Your Purpose is Bigger Than You Think It Is.

I journeyed with a woman with the horses today and at the end of our session she said this to me…

My vision is so much bigger than I thought it was. I thought when I came here today that I had nothing to say or work through. I had no idea.

Our session and our time together over the last few months has been about her stepping into holding the magnitude of her work, but today that vision got bigger.

And as she left our retreat space, I told her, You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t ready for expansion and that is what you want.

It is what I want, she said.

We have an idea of ourselves that is filtered through our ego, our false self, and it likes to paint a picture or try to figure out how things are going to go.

If I have learned anything on this journey of purpose it is this:

We cannot dictate to purpose what it is going to be. We can’t control it and we are not always going to be able to comprehend it.

It is not our job to be the dictators of our visions.

And we can’t trust our perception of what we think we are meant for.

Three and a half years ago, a 1.2 million dollar, 80-acre property showed up in my inbox.

My first thought was, there is no way.

It’s too big, it’s too much, I can’t.

Another voice said, if it is here, you can.

To rewind a bit... The year this ranch showed up I made an intention to myself, to be open to the fullest capacity of what was available to me.

I didn’t know what that was. I didn’t have a clear picture of it. I didn’t have a vision, but I had an intention and I had an affirmation and invitation to go bigger.

And I did.

And the manifestation of that invitation was this ranch.

Many people around me said this to me.

It’s too big; it’s too much. You can’t do it on your own, as a single young woman. It was a lot.

But a deeper voice in me said, if it is here, it is because you are meant for it.

I believe our purpose and our visions for our life have an energy of its own. If we can allow it to dictate to us, if we can be open to it, and let the energy of it guide us, great things can manifest.

We don’t have the purity, the knowing, the intelligence that is greater than the energy of our purpose or the universe that supports us.

When we try to control, we are limiting ourselves.

I didn’t have any idea how I was going to pull off buying a million dollar property, or really continue to sustain it.

I have a large overhead. There are many pieces of responsibility that I have to carry, and it is overwhelming a lot of the times to know how I am going to do that, without killing myself or feeling the burden of it.

However, when I drop into the knowing that there is a deeper energy that guides us, that our purpose is found in the expansion of allowing ourselves to be open to what it is, I somehow pull it off.

Your purpose is an energy. It is bigger, more expansive, more powerful than you realize, and probably, than you can wrap your head around.

You don’t have to know what it is to be open to it.

And then there is this piece...

For many of us, we give power to the thoughts of smallness, all the reasons why we can’t do something---it’s not possible, the perfection of we lack the time, the resources, the ability to step into what is deeply calling to us.

I didn’t have a million dollars in my bank when I purchased this property.

I didn’t have the support when I stepped into this dream and said yes to it.

I haven’t always had what I needed when something showed up in my world or I felt the intuition to move towards it.

But when I took a step, and trusted the part of me that said this is for me, things shifted to allow it to happen.

Sometimes we have this perception that we need to be on the need to know basis of how life is working for us.

But the magic is in the trusting of where we are being led and guided by a deeper energy.

Your purpose is that to you. It is a force to be reckoned with. It has its own space. It is powerful. and it is clear. You just have to get out of the way to allow it.

Be open to the magnitude of what is in store for you even if you can’t figure out the why of it, or how. Just allow it.

The voices that tell you not too, or it’s not safe, or you can’t are not speaking truths.

Listen to the deeper voice and let purpose dictate what it wants to be for you.

This share is deepening into an invitation, if it calls to you, to join me on a 10 month journey of awakening and creating through purpose. This journey is for women that are ready to claim the essence of their purpose more deeply in the world and finally move through the fear and doubts that keeps them stuck and small.

If you are a woman that knows there is bigger work she is meant to do in the world...

If you feel that deep nudge that now is the time to step into that work...

If you are looking for a container that holds the space of purpose holistically and intuitively without missing the practical pieces of how we align and build ourselves around our visions...

If you are drawn to the wisdom and medicine of horses and are curious about what they have to bring to you...

I would love to invite you to join me in this 10 month program. We begin in March. Applications are now open and there are 5 spaces available.

If you are seeking clarity of purpose, expansion of vision, ownership of gifts and the building of something around it that is held in a way that deeply aligns to how you create in the world...

This container is for you.

Our encouragement: if your intuition is speaking to you to explore, listen to that and apply. We are not led and nudged to places that don't belong or speak to us.

Applying for a space does not obligate you to join me, however it does open up the conversation for you of what is possible and what is calling to you.

If you are curious or feel nudged to step into journeying with the horses and myself, follow the link below to read more about this space and apply to join us.

Women Who Run with Horses: 10 Month Mastermind

If you simply needed a reminder to be open to the magnitude of what could be available for you...

Take in this message and allow the medicine of it to add to your expansion. And if it lands for you or you know of someone who will resonate with the message, please share.

Love your coach and guide,


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