Horses and The Path of Entrepreneurship

I was 29 years old when I embarked on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

It wasn’t driven by a desire to be in business; rather it was driven by a deeper pull of holding purpose in my world and creating something around my love of horses and the knowing I had of the wisdom they had to share in the world.

No one really can prepare you for the journey of being an entrepreneur. The ups and the downs, the rejection and the heartbreak, the sheer force it takes to continue each day to battle against the fears and the doubts that come along with beginning something that is yours to create.

I was naive when I began, unprepared for what would be asked of me, what it took. I knew nothing about running a business, marketing, creating a service around what I did.  I was terrified, filled with doubt and lost in my own fears.

Over the last 7 years, my business has grown. I went from leasing a facility to buying an 80 acre ranch, to struggling with my business and running into debt, to generating 6 figures in three branches of my business.

I have watched my own vision deepen in the world, the impact of my work deepen, and my success continue to rise each year.

There are many formulas, secrets and keys people share about creating success. If I have learned anything over the last 7 years, it is that there isn’t a formula. It is not always about understanding the logistics or practicalities of running a business, but rather the journey we take inward to find the courage for us to pursue the things that call to us.

The majority of my success I believe lies in my capacity to travel inwards and hold space for my visions, to be confident in what I create and to know with certainty the clarity of the message and mission I bring to the world.


For me, my horses have been not only what I create around, but my own lifeline of connecting to my courage and inner compass that guided me along the way.

One of the greatest challenges I believe we take as entrepreneurs is moving through our own doubts and fears, which often paralyze us and prevent us from taking action, being courageous and listening to our own guidance when it comes to knowing the how’s.

In my greatest moments of uncertainty, when I have not been able to find my way forward, or I get lost in my own fears, I find myself walking into my herd looking for a different anchor, a knowing that feels elusive to me and a courage that allows me to continue to pursue my path and stay the course of building my business around my work.

Three winters ago, during one of the hardest years of my journey, I found myself out in the field with the herd looking for answers.

I was doubting myself. I was scared, uncertain that I would be able to support this new evolution of my journey in my business with a retreat center, bigger bills to pay, all on a single income.

I went to the horses to find some place of clarity and strength within me and I sat against a tree. One of my horses, Chief, who is the lead gelding came over to stand behind me. His presence alone with his strength and certainty seemed to permeate over to me.

In that moment I could feel his support, a reminder that I wasn’t on this path alone and what I needed to access within myself was the trust in my own vision and leadership.

When we are building something, it is hard to trust our instincts, especially when we are inundated by advice that seems to fill our news feeds and come at us from multiple pathways.

People in our lives give us advice or fill us with doubts, and we can begin to doubt ourselves and wonder what we are doing.  It takes us off course and fills us with fear. It is hard amidst that to find our own voice and to trust it.

As I sat in the snow against a tree with Chief at my back, I got access to a part of me that had been elusive.

_DCS2183 (1).jpg

The part of me that trusted I would be able to see this through, that trusted my own instincts, that I was supported in what felt like an insurmountable task at hand suddenly emerged in these precious moments with Chief.

Just being around this horse, in his leadership and his knowing, his presence behind me was enough for me to find that space within myself.

This is what I have always found so powerful about the medicine of horses, the palpability of the energy that emerges from them. In the space I co-create with my herd there is a deeper space of presence of which horse emerges for us and what is significant about that.

Chief, being the leader of the herd, in his quiet presence and powerful knowing was exactly what I needed in that moment to feel the part of me he mirrored.

His strength and his presence gave me the ability tap into that part of me, to continue in the persistence of what was before me, and in a way that didn’t feel disconnected to my own leadership.

The space horses open up for me and for those that travel here is powerful.

The success of my business has been built upon the ability of me to navigate for the most part the places I hold myself back, get lost in my own fears, and move beyond my doubts.

When we are building something, it is important for us to have confidence, to trust our intuition, to know the clarity of our mission and vision of what we are building and understand the best course of action that will play to our strengths.

When we walk into the space with horses, we are getting access to parts of us that sometimes go hidden in the worries we carry. We get mirrored in our clarity and find certainty in their reflections.

This gives us the strength to keep moving, to keep building, to clear out the clutter in our minds and know for certain what, where and how we will continue to grow and pursue what is ours to create.

What has been inspired by my own journey and through what I have supported hundreds of women over the last 7 years is a retreat that is dedicated to empowering women who are feeling stuck and held back by their own fears and uncertainty when it comes to navigating the journey of entrepreneurship.

Horse Wisdom for Business Mastery is a 5 day retreat for women that are feeling stuck in their business, vision and belief in their ability to create their success around their purpose and calling in their work.

2017-06-09 17.20.19.jpg

It is a deep dive into our internal world, looking at our places of fear that hold us back while achieving support in the external pieces of our business as well.

The horses become our mirrors and guides, giving us clear feedback which allows us to see where we hold back and creating a space to step into a more empowered and clear state of being.

If you are moved to give yourself and your business a space of wise and layered support, that will have you feeling clear, confident and knowing of how to move your vision of success forward, move beyond where you feel blocked and on your way to achieving the tangible outcomes you are seeking...

You can read more about the retreat here and register for a space. Limited spaces are available due to the nature of the retreat.

Or if this speaks to you and you are wanting a more private immersion as part of your process, I hold private and custom retreats for women entrepreneurs that I love supporting when it is time for them to emerge more deeply and successfully in their vision and leadership. You can check that out here.

Otherwise, if you simply needed to witness the energy of this post, I am glad to share it.

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