Reflections of A Horse Retreat: Leaning into Softness

It’s a beautiful sunny morning. The space feels clear and light as I enter into the field with a woman who has come for her second horse retreat at our space.

The listen and to be open to what is coming.

Last time, when she was here, we spoke about the power of letting go, of not holding too rigid to our expectations of what we are trying to make happen in our world.

She left and felt the shift in her environment, in particular, in her relationships and then came back.

Horses are mirrors. They provide us with a reflection of what our energy is doing and what we are needing to see that perhaps isn't obvious to us.

In their prey nature, horses are highly sensitive to what comes into their environment, reacting to it through their behaviour and interactions with us and in their space.


Today with this woman who came to spend time with the horses, the reflection brought about this intention of softness.

When we are soft, we are receptive, we are open and we are allowing of what is wanting to come into our world.

When we are being soft, we let go of the rigidity of how we are holding our world, ourselves and the interactions with it.

I sat in the field with this woman while my lead mare came over with purpose. She walked over to where we were sitting and put her head next to my client’s face. She then walked over beside my lead gelding and lay down.

Deliberate mirroring on her part to emphasize the message we were receiving from the rest of the herd.

A mare in her feminine energy, laying down to rest and gather herself in the space of the herd is a softening. It is yin and was an invitation for my client to step into the embodiment of what this space was inviting her into.

Sometimes, we get a mirror for ourselves that we were not expecting or thinking was a part of what we were being invited into.

And always with the horses there is a purity of being witnessed in exactly what we needed to see and gives us the clarity of what is missing in our lives, what embodiment we need to seek out to be in connection and in success of attainment of what we are wanting to change in our lives.

If this resonates for you…

Sometimes, we stumble across something that is meant as a message to us as well.

It is an opportunity for us to be open to what is seeking us in connection to something that we ourselves are experiencing struggle with.

Our tendency as humans is to push, to force, to control, instead of allowing, letting go and being.

Our rigidity and control chases answers from us.


Grace, allowance, softness creates the space so the answers can seek us out.

To embody softness means we exercise a practice being open, find space in our day to relax, to be still, to be and imagine what it would mean to be soft in our energy.

For me, softness is an invitation to be noticing my holding patterns, breathing into where things are feeling rigid, noticing my pattern of wanting to control and instead flowing with what is happening.

It means taking time in my day to be intentional about relaxing, being still, and opening up.

When we are available in this space we are loosening our resistance to what life is offering us.

An invitation to softness is an invitation to acceptance, receiving and being available for what is to come.

Think about where this lands for you and where the application of it can be present in your world.

And if this moves you to be curious about what our horse retreats are about, follow this link to learn more about our private retreat experiences, which are waiting to be custom curated for you today.

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