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Luminary Leadership Circle

10 months • 2 retreats


Close your eyes and imagine, what would you do if you knew you would not fail?


How would you make your impact in the world?

What is something so big that it literally takes your breath away and makes your heart sing with connection?

If you are energized with possibility and hope from answering those questions, welcome.

This page has found you for a reason.

Globally, we’re starting to re-define leadership. A definition that’s not about ego-power, or position, but one that’s about connection, purpose and heart. Real leadership is about personal power, connection and purpose; influence is an outcome.

This begs the question where to start.

You’ve done some work, you are aware of your gifts, yet the path ahead remains unclear.




In your soul, you’ve always felt the higher call to serve.

People come to you for advice, even those you barely know, and you always know how to help. It’s not your darkness that scares you most, it’s your potential, and your light. 

As women, we are particularly challenged; be assertive yet kind, set boundaries but always be willing to help, be a caretaker and be strong, speak our truth but be careful not to offend anyone, empower others but don’t give our power away, be humble, be kind and be bold. With all these pressures and contradictions, no wonder the path remains unclear. 

Still, you know there’s more potential inside you yet to be discovered, a potential that’s pure, authentic and is infinite.  

There is a rumbling in your soul. At first it was a whisper, with time it’s become a roar. You feel called to so much more.

There is a leader in all of us waiting to be uncovered. Powerful transformation does not need to take years, just commitment.

Are you ready to set yourself truly free and step into the leader that your soul has always known?


Together we’ll explore pillars of leadership...

... including leading authentically, becoming aware and letting go of fear, the role vulnerability plays and stepping into our true, real power. 

The journey we’ll go one is about discovering and uncovering true potential.

In our ten months together we’ll connect virtually and in person at the ranch.

We’ll hold a mirror up to where we play small, champion each other and our dreams, understand our own authentic leadership style step into it courageously, into the field of pure potentiality. 

We’ll understand how to hold space for ourselves and each other in a way that feels true; and how to be in relationship with another, intimately and through partnership, that is in balance and met.


The first half of our time together starts with the theme: Leading with Self.

We dive deep and discover blind spots, understand our impact, our unique gifts, our authentic leadership style and how we get in our own way. This is all about waking up to our own power and building courage to BE in that power.   

The second half of our program’s theme: Leadership with Other.

We explore the fears that surface around being out of balance, either too much, or not enough, and how our unhealed aspects of ourselves are projected and manifested in relationship. Particularly as women, there are so many stories we tell ourselves and own unconsciously that impacts our relationship.


A brief overview:

10 Months
2 retreats, each 5 days. One in the spring, one fall both at the ranch with our equine teachers.
A private call each month  
A Mastermind group call each month
A Braintrust call each month



  • Several powerful transformations and a new, more authentic way to live, love and lead. 
  • A community of other women who are leaders in their field. Collaboration. Relationships built through mutual admiration, respect, and hard work. 
  • Tools, models and new skills that can be shared with your companies, teams and communities.
  • An experience that will unlock skills and ways of being that you never knew existed.
  • Develop and understand your authentic style and natural strength as a leader.
  • Move past any fears and insecurities around how you lead that may be preventing you from showing up powerfully as who you are as a leader.
  • Anchor in a new vision of your leadership and where it is taking you that is more deeply aligned to how you naturally create.
  • Transform any limiting beliefs you have about yourself, your leadership and who you need to lead as in order to be effective.
  • Understanding the most common places as women we hold ourselves back as leaders and what to do about it.
  • Strengthen your abilities to hold solid boundaries, empower your authentic voice and feel empowered about asserting your vision and strengths in leadership.
  • Empower and understand how to apply feminine energy in our leadership and amplify our natural gifts as women.

There are moments where we called deeply to rise more authentically in our leadership.


Where we are conscious nad witness to there is a pull and a need to change how we are showing up in relationship to ourselves, our natural strengths, our relationships and where we are being asked to step into a higher level of leadership.

As women, there are common themes in which we can find ourselves bumping up against…. 

What is unique about this mastermind:


The inclusion of the space of our in person retreats and the inclusion of our horse partners.

Horses offer us a space to be witnessed in a pure setting, where bias, judgement and filters don’t exist.

Where we will be offered a place of feedback that allows us not just to witness or speak about where we are being called forth, or we can with concept begin to understand our unique strengths as a leader but to actually have the opportunity to practice them and experience the impact of it.

There are countless benefits I received in looking back on my time with Kimberly. Kim once asked me, “What would happen if you trusted yourself 10% more?” I have carried that sentiment with me, like a mantra.

Kim encouraged me to leave my comfort zone, insisting that is “where the magic happens”.

Kim’s authentic, heartfelt approach to personal development prepares you for the unavoidable grit of the necessary self work. If you want the rainbow, you gotta make it through the rain.
— Tyler
Hillary is a bridge to help others discover their strengths & gifts and make the world a better place! She is the perfect combination of spiritual and straight up common sense wisdom for life. She refueled my sensitive spirit by helping me learn to manage my empathy for others without allowing my soul to be sucked dry.

Crazy, enlightened stuff is happening for me. I’m learning about myself and picturing myself in ways I never had before. I am doing the practices she taught me and I’m enjoying the new journey!
— Danielle Oates
Kim helped me clarify what I was doing, for whom I was doing it, and helped me identify my “why” to keep me on track.

She has helped me with my own personal confidence and how it greatly influences the work I do and the products that I put out.

The biggest benefit I received was clarity that I was making the right decisions, even if they seemed small and insignificant.
— Kelsie | Get With It Nutrition
Hillary is a carrier of ancient wisdom. She has such an old soul on an incredible path in this lifetime. She cuts to the heart of each situation with a gentle firmness. She is honest and incredibly grounded and her level of giving is incredible. She’s an amazing coach because of her natural understanding of a person’s sacred work.
— Jackie Deblasio

It can be difficult sometimes for us to get pure feedback that we can hear, or be illuminated to where our own blind spots and insecurities are.  Knowing where the disconnect around how we are showing up or what we hold around our own vision and power can be confusing for us to discern on our own.

But we won’t ignore what a horse mirrors to us, we are able to with horses much able receive and be witness to ourselves in way that speaks to the authenticity of who we are as leaders and as conscious human beings.

The horses will teach us in our time with them, how to empower our authentic way of leadership, read the space around our own energy and those around us, understand where information comes from within us, judgement vs intuition, and transform any misconceptions we have around who we think we need to be as leader.

All of our experiences with the horses are done on the ground, there is no previous horse experience necessary to benefit or be empowered by the experience with them.



Kimberley McAdams

Kimberley, owner of Infinite Potential Coaching and Leadership, has been through a lot of change lately on the journey towards her dream. It all started two years ago. She felt stuck. Stuck in a job that had elements she enjoyed but knew she was capable of so much more. Stuck in a four year relationship with a great man, but knew in her soul he wasn’t the one. And stuck in a city she felt she didn’t quite fit into. She didn’t know what she wanted or where to start, so she hired a coach.

Through a lot of hard work and personal development she realized her passion and purpose, helping others live the life they were meant to live. In the last year she has managed to leave that relationship, pick up and move to Calgary, travel to Central America, leave her salaried job as a restaurant manager and start her company. All in the pursuit of her dream, being a coach and speaker.

If she can do it, you can too. And no one says you have to do it alone.
Previous to her coaching career she was in hospitality for 15 years, including 7 years in management, and has supported literally hundreds of young adults unsure of their path. She has helped them realize their infinite potential and put together an action plan to live it.


Hillary Schneider

Hillary Schneider is a mentor, equine guided facilitator, retreat founder and space holder of possibility.  

She empowers other visionary’s to bring their medicine, purpose and brilliance to life and step into a life of meaning and success that aligns to what speaks to them.  

A life long seeker and dreamer, Hillary has spent her own life in pursuit of creating space for a deep calling and purpose of partnership with others to assist others to leave purposeful lives and claim their unique leadership in the world.

Her mentorship is a blend of horse mastery and medicine through in person retreat experiences as well as space holding in the online world through her own wisdom and intuition of how she is called to serve her clients.

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