force, as it is the vision of my own purpose that manifested into form during the winter of 2015.  It is here you get an opportunity to feel the tangibles of what it feels and looks like to bring our grand visions of our life, business and purpose into reality.

Your facilitation is held with a masterful herd of 14 horses that will  expertly call you forth, mirror your greatest brilliance and champion you to overcome your fears that may be holding you back from giving full life force to this new vision.

Each day we spend 6 hours with the herd and I in facilitation:

  • Uncovering the deeper pieces  and clarity of your vision.
  • Creating a map and intuitive strategy around steps, outlook and outcome to making your big vision a reality.
  • Doing your inner work: preparing the landscape of you to birth the vision, cutting through the fears and making way for your full potential as the doula of your big vision.
  • Anchoring in the purpose and foundations behind the vision to ensure it has a foundation to manifest it’s way into the world and you have what you need to hold it.
  • Accessing your unique pathway to the successful manifestation of your vision and it’s impact.
  • Self Mastery: A big aspect of our ability to give life to our vision comes with our ability to master our fears, doubts and insecurities that come up to challenge us along the way, we do that here amidst the masterful facilitation of the herd.
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Your retreat includes:

  • Up to 4 nights accommodation
  • Fully catered healthy and soulful meals
  • 6 hours of facilitation a day
  • Private cabin in a beautiful setting for reflection, inspiration and integration
  • 1 month of coaching post retreat
  • Shuttle to and from the ranch

About the Ranch:

Our Ranch is located on a stunning 80-acre backdrop in a valley in the mountains north of Kamloops, British Columbia.

Surrounded by thousands of acres of crown land our ranch is both wild and soulful in creating the perfect backdrop for holding the space for the grandness of our visions.

A beautiful creek runs through our property making way for many meditative spaces on the land to drop into a deeper clarity and listening of ourselves and wisdom the land has to give us in support of our visioning process.

40 minutes from the airport and the city of Kamloops our ranch boasts both the beauty of feeling remote with a perfect retreat experience.

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Magic! There is magic and magnificence everywhere at Epona-Rise!! Hillary is the connection - the gateway through which the horses and the land speak. The messages are deep and powerful and opened up places in me I had no idea were there. I walked away from the weekend wiser, with tangible tools and techniques to take back into my life and with a peaceful inner smile because I have been shown that there is magic everywhere......if you will only choose to see it!
— Sarah Kelly

Visionary retreats:

* For the individual or partnership custom created to your unique process

  • 2.5 days 
  • 12 hours of masterful facilitation with myself and the herd (value $6000)
  • Accommodation, meals and shuttle and full shut down of our facility for the privacy of our time together (value $3800)
  • 1 month of coaching post experience for assurance and integration of our work together (value $1500)
  • In depth welcome and visioning packet (value $500)

Full Value of Visioning Retreat: $11,800

Your investment: $5500 CDN (payment plans provided)

The Visionary Retreat  is certain to a powerful experience that will leave you  excited and inspired about the direction your life, purpose and business is leading you, and most importantly confident in your ability to see it through and make it a reality.

We look forward to meeting you in the space of your greatest visions and dreams and being your partner in creating the pathway and opportunity to making it made manifest in your life.

** 5 spaces available for  visionary retreats in 2017. 
Now booking into May. **

To explore if a visionary retreat is perfect for you and where you are, apply below.

The experience has far exceeded my expectations. Hillary Schneider holds a big space for everyone to step into their highest embodiment of their purpose.The work she does with the horses is magical beyond words and the space is so gorgeous in itself.

When you are in Hillary Schneiders presence you will feel deeply seen and she also has a very calming, grounding presence.

If you are ready to embrace more of your own magic or connect more with your intuition, and visionary abilities I highly recommend doing a retreat with Hillary Schneider, I know I will be back and this is something that will stay with me for a lifetime.
— Dana Kalin | Intuitive Business Coach
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I felt the magic of Epona as soon as I arrived, but it was the next morning, when it was quiet except for a few birds and I was walking through the mist that I experienced the depth of the place. I could talk about the gorgeous lodge where we lounged for hours and soaked up the sun or the cabins that had everything we needed and where I slept like a baby. But the space you’ve created is so much more than amenities and structures. It has heart and soul. It’s sprinkled with a rare sort of still, deep magic. I felt more connected to my heart walking those fields than I had in months. The time we spent with the horses showed me things about myself and my impact in an immediate, profound way. I still think about it, months later. And more than that, I live it. That’s the power of your work, Hillary. It sinks into the bones and becomes a part of anyone who experiences it.
— Rian Kerfoot |

About Hillary:


Hillary is a visionary, coach, equine guided facilitator and CEO of Epona Rise Retreat Center.

A lifelong dreamer and pursuer of higher calling, she has lead her life in belief of her potential to bring life to her own visions and purpose beyond what she initially believed was possible.

At  32 years old, she manifested the biggest vision of her life in a beautiful 80 acre ranch and stepped into fulfilling her purpose of having a space for her herd, work and a retreat where others could come to touch the magnificence of their own brilliance.


I’ve worked with several coaches over the past few years and I’ve gained insights for my business, but I felt like Hillary really got what I do, how I show up and what I want. She was able to help me uncover my strengths, natural style and the path to success on my terms. This is rare. She really is a unicorn.

One of the reasons I chose to work with Hillary was for the work with the horses. As a lifelong equestrian, I know the power of these animals, their sensitive nature and the connection they have with humans. This was an entirely new facet, though. It was fascinating to see how the horses can help you see the lens through which you view the world and offer a different perspective in a non-threatening way. Hillary’s observations and powerful questions facilitated some big ahas.

I discovered that I have several beliefs about myself that needed some adjustment. Because the learning was experiential with the horses, I feel like those lessons have really stuck. I learned about connection and leadership and have taken those lessons home and I use them daily. I can’t remember another time that learning has resulted in an ongoing shift and continued learning.

Again, Hillary was able to take what happened in the sessions with the horses and apply that to the coaching and planning work away from the horses. Everything felt custom-tailored to me and it felt like I was finally able to pull together ideas, concepts and offerings that I’d been struggling to connect for years. It felt aligned to me, rather than following someone’s step by step program. Hillary also shared her entrepreneurial journey which was helpful for me. I learn by hearing about other’s experiences. Her transparency and generosity are much appreciated.

The peacefulness and spaciousness of the retreat center are a big part of why we accomplished so much in three days. I’m still so excited about what we mapped out: my leadership styles, my business and life vision, programs, pricing, messaging, marketing (in a way that works for me) and a plan to bring all of this to life. Again, these are things I’ve been wanting to have for years–and we did it in three days. We’re just beginning our work together, but I feel like I’ve got incredible support and that what emerges over the next few months will support me, my business and vision for years to come.
— Jocelyn Ring | Branding & Business Strategy + Visual Facilitation |

To explore if a visionary retreat is perfect for you and where you are, apply below.

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