November 1st - 3rd, 2019

Dear sacred woman,

Did you know that within you, lives a sacred essence, a gift and unique energy that belongs to you?

Do you know what that essence is? Are you aware of your sacred medicine?

What is medicine?

The concept of medicine is from Native American traditions, the belief that all life carries medicine that can be used to heal and transform.

Plants, animals, and all life has medicine.

Including us.

The journey of finding your medicine is an exploration and an awakening to the belief that you carry a medicine within you.

Our medicine is the gift to the world. It is woven into how we impact others and also what we can tap into in order to give to ourselves.

Our medicine is a catalyst for others and is also an anchor that we can tap into to move ourselves beyond the places we get stuck in fear and paralysis.

Knowing our medicine and how it is felt in the world is powerful.  When we know what our unique space is, we are empowered in utilizing that in how we interconnect to people in our lives, and also in the form our gifts take in the world.


Horses for years have been interwoven in Native American tradition as a powerful ally and medicine and symbol for human beings.

As women who run with horses, you are a woman who feels the draw and connection to the spirit of the horses, recognizing the kindred space that is held with them.

With horses, we are given an access point to our authenticity and our medicine. They provide a mirror to us, an opportunity to witness ourselves in the purity of who we are.

We partner with the horses in sacred partnership and symbolism of how they mirror our medicine so we can more deeply see it.

The finding of our medicine is a sacred journey which we hold in connection to the medicine of our land and the horses.  

Each day, you will be guided in reflection and time with the herd in a small circle of like-minded women, who will provide clarity and direction around the knowing of your unique medicine and the form that it wishes to currently be expressed in the world.

Alongside the finding of your medicine, you will also be given powerful tools and a guide on how to connect to your medicine for your own benefit on what you are seeking to hold for yourself in your life.


How the retreat unfolds:

We will gather on Friday, November 1st at 3:00pm for an opening circle, fire and introduction to the concept of medicine and how we connect with it.

On Saturday, we will begin our immersion with the herd navigating around finding our medicine, where it lives in us and unearthing any fears we have around holding it. For many of us, we hold layers of baggage around feeling safe in our essence and gifts and this will be a part of our work.

On Sunday, we will enter into a deep reflective space with the herd, being guided through meditation and experiences with the horses to more fully embody the space of our medicine and gain clarity on how it wants to be expressed in our lives.

Alongside our journey, we will also speak to how we integrate the knowing of our medicine in our everyday world, and what practices we are being encouraged to create to empower the knowing and expression of it.

I came to the Horse Medicine retreat needing some clarity. I had reached a point in my professional and personal life where I felt like I was stuck in the rat race, and lost sight of my true values and beliefs. Anxiety kept creeping up, and at times I found it difficult to breathe. The constant mental chatter and negative self-talk were both mentally and physically exhausting. When I first arrived at the ranch, it was clear that the space was magical. Hillary has a way of making all people feel welcome, even though we had never met one another. The entire experience was deeply profound and one I will never forget. The horses allow you to gain perspective in life and to remind yourself of what is truly important. I left feeling lighter and with a great sense of peace. Hillary’s wisdom and life experiences are remarkable. I would strongly recommend this retreat for other women who are looking to feel empowered.
— Beth Saunders, Montreal Quebec
I came away from a weekend visioning workshop with Hillary at Epona Rise knowing I was about to embark upon an adventure. Reflecting back I knew before I arrived that it was going to lead to a breakthrough. I was on a conscious path of self-awakening, exploring ways of propelling myself into the next phase of life. I was looking for signs from the universe and in the weeks prior, I had received three directing me to spend time with horses. With gratitude I can now say that I am wise enough to recognise and accept some of the signs that come my way.

Hillary’s coaching skills and the work with the horses is a potent combination for drawing out from within ourselves what we need to know or do to break barriers and to move forward.

Being able to interact with the horses in their natural environment in the open field is a beautiful experience. They are the boss of their territory, they are at ease, they do what they want and everything is real. I had a very deep and meaningful experience with two particular horses that had very simple yet profound messages to give me. During the interaction, Hillary had been sitting to the side watching the play unfold and with her intuitive knowledge she was able to add to my interpretation of what had happened in a debrief afterwards.

The next day Hillary had us sit on the land and reflect on our experiences and open up to what our next steps might be. The land sits in a valley surrounded by trees and mountains and a river runs through it.

There is a lot of wildlife there and it is very much alive and I found it too has messages if we sit and listen.

My breakthrough was that I was going to take the sabbatical from work that I had been talking about for over a year. I was so clear and confident about this that the very next day at work I told my boss of my decision. This sabbatical is going to change my life in a big way and I am moving towards it with full commitment and no doubts. The horses reflect back what we are experiencing. We just need to breathe into it, get out of our thoughts and into our feelings and be ready to receive their wisdom. I say to anyone who has an urge to work with Hillary’s horses or even to work with Hilary herself as a coach to do it. I went for it and I rejoice my decision each and every day.
— Tracy, Vancouver BC

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for women who are…

  • On a quest of knowing her gifts more deeply and is curious about finding her medicine.

  • Drawn to the medicine and spirit of the horse and is curious to explore what is waiting to be discovered there.

  • Is feeling unclear about the purpose of her gifts in the world and is wanting clarity around how to express or hold it.

  • Is looking for a way to develop a spiritual practice where she can utilize the gifts of her own being into healing or transformation what is out of alignment in her life.

To know our medicine is one of the most sacred and profound experiences of our lives. It is not just a gift to others but to ourselves.

Horses give us a pathway of knowing who we are, beyond the ego and into the heart and spirit of who we are and what we bring as a gift in this lifetime.

Your medicine is calling you….

Will you answer?

I was feeling on the verge of a transition in my life. I could feel myself ready to both transform and emerge, yet there was a huge part of me that was confused, insecure, and afraid. I knew I was taking a big step somewhere, but I did not know where. I came seeking clarity, direction, and strength. And I got it all, and more. The herd offered a gift of unconditional love and acceptance in such a pure form that I have never felt before. They so gently and with so much support, helped me face with ease the blocks that were in my path and asked nothing of me except to know me and for to be my authentic self. I was reminded of my dreams and shown that they are real, and they do exist in this world. I was shown my path and asked to step into it. A torch was passed to me and I was asked to to take up my role as a leader. My weekend with the herd and Hillary was was a so magical and gift of the highest form. Hillary’s horses are filled with so much love that they continually brought tears to my eyes, not of sadness but of gratitude and humility. The weekend was so magical that part of me is left in disbelief, and so magical that it couldn’t not be real. I left feeling complete.
— Kristin Dyck, Vancouver BC

Women Who Run with Horses:

Finding Our Medicine Retreat

When: November 1st-3rd 2019

Where: Epona Rise Retreat Center: North of Kamloops, BC

What is included:

  • 3 nights accommodation in your own private cabin

  • Healthy and nourishing catered meals

  • 2.5 full days of facilitation and immersion with our herd of wise equine teachers, our healing land and powerful guidance from yours truly.


Investment: $1500 CDN + TAX

To apply or register for a space, sign up with a $500 deposit or contact us for more information.

Due to the intimate nature of the retreat, space is limited.

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