3 Months of Mentorship and Sharing of How to Build and Craft Success in Your Equine-Based Practice

A unique business-building mentorship for equine facilitators

We were called to partner with horses because we felt and knew the power of this work. Passion lead us to it and continues to inspire us, but passion doesn’t always breed success and empowerment of our vision with our practice.

What I see often in this industry and also in my own time spent mentoring other equine facilitators, we are really great at the passion for this work, but have no idea how to even begin building a business. We are not given those skill sets and tools during our training and the reality is, unless we are able to have the knowledge and awareness to building a business, our passion with the horses is going to stay a side hobby.

This 3-month mentorship container is the first of its running that gives you insight, guidance, mentorship in what it looks like to create a practice that is not only fulfilling in passion but also in the vision you have for your business, and how to build a sustainable practice around working with your fellow equine counterparts.



What makes me a mentor of this space:


I spent 4 years in training in the field of equine experiential learning beginning in 2006 after being lead to the space in search of a way to be with horses that was honoring to both horse and human.

Once I got out of training, I discovered that creating a practice with these animals was a whole different beast and I had to figure out how I was going to be able to support myself through the calling and vision with horses.  

I spent the first 4 years doing sessions on the side while still having a part time job because I simply was not making the money I needed to sustain it.

In 2011 I jumped in with both feet to seriously see if I could build my life around this incredible work. It was much harder than I realized and I quickly learned that my passion for the power of this work was not enough in itself to create a sustainable business.

It took to where I was looking at a harsh reality of losing my facility and my herd before I took a look at the business development piece of my practice. I wasn't ready to let my dream and passion die because I couldn't build a business around it.

Fast forward to 2 years later...

My practice now finds itself situated on a beautiful 80-acre retreat ranch, with a herd of 16 rescue horses that are the focal point of not just the fulfillment of a higher calling but also in the fulfillment of how I continue to be able to support my dream with working with these amazing animals.


I have been running retreats both groups and privates with my herd for 7 years, and have successfully integrated their presence into all of the spaces I am called to hold with my clients and has lead to a growth of a 6-figure business for the last 3 years that is centered around the space with the horses.

The horses have been my gateway to success and fulfillment, and can be for you as well.

I know how impactful this work can be and I also know how overwhelming it is to develop something that speaks to both the impact of this work and supports our dreams of doing it full time or in addition to what we have going on in our professional lives.

This Mentorship space was created to give you the tools and the vision of business development that have worked successfully for me so you can also succeed in your equine practice both in the inner fulfillment and in the financial stability of it.  Because I know how deeply this work is necessary in the world and also how challenging it can be to master both our purpose and our business in this space.


What this container is:

It is 3 months of me giving you everything from the structures and systems of running an equine practice, to developing your unique vision of the work, creating retreats, messaging and the deepening of our intuitive and deeper boundaries and communication with our horses.

This is both a practical and intuitively guided container that gives you access to myself as a mentor to help you succeed in creating more growth in your practice or getting it off the ground.


Some of what we will cover during our time together:

Module 1:

The foundation of our business plan and a vision of sustainability.  Taking a high level view of our current practice and where we need to adjust it to create success. This module will walk you through how to create a business plan and map out how you are going to sustain your practice.

Module 2:

Offerings, adjustments and pricing. Most likely after we sink into module 1 we will discover there are some new offerings and adjustments to make on how we are packaging our work both with who we are serving, what we are offering and what our price points need to be to support our practice. Each person will get both individual attention in this module so we can craft a practice that feels aligned and congruent to what space you uniquely hold with the horses.

Module 3:

Crafting our message and anchoring our purpose with the horses.  Communicating what this work is can be one of the most difficult things in this industry. In module 3 we take a look at messaging, communication and how to language and speak to the work we do with the horses in your unique and specific tone and purpose that you are called to voice through your own partnership with the horses.

Module 4:

Marketing and finding clients. Where do we find our clients? Where do we market? What marketing do we need in order to succeed? How much should we invest in our marketing. What is marketing? Module 4 is all about the structure and understanding of how we practically and intuitively align ourselves to our market to fill our practice

Module 5:

Doing the inner work. Confidence, certainty and clarity in ourselves as a facilitator in this work, our ability to empower our spaces and feel good about enrolling clients is all connected to us doing our inner work and looking at how we feel in relationship to not just being a facilitator but a builder of our business and practice.

Module 6:

Partnerships, alliances, insurance and boundaries. What partnership are going to be powerful for us in the building and sustaining of our practice, what boundaries do we need to put in place with our clients to ensure our practice stays enjoyable and empowering for us and we avoid the burnout.

Module 7:

Our Equine Partners: Who are our equine partners? How do we deepen our relationship with them to empower our content? What other exercises can we be incorporating into our practice from our horses? How do we call our herd into our practice and choose the horses that will want to partner with us? How do we know what the medicine of our horses are and empower their wisdom in our facilitation?


Private Facebook Group with recorded calls and videos for you to come back to, download and take with you beyond our time together.

This is where you get access to me as your mentor with any questions, and also access to all the modules and videos that will deepen our content and time together.


What you receive:

  • Monthly Q&A calls and weekly videos
  • Access to me as your mentor for any questions and content that I can give to you to empower your practice and your ability to create form to the vision you have for it
  • Connection with a like-minded tribe of equine practitioners for continued community and support
  • 1 75 minute 1:1 call with me to further empower your practice 


$697 USD for the entire 3 months and lifetime access to the program


1:1 Mentorship Upgrade:

Includes an additional two 1:1 sessions with Hillary for personal attention to your equine practice and coaching include any specialized support with your retreats, workshops and getting your practice off the ground.

$997 USD

* We begin mONDAY MAY 7th, 2018 *

*All content will be recorded and accessible so making it live to our calls is not a necessity. You will have the opportunity to tag me or submit questions for the content and you will have access to all content, recordings and videos for your lifetime.

*Need a payment plan? We are deeply passionate about supporting others in their equine practice. If you know you need the support of this space but require a payment plan on either option, please speak to us about how we can create one for you: hillary@epona-rise-retreats.com


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