1:1 Equus Coaching

When we find ourselves seeking coaching in the realm with horses, it is because we are looking for a space of honest mirroring and reflection on our pathway to step into a deeper authentic way of leading in our personal and professional worlds.

Equus Coaching for Visionary Women


Women come to me when they are in a space when they have a hit a wall, a breaking point and they feel a nudge that they recognize as something has to shift.

Outdated ways of thinking and creating in their world have become an unwanted distraction and place of frustration.

Or, they recognize that there is an edge they are being pushed towards but feel uncertain and vulnerable as they move forward.

They are women who are seeking to claim a deeper space of authenticity in their world and a claiming of a vision that they can no longer ignore.


How does this show up in their world?

You may find yourself here because…  

Burn out is threatening to consume you, and you lack the discipline and clarity to create the necessary changes to shift that.

You are feeling moved or pulled to a new vision that you know is going to stretch you in your leadership and how you show up in the world, and you recognize you need someone to hold a space for you as you step into it.

You find yourself getting blown off course by your own inner saboteurs, unable to wrangle the thoughts and beliefs that are operating loudly within you that take you away from your path instead of towards it.

You are on the verge of an uplevel and expansion that calls for you to anchor deeply into your values and the innate of your strengths, and you are seeking to be reminded of what those are so you can travel that stairway upwards with a state of grace and connection to what your purpose is.


Does This Sound Familiar to You?

There is a deep unrest in your soul, and also, an anticipation for change that is coming.

You get stuck in your own spaces of self doubt and fear that you procrastinate on taking action towards what you really want to create in your world.  This might be a new program that elevates your strength, raising your rates to reflect your self-worth and value, changing jobs to one that feels more inline with your purpose, developing the content that reflect the wisdom you hold in the world.

You lack boundaries and discipline in your world, letting your energy be consumed by relationships, patterns, tasks that leak energy from you instead of giving back life force to you.

You find that you are lacking the clarity and direction of what to do next, mostly because you are afraid of making the wrong decision, or you lack the belief in your own courage and capacity to step into what is calling you.

You recognize some deep patterns that you keep getting pulled back into that you have been unable to shift.  


Saying yes to things that don’t serve you.

Taking on opportunities, jobs, clients that drain you and move you away from your true vision of purpose.

Receiving feedback that is sometimes shocking to you---the impact you are having is not quite what you want it to be.

Or, you are in a place where you feel that in order to move with the flow in the direction where life is taking you, you need to root down in the soul of what it is.

You lack trust in yourself and your own innate guidance, looking outwards for answers and abandoning the path and wisdom that your own inner being is giving to you.

Living a life that feels like you are constantly shackling your creativity, or showing up in ways that feels confining and restrictive to you.

35972704_10160439114865153_5686304836094525440_o (1).jpg

If you find yourself here, it is because you feel an undeniable calling for change and to step boldly in your vision for your purpose and also your life. A calling that you are feeling both inspired and terrified by.

On some level, you also recognize that the way you are going about creating or living your life is not sustainable for yourself. You are seeking a space of attunement that will allow you to step into a beingness that more deeply resonates to your own nourishment and gives space and courage to where you are being asked to create from a higher vision.

I believe deeply in the potential of who we are as human beings, our capacity to manifest incredible things in our world and also live in a way that creates fulfillment in both our personal and professional spaces.

It is not about sacrifice and abandonment. Rather, it is about the rise of true power and vision so you can align yourself to the highest version of yourself that you are being invited to journey with.  This is the dharma and opportunity to say yes to a space and a pathway that takes you beyond your spaces of limitations and doubts and into creating in alignment with the part of you that sees and knows who she really is.

What is the Power of Equus Coaching?

It is difficult for us to get a pure read on our own energy, to dismantle the beliefs and patterns that seek to bridle us in our lives instead of pointing us towards freedom.

We receive feedback in our world that is biased and filtered---including our own---so it makes it difficult for us to trust what is being reflected back to us.

And we are being fed information that is mostly coming from a place of fear which is given through ego that keeps us in a place of disconnection.

The underlying current of what is driving you is a deep desire to be connected to something different, to be plugged in and connected to a source of wisdom that feels pure, balanced, and creates true wisdom and direction in your life, leadership and space of greater calling and purpose.

Working in the space of horses, and with my coaching, you are given a place of mirroring that is based on the sensitivity and wisdom of soul and energy.

Where we are led back to the places of authenticity within ourselves, given reflection on where we are out of alignment, and led back to a place where we have clarity, discernment and trust with our own intuition and where it is leading us.

Horses are a metaphor and a powerful archetype to partner with. One which awaken us to our true nature, innate strengths and reminds us of the values and beliefs that resonate with our soul and authentic self. When we create and lead from this space, we are empowered, we are clear, we are grounded. We hold sacred boundaries in our lives, we give space to our creativity and we are masters of our ego.


If you guided here, it is because you are ready to be illuminated in your being.

You are ready to shed spaces and places of beliefs and patterns that no longer are serving you, and to claim a deeper capacity and potential of your leadership and the purpose of it in the world. And of course, to claim mastery over yourself.

A container of self mastery.

Real change and transformation begins with our capacity to master our own self.

Whatever discomfort has driven you here...

Whatever new vision you are moving towards...

Whatever power or potential is calling you forward...

You will find it in the space of mastering yourself, and developing a strength of leadership within you, and the ability to powerfully direct that in the world.


My coaching is about building a foundation of strength, vision, authenticity, purpose and trust.

We begin by taking a reflection and read on where you are while peeling back the layers of where you are being called into action towards a higher calling and vision for yourself, your leadership, and your contribution of vision in the world.

You are a woman that recognizes that in order for her to fulfill what it is she is moved to create in the world, she has to also address herself.

The foundation is one that looks at the application of self-mastery so you can master the spaces you are called to hold through where you are called to lead, but also so you can show up in your life in a space that feels more attuned to who you want to be in your day to day world.


Why Equus Coaching?

Here is the reality…

As pure as I try to be for my clients in giving the reflection of themselves, I still have a filter. I have an agenda for you because I take your investment in me seriously.

When we combine the energy of the horse in our work together, we are transcending the human ego to create a container and experience that is pure, that is focused on reading energy that comes without a filter, and that gets right to the core of what holds us back in our lives and in our leadership.

What is unique about my coaching is that it comes with a blending of the potency of horse wisdom and medicine, a space in nature and reflection that is intuitive-based with a practical application to serve the agenda of your soul and where she is driving you.

You get a clarity, a calling forward that is unlike anything you will find out there. With horses and their energy, you get a space where there is no holding back on calling you out with fierce love and holding. It is honest and powerful to see yourself reflected in an energy that sees only who you are, not the labels or incongruencies that you carry within you.

One experience with a horse is transformative, a whole container of being able to deepen into what emerges during our time with them is simply potent

The outcomes you are seeking here are delivered and held so that you hold them not just in an intellectual way, but in your emotional resonance, your mental capacity and mastery, your psychology and physical self that becomes an embodiment of how you show up in the world.

In latent terms…

Together, we don’t just address things on one level. We look to uncover and develop on all places that you occupy ensuring that our time together is something that is long lasting, sustainable and applicable to all places you are seeking to transform.

"I had long desired some space and time to rework my business model and long-term vision. My surroundings, accommodations, the lodge, and the ridiculously good food helped me focus.

I wanted to understand and own my leadership style and map out a business plan that is in sync with the rest of my life–a holistic approach. To me, that was A LOT to accomplish in three days.

Right away, Hillary was able to sort out all of my desired outcomes and helped design a process to make it happen. We co-created a plan that would get me exactly what I needed. I’ve worked with several coaches over the past few years and I’ve gained insights for my business, but I felt like Hillary really got what I do, how I show up, and what I want. She was able to help me uncover my strengths, natural style, and the path to success on my terms.

I was finally able to pull together ideas, concepts, and offerings that I’d been struggling to bring into focus for years. It felt aligned to me, rather than following someone’s step-by-step program. Hillary also shared her entrepreneurial journey which was helpful. Her transparency and generosity are much appreciated.

- Jocelyn Ring
"Hillary offers the gift of a safe place so you can lean into your possibilities. She helped me to see my true strengths (that I once thought of as failure and weakness.) She tells the truth and is as authentic as they come!"

- Holly Anne
"Hillary is a carrier of ancient wisdom. She has such an old soul on an incredible path in this lifetime. She cuts to the heart of each situation with a gentle firmness. She is honest and incredibly grounded and her level of giving is incredible. She's an amazing coach because of her natural understanding of a person's sacred work."

- Jackie Deblasio
"Hillary has this incredible capacity to hold space for the sort of profound transformation that would otherwise be excruciating to get through. She also has this rare ability to reach into one's field and make subtle energetic adjustments or tweaks to help everything fall into alignment.

It's energy work, but there's something about Hillary's approach that focuses more on growth and optimization-- as opposed to healing-- that resonated with me from the beginning. The availability of her horses and their desire to serve is absolute magic."

- Siona Van Dyck
"I felt a little anxious at first. But when Hillary walked into the room it felt like this mist of peace rested over the space. Gently sprinkled with hay and rugged up from the outdoor chill, she looked like an angel. When we hugged I felt the rawness of sisterhood.

I didn't need to say anything to her, she knew, she felt what I was going through... she got it. I felt an amazing moment of release."

- Cate
"Hillary is a bridge to help others discover their strengths & gifts and make the world a better place! She is the perfect combination of spiritual and straight up common sense wisdom for life. She refueled my sensitive spirit by helping me learn to manage my empathy for others without allowing my soul to be sucked dry.

Crazy, enlightened stuff is happening for me. I'm learning about myself and picturing myself in ways I never had before. I am doing the practices she taught me and I'm enjoying the new journey!"

- Danielle Oates

What are the outcomes of my spaces?

There are many crevices and places, I address with my clients because I believe that if we are wanting to create shifts in our external world, we must first look to have them within.

If you are seeking…

To feel more confident in your gifts and in your ability to create spaces around them...

To create and lead programs and spaces that reflect the full potency of your work and talents in the world...

To manifest the big vision you are wanting to move towards and the courage to step into it...

To create harmony in your relationships...

Overcome the pattern of self sacrifice and abandonment...

Source out the connection to a higher power...

Heal your relationship with money and how you interact with it in the world...

Have the courage to be daring in the actions that move you towards the authentic reflection of both your leadership and big vision of your work...

Here are some of the spaces we will explore together…

The Definition of your Authentic Self:

Most of us live and create through our false self, the beliefs and imposed patterns that were given to us as we grew up. In the connection and work around the authentic self, we define what the false self is and move ourselves closer to the voice and place of our authenticity. When we create through our authenticity, we are, in simple terms, happier, more empowered, with a self belief and esteem that can drive any impossible dream or task forward, without thought or abandonment of self.


Most of us have wounds around trust---the trust that we have in ourselves and the trust that we have in the spaces that hold us. We move through our lives wary and guarded so much so that we fail to be open to opportunity, connection and relationship with the world around us. In addressing the core space of trust, we are rewiring our ability to be in right relationship with our world. Instead of contracting or shutting ourselves down from experiences, we open and say yes to them, knowing in our trust, we can do so with discernment of what is empowering for us.


We are highly sensitive and intuitive beings. Most of us, though, are not taught to really listen or to honor our intuition and it can be difficult for us to discern our intuition from our mind. When we are skilled in our empowerment of our intuition, we are certain in our ability to navigate ourselves forward and to find the answer to any question we have. Our time and space and a foundation of our work together is the development and empowerment of your intuitive spaces.


If you find yourself here, it is because there is a vision that is calling you. It can be a vision of your purpose, the gifts that you bring to the world, or it can be the vision you have for yourself. Our capacity to hold a vision, to create space to know one is essential. Our big callings are founded on vision, and it is here, during our time together, that we create space for it to find us and then become a manifestation in our world.

Higher Power:

Spirituality, the divine, our own soul, this energy of a higher power is our sustenance. When we are in partnership with a higher power, we are creating with vision, a higher intelligence and we are deepening our awareness with the co-creation in the world. In the space of higher power, we are learning to lean into this energy, to create with it, and to have it inspire our actions, our words, our creations and also our spaces of nourishment. Higher power is also about learning how to direct our energy in a way that is serving to our intentions instead of moving us away from them.

Sacred Space:

Boundaries are essential. Most of us have an awkward and dysfunctional relationship with them. In the foundation of sacred space, we learn to have boundaries in our relationships, with ourselves, in how we hold the structure of our day and work. Boundaries are a gateway to sacred spaces and deeper connections and healthier interactions with others, our work and our spaces. If depletion, burnout, and being a doormat to others are something that you are constantly trying to breakthrough, the foundation and work we do around sacred space will be life altering for you.


We use the word herd for community. As social beings having a herd is important medicine for us. In the foundation of herd, we are looking to define what our herd is, both in what we need as a person and also who our herd is that we are serving. For the lone traveler, or the hermit, the empowerment of our capacity to empower the space of herd is important for us. Our visions, our leadership, our own well-being is found in this space. In our work here, we look at the wounds we carry around herd and how to heal and empower a new relationship around it.

Innate Talents and Gifts:

The core of our work together is in the uncovering and discovery of the innate talents and gifts that you were born with that you are not yet in alignment or in ownership with. Our capacity to witness ourselves in our own greatness is limited, we shy away from seeing the full potency of who we are, not here. In our time together you will get deeply clear, deeply rooted and take full ownership of the innate talents and gifts that you were born with. When we know our gifts we are confident in our ability to create and lead through them.

While I believe in the uniqueness of each person’s journey, I also really empower the essential philosophy that to empower our work together, we must look at the foundational threads that serve us deeply in our quest of why you were brought here.  

I am not one to keep others in boxes, so there is a fluidity of how we move within this outline and I know becoming strong and balanced in these foundations are going to be deeply profound for our time and space together.


How our time together unfolds…

I work with our clients in 6-month or 1-year intervals, because I believe deeply in spending enough time around and navigating through the application of our work together.

Depending on where you are on the journey, or what feels like a deeply supportive container is where we begin.

A glance at how we work together:

Our journey begins with a 2-hour deep dive session where we look at all the places that are currently in contrast in your experience and where we are called to begin.

Each month, we will meet twice a month for a 60-minute coaching call that comes with a recording. Most of our clients appreciate having our sessions recorded.

Each month, you are also given support via individualized rituals, audio meditations that empower our focus for the month and will give you the in between support between our sessions.

Unlimited emailing in between sessions and the ability to tap into our wisdom when needed over voxer.

In addition to our over the phone sessions, you will also have either 1 or 2 3-day private retreat experience at our retreat center with our herd to accompany our time together. The space with the horses empowers the experience and brings a potency to our work that is a powerful medicine to join us.  Part of the medicine brought to my spaces is the land, retreat space and the herd. Your retreat includes your accommodation, meals and time and facilitation with the horses. The timing of the retreat in connection to your program will be created between you and I.


What Next?

If you find yourself really resonating and feeling deeply moved by the outline of this space, and if you feel strongly that this is exactly the right space you are seeking to have for your next level of growth and evolution, we would love for you to fill out an application.

This container is a deep investment of your time, commitment to your growth and transformation and is reflected in the price of this space as well.  I invite serious inquiries only in the application and for those that are ready for what this space holds.

After I receive an application, I will set up a conversation to make sure the fit aligns with both yourself and I. We can go over any questions that you might have and to speak about the depth and scope of what this space holds for you.

“Despite over 400 hours of coach training and leadership skills, I was still struggling to understand what my form of leadership really is. During the time I spent with Hillary on her gorgeous ranch, my life completely changed.  

When we arrived in the pasture, we sat some distance away from the horses and started talking. I shared how I cannot tolerate women spending their lives playing out the affects of difficult experiences that are long over.

All of a sudden, one horse lifted his head and walked straight up to me, stopping only inches from my legs. Then he put his head directly over mine.  

While we continued talking the horse starting flicking my journal with his nose as if to say, “Are you getting this?”  I didn’t start writing immediately, so that horse gently nudged my head. At that point I started taking notes as our conversation unfolded. 

When we were finished, I asked Hillary about that horse. She replied, “That is Shiva, named after the Hindu God known to be the destroyer of false beliefs.”  

I got it. Then the horse turned and walked away. His job was done.  

That moment was a gift to me—it shined a light on the uncertainty I had around what I speak about. I was flooded with ideas to make it real in my work. 

There were many other circumstances with the horses that brought important lessons to the surface. I learned I needed to stop talking about things and really start doing.

When I returned home I founded The Ellis Institute (www.ellisinstitute.com), begin a daily yoga practice, and finished writing my first book which launched on Amazon in August. I also started my podcast, Clarity Quest, on iTunes and began my Youtube channel.  

In addition, I’ve launched a 12-week companion program to my book which filled for a September launch.

I know, without a doubt, that the decision to work with Hillary and her herd helped me manifest of The Ellis Institute.

My work came to life with passion and total clarity.”
— -Ciel Ellis
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