Women Who Run with Horses

Equine Guided Leadership Certification and Mentorship Program


Women have been drawn to the energy and soul of horses for a long time.

A recognition of the power and transformation that is found in the presence of a horse.

As a little girl I too felt the call and draw to horses. I felt at home with horses, and my authenticity was found when I was with them.

Growing up spending time with horses as much as I could, and then later on feeling called to the path of becoming a horse breeder, I was drawn in by what happened when I spent time with them.

A part of me knew my purpose would be connected to horses somehow. I thought it was in the breeding shed, but after years there I recognized it was something deeper.

I left the breeding shed with a desire of doing some fulfilling with horses, that honored them and honored others. I knew there was something potent about horses, and I was called to find a way to share and hold that space for others.

In 2006 I found myself in a transition in my life, after leaving the breeding industry and stepping into following a path of becoming a coach and facilitating personal growth, I entered into a training with the Coach Training Institute, where all I could talk about was the horses.

During one of my training workshops a woman approached me to share about these 2 women that were doing coaching with horses, and then I found the book the Tao of Equus and I thought to myself, “This is it.”

I spent the next 3 years diving deep into becoming certified in the field of equine experiential learning and development.

I studied and was influenced by Eagala, Chris Irwin, Linda Kohanov, Wisdom Horse Coaching, and lastly, Horse Spirit Connections.

I dedicated 3 years learning from others that were doing this work, honing my craft, and calling to the partnership of horses.

Since 2009 I have been facilitating in partnership with horses that has to lead to me now running my own 80-acre retreat facility, with a herd of 21 horses and having spent the last 4 years training and mentoring other women that are called to the partnership of these amazing animals.

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What is unique about our training?

We have spent the last 12 years in the industry, both training and facilitating in this growing field of Equine Facilitated Learning, or what we like to call Equine Guided Leadership, and have crafted a training that encompasses what we feel we would have loved to receive from a training when we started back those 12 years ago.

We bring as a teacher and a mentor over 20 years in the equine industry and 10 in the field of personal growth and development as a facilitator and coach.

We have been trained in both coaching and leadership development, and a whole lot of spiritual development to create a program that encompasses what we feel address all of the areas we must know how to hold space for and facilitate this work for our clients, our horses, and for ourselves as the facilitators of it.

What often happens when we step into a training is we get the skill set but not the development of our unique strengths and vision of the work or mentorship into how to actually create a business, or supportive business, that supports our deeper calling with horses in a way that we can sustain.

I exited my final training in 2009 and had to then navigate how to actually do this work and support myself while doing it.

I often get asked, or there is an assumption that I stepped right into running an 80 acre facility, but truth is I spent the first 4 years of my path with horses facilitating out of other people’s facilities. Building my skill set until finally leasing my own property in 2012, and then in 2015 we purchased an 80 acre facility complete with retreat accommodations to run the programs we have dreamed of when we first started.

We have over the last 12 years been able to successfully navigate how to build a business around a passion and calling for horses in a way that feels deeply intuitive to our purpose. We are also grounded in being able to support the space we want to create for horses and people in this partnership.

Which leads us to the Women Who Run With Horses, Certification and Mentorship Program.


What is it?

We have a unique philosophy in our training. We blend the training and imparting of facilitation and training skills, coaching, and leadership development along with the mentorship of building your strength and vision as an equine guided facilitator in a way that builds a business that is supportive of what it needs to be for this path to really be what it needs to be.

Our approach is also unique in the sense that we offer both private and group trainings, crafting the delivery of our program to meet you in your skillset, vision, and process in what you need in a training.

Most commonly our trainings are 6 months to 1 year long, depending on your background that comes with a 12 module teaching system, in person retreats that go in depth of giving you the necessary tools that are needed to feel competent, confident, and clear on what your path with horses is going to look like, and your mastery at delivering the facilitation of it.

Our fellow horsewomen come to us in two doorways:

1.) Women who are stepping onto the path looking for a program that will empower the development of their skills at facilitation, leadership, vision, and the building of their equine practice.

2.) Women that have done a training that are looking for an additional training that offers different skills to empower what they already have in their toolbox.

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What is involved in our training?

Our certification training program and mentorship program covers the following:


Learning the Language & Behavior of Horses:

Spending time with our herd of 21 horses that live in 40 acres, you will be given a space to understand the ways of the horse, their language, both physical and intuitive, and how to safely navigate facilitating in the space of them.


Development of Your Unique Strengths and Leadership Skills With Horses:

This is where we identify what you bring to the facilitation with horses, developing your confidence in knowing what your strengths and visions are as a facilitator of this work. Our leadership development also goes into knowing ourselves as leaders, how we hold space for ourselves as leaders, and where we lead in partnership with our horses to the greatest benefit for our clients.


Coaching and Facilitation Skills:

Developing your toolbox and honing your mastery as a facilitator of this work. We blend our 10 years of training in coaching and leadership development to give you a deep strength in your ability to navigate the waters of what shows up with your clients that you are called to work with.


Program Creation:

this is where we look at creating your programs with the horses, running through different activities, and catering them to how you will be facilitating the work. We will give you in this process, a clarity of creating your workshops, retreats and individual sessions with clients.


Deepening Your Relationship With Your Herd:

Whether you have a herd of horses or you will be working in partnership with others, our relationship with our own horses is an important aspect of this work.


Vision and Purpose:

There are different reasons why we are called to this work. We find it important for us to be grounded in what feels like our vision and purpose with horses, and then integrating that in knowing who it is for, who we are speaking to, and what it will look like for us to walk this work out into the world.


Building and Sustaining Your Practice:

Here we will look at how you are going to do this work, building your business model, and the practical and intuitive ways of creating a sustainable practice with your horses that will be supportive of what you are needing it to be.  We have to be able to support this work in order to really allow ourselves to empower the purpose of it.

Your certification and mentorship program is a blend of “self-study,” content and modules, intensive in-person training, and practicum and mentorship throughout your entire time in our program.



Having gone through the facilitator certification and now having worked with my horses in this new capacity and seen, felt, and heard the positive impact; I can confidently say without a doubt that this work is necessary to this world today. Horses are genuinely authentic teachers that have much wisdom to reveal to the human race. This incredible program has not only allowed me to live my purpose, but more importantly it has made me believe and own my capacity to do so. It opened up for me the world of the horse in a way that I feel privileged and honoured to share with others. With my entire heart and soul, thank YOU!

If this program feels like it resonates for you,

The next step would be to fill out the application form to give us more information on where you are in the journey of partnering with horses. Then we will get in touch to schedule a call to explore from there.



Hillary Schneider

Hillary Schneider is a coach, mentor, equine guided facilitator and retreat founder.  Her passion for her horses has been the catalyst for her success and is a space she is deeply passionate about empowering for those that are called to the partnership of horses. A life long horse woman, her background includes over 20 years in the horse industry accompanied with 12 years in the fiend of personal growth and leadership development which manifest in how she has worked with clients for the last 10 years. She currently owns and runs a 80 acre retreat facility, where she partners with her herd of 20 rescue horses, where she trains those called to this work, facilitates group and private retreats for her clients that travel all over the world to come and work with her, and mentors both equine facilitators and women entrepreneurs to empower their leadership through what they feel is their higher calling in life.

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