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Imagine what you could achieve if didn't feel held back by your own fears and insecurities. And instead really leaned into the inner belief and knowledge of your natural mastery and leadership to bring life to the purpose and visions that are begging you to be created in this lifetime.


With that kind of clarity, with that level of trust (in yourself and the universe), how would you show up? And how unwavering would you be in your commitment to your purpose?

Most people are unable to do this on their own. Often, they’re not able to do this with traditional coaching or talk therapy. Why? Because their intuition has been conditioned out of them.


This means they hold themselves back in their businesses, relationships, careers, and lives.

They don’t mean to—but residue from past disappointments has formed subconscious stickiness that, over time, created a confusing, fear-based way of being. They simply don’t trust themselves to know what’s best, or to make brave decisions, or to align their lives around what they feel magnetically drawn to.

dear one…
you were meant for so much more.


I’m Hillary Schneider and I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world free themselves from life-long layers of baggage, fear, and doubt—so they can rise up and realize their dreams in with equal parts consciousness and common sense.

My ranch, Epona Rise Retreat, is nestled  in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia where I live with a herd of spirited rescue horses. Our work is dedicated to helping amazing people like you come home to your intuition, purpose and leadership through coaching that is powerfully experiential and deeply spiritual. 

soulful women






If you’re a soulful visionary who has big work to do in this lifetime, but often gets blown off course by scattered focus and confidence, then you’re in the right place. 


My clients go on to write best-selling books, elevate plateaued businesses, start podcasts, create meaningful (and profitable) products, lead teams, attract more clients, sell their art for what it’s truly worth, land speaking gigs, heal relationships, and so much more. Basically, they learn how to overcome lifelong success and money angst and evolve into the kind of fulfilled, aligned, and prosperous adventurers they used to think was beyond their capabilities.

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What you can expect...


The coaching I do with people is profound and potent because it's so different.


I work with the circumstances in your physical world AND I’m able to feel the energetic layers keeping you bound.

Additionally, the addition and inclusion of horse medicine through the experiences I create  on my ranch sense and reflect your issues back to you in a way you have not experienced before. Horses in their natural ability as prey animals, have the sensitivity to feel and read everything that comes into their space, mirroring it back to us in such profound way, we can't not bear witness to what is happening to us on a much deeper level. It’s natural, gentle, and firmly authentic process where you get illuminated to aspects of yourself that you have been either trying to ignore or did not existed. When you can see the psychological and emotional layers holding you back—reflected before your very eyes—by animals who know no other way than to communicate the truth—you’ll experience a clarity and peace that will make your excuses, fears, and confusion instantly fall away and continue to build pathways so they stay away. This is not a passing transformation but one that is lasting and continues to deepen over time.

Very few therapy or coaching journeys feel as powerful.

Once your energetic clutter is peeled back, then it’s time to get to work—navigating your new path with awakened consciousness and common sense.

I’ll help you make a plan and take action. I’ll walk beside you and share my experiences as a master manifestor and heart-based business owner who’s elevated her life and career to levels I used to think were beyond my reach. 


I can help you...

▶︎ Manifest exciting opportunities that are deeply aligned with your purpose in this lifetime

▶︎ Stay aware of and interpret the clues guiding you along your journey

▶︎ Organize and implement a solid plan to move you to your next personal or professional milestone

▶︎ Attract people, clients, and customers into your world

▶︎ Maximize your natural strengths so taking action feels like flow

▶︎ Overcome life-long money blocks

▶︎ Learn to discern what matters to your evolution and what can fall away

▶︎ Lead, guide, and make a meaningful impact in brave new ways that your old self wouldn’t have had the guts to

▶︎ Stay on course and keep moving toward your vision even when life throws you a curveball

▶︎ Create more fulfilling relationships with your friends, family, partner, spouse, coworkers, and customers


I know because I’ve created it for myself and have helped thousands of people just like you create their own spiritual, emotional, and physical freedom as well.

"I had long desired some space and time to rework my business model and long-term vision. My surroundings, accommodations, the lodge, and the ridiculously good food helped me focus.

I wanted to understand and own my leadership style and map out a business plan that is in sync with the rest of my life–a holistic approach. To me, that was A LOT to accomplish in three days.

Right away, Hillary was able to sort out all of my desired outcomes and helped design a process to make it happen. We co-created a plan that would get me exactly what I needed. I’ve worked with several coaches over the past few years and I’ve gained insights for my business, but I felt like Hillary really got what I do, how I show up, and what I want. She was able to help me uncover my strengths, natural style, and the path to success on my terms.

I was finally able to pull together ideas, concepts, and offerings that I’d been struggling to bring into focus for years. It felt aligned to me, rather than following someone’s step-by-step program. Hillary also shared her entrepreneurial journey which was helpful. Her transparency and generosity are much appreciated.

- Jocelyn Ring
"Hillary offers the gift of a safe place so you can lean into your possibilities. She helped me to see my true strengths (that I once thought of as failure and weakness.) She tells the truth and is as authentic as they come!"

- Holly Anne
"Hillary is a carrier of ancient wisdom. She has such an old soul on an incredible path in this lifetime. She cuts to the heart of each situation with a gentle firmness. She is honest and incredibly grounded and her level of giving is incredible. She's an amazing coach because of her natural understanding of a person's sacred work."

- Jackie Deblasio
"Hillary has this incredible capacity to hold space for the sort of profound transformation that would otherwise be excruciating to get through. She also has this rare ability to reach into one's field and make subtle energetic adjustments or tweaks to help everything fall into alignment.

It's energy work, but there's something about Hillary's approach that focuses more on growth and optimization-- as opposed to healing-- that resonated with me from the beginning. The availability of her horses and their desire to serve is absolute magic."

- Siona Van Dyck
"I felt a little anxious at first. But when Hillary walked into the room it felt like this mist of peace rested over the space. Gently sprinkled with hay and rugged up from the outdoor chill, she looked like an angel. When we hugged I felt the rawness of sisterhood.

I didn't need to say anything to her, she knew, she felt what I was going through... she got it. I felt an amazing moment of release."

- Cate
"Hillary is a bridge to help others discover their strengths & gifts and make the world a better place! She is the perfect combination of spiritual and straight up common sense wisdom for life. She refueled my sensitive spirit by helping me learn to manage my empathy for others without allowing my soul to be sucked dry.

Crazy, enlightened stuff is happening for me. I'm learning about myself and picturing myself in ways I never had before. I am doing the practices she taught me and I'm enjoying the new journey!"

- Danielle Oates

It’s time to realize. Release. And root into your deepest truths.

It's time to burn bright. So bright all your cluttered thinking falls away:

Dysfunctional Beliefs.

Approval Addiction.


You need you.

You need to uncover the wisdom you’ve buried under years of stress, obligations, and emotional complication.

You need to get real with what you want and what’s currently blocking you from it.

We’ll show you. And it will feel like the puzzle pieces of your life have all fallen into place.

Then, you’ll rise up and meet your potential…

With newfound confidence.
With unshakable focus.
With practices that keep you anchored into your self.
With a plan that feels true to you.
With support that is gentle, firm, and above all…experienced.

The spaces I hold in partnership with Horse wisdom   is what you have been looking for, but didn’t know existed.


And now that you know, it’ll be hard to sign up for more floundering and figuring things out the slow and frustrating way. Not when there’s a beautiful way to crack your soul open and let its wisdom flow through you with fearless personal precision.


Every day you decide your priorities...

Are you prioritizing staying stuck?

Will playing small and saying "this isn’t practical" to your deepest dreams make you feel invisible and insignificant in this lifetime?

Will it be worth it?


"Despite over 400 hours of coach training and leadership skills, I was still struggling to understand what my form of leadership really is. During the time I spent with Hillary on her gorgeous ranch, my life completely changed.  

When we arrived in the pasture, we sat some distance away from the horses and started talking. I shared how I cannot tolerate women spending their lives playing out the affects of difficult experiences that are long over.

All of a sudden, one horse lifted his head and walked straight up to me, stopping only inches from my legs. Then he put his head directly over mine.  

While we continued talking the horse starting flicking my journal with his nose as if to say, “Are you getting this?”  I didn’t start writing immediately, so that horse gently nudged my head. At that point I started taking notes as our conversation unfolded. 

When we were finished, I asked Hillary about that horse. She replied, “That is Shiva, named after the Hindu God known to be the destroyer of false beliefs.”  

I got it. Then the horse turned and walked away. His job was done.  

That moment was a gift to me—it shined a light on the uncertainty I had around what I speak about. I was flooded with ideas to make it real in my work. 

There were many other circumstances with the horses that brought important lessons to the surface. I learned I needed to stop talking about things and really start doing.

When I returned home I founded The Ellis Institute (www.ellisinstitute.com), begin a daily yoga practice, and finished writing my first book which launched on Amazon in August. I also started my podcast, Clarity Quest, on iTunes and began my Youtube channel.  

In addition, I’ve launched a 12-week companion program to my book which filled for a September launch.

I know, without a doubt, that the decision to work with Hillary and her herd helped me manifest of The Ellis Institute.

My work came to life with passion and total clarity."

-Ciel Ellis


I am dedicated to helping you discover and truly live your adventure...

In ways that positively transform your career, relationships, business, community, and world!

Are you ready?

Let’s do this sacred work together...


I work with three types of people and create custom-tailored coaching experiences for every client:


Entrepreneurs, business owners, and radical visionaries who are ready to move beyond their limitations and expand their impact.

These people are ready to release money blocks, perfectionism, and approval addiction to improve the way they use their intuition to show up, lead, and get things done.


Coaches, healers, authors, speakers, and teachers who nurture other souls and need a sacred space to reconnect and realign with their inner wisdom—to elevate their craft and clarify their path forward.

These people need a deeper perspective and resonance than what they can get in traditional coaching or masterminds.


Equine facilitators who desire mentorship and training.

These people have always felt a spiritual connection to horses and love partnering with them to create deeply transformation and healing experiences for people of all ages. My clients learn how to become better facilitators and steer their businesses with smart planning.

Spiritual  |   Intuitive  |  Practical  |  Grounded

Hillary is able to push and challenge you when needed, but can also be a gentle understanding soul in times of despair. She helps you see through the fog and will walk you through. It’s an incredible journey.
— Kim Grunling

90 Day Immersion

For people who love to go deep quickly and work in condensed bursts. You'll enjoy recorded weekly coaching calls and unlimited email support between sessions.


▶︎ You have been a professional in your career or at the helm of your business for at least two years. 

▶︎ You know that creating personally fulfilling success involves: shifting your perspective, rolling up your sleeves, and putting yourself out there even though your comfort zone may resist.

▶︎ You have a baseline understanding of the work you're passionate about, who you serve, and what you offer.

▶︎ You are not brand new to coaching or investing in your success. You have worked with at least one other mentor or coach in the past. 

▶︎ You are committed to your own growth and are excited to embark upon the next chapter of your personal expansion.



Ready to become more attuned to your purpose?
Ready to attract like-hearted people and opportunities?
Ready to shift the internal beliefs currently holding you back?Ready to speak up and lead with more confidence?


How our time together unfolds:

When we begin you receive a in depth welcome packet which begins our journey of uncovering your strengths, your vision and what is holding you back.

Bi-weekly 60 minute coaching calls.

Call Recordings.

Unlimited email support in between our calls.

Access to a library of courses and content that will empower your journey.

An integration of horse wisdom to aid and amplify our time together.

$3500 CDN

If you'd prefer a payment plan, your 90 Day Immersion  journey will be $4000 —paid in 3 equal payments of $1333.


For visionary leaders who are ready to seriously amplify their work in the world. You'll love the spaciousness and support as you completely evolve your life and business.


▶︎ You have been a professional in your career or at the helm of your business for at least two years. 

▶︎ You have a big vision and calling that you are ready to hold space for—that you know requires deepened focus and elevated manifestation practices.

▶︎ You are ready to address all the layers of shifts that will need to take place—internally and externally.

▶︎ You want to go deep into the core of your spiritual medicine so you can stop feeling intimidated and expand past the edge of your leadership comfort zone.

▶︎ You are seeking a high level of personalized support that will guide you to create by tapping into your intuitive brilliance and mastering your energetic blind spots.


You'll enjoy complete access to my library of online offers.
You'll be enrolled in all of my online programs for one year.
You'll enjoy call recordings to listen to again and again.

You'll receive two additional 90-minute bonus sessions.

How our time together unfolds

A welcome packet to begin our first deep dive 90 minute session to start our journey and map out our time together.

14 60 minute calls to be used bi-weekly or as needed during our time together.

Call Recordings

Unlimited email support between our calls

Access to library of content and courses that will support our time together.

An integration of horse wisdom to aid and amplify our time together.

Automatic inclusion in any online courses I run throughout the year of our time together. 

$6500 CDN

If you'd prefer a payment plan, your 6-month journey will be $7000 —paid in 5 equal payments of $1400.


Add a horse retreat to your experience.

Nothing quite compares to the powerful impact the horses and the space of our land will have on you. Although it is not necessary to add an equine experience through our retreats as part of our time together, we greatly recommend it if you are able to.

Visit our ranch located in gorgeous British Columbia for three soul-quenching days. You'll soak up the peace, comfort, solitude, and support that the wild beauty of our rolling hills offers. You'll also enjoy the wisdom of the herd as well as one-on-one deep-dive sessions will Hillary. You'll unwind—body and soul—as you experience cozy, comfortable accommodations and clean and delicious meals at our lodge. The investment of addition of a retreat includes your time at the ranch, shuttle to our facility from the airport, accomodation in one of our beautiful cabins, and your meals.

Add a horse retreat to your coaching package...

$3000 CDN 

The addition of a horse retreat can be added to your paid-in-full amount or your payment plan.

When I first arrived at the ranch, it was clear that the space was magical. The entire experience was deeply profound and one I will never forget. I left feeling lighter and with a great sense of peace. I would strongly recommend this retreat for other women who are looking to feel empowered.
— Beth Saunders
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