The Journey to Knowing Our Strengths


I always knew I was a visionary.

Since I was a child, I have had visions of my life that look similar to what I have today.

When I began my business, I would have visions of what it could look like. Creating a picture of things was easy to me.

I always knew I was an empath---or someone who felt things with deep sensitivity.

I felt everything deeply. I would pick up on my surroundings. This gift and strength allowed me to be really good at my work. It has also been one of my greatest curses.

I always knew I was someone who sought out deep relationships and connections with others. Surface conversations and passings was not something I could do.

I always knew I had an eagle eye for potential, for the purity of an essence of another. I would hone in on it, seeing it like a diamond waiting to be formed.

I always knew that I could be rigid in my ideals and values, immovable from what I felt in my core was aligned.

What I didn’t always know from the above was why, the definition of a strength, what it meant, how it could be utilized and what the shadow side of it was.

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In 2013, I signed up for a 10-month long leadership development program with CTI. I was newly on the path of embarking on running my own retreat centre and being an entrepreneur,

I had a feeling that in order to do that, I needed to grow as leader so I could be successful in holding space for everything I was about to step into.

During this program, I met a woman, a kindred spirit who at the time was working for Gallup Strengthsfinder.

I am someone who believes deeply in the more awareness we have about ourselves and our strengths, the more we can bring to life and what we are in pursuit of.

The discovery of self is important. It lends itself for us to understand how we create, what suits us, what process and way of creating is going to get us to where we want to go. So, I am always interested in anything that gives more clarity to that space.

What I discovered through Strengthsfinder was a clarity and a consciousness of my strengths.

  • Futuristic

  • Developer

  • Relater

  • Empath

  • Belief

If you are curious to learn more about Gallup Strengthsfinder, I encourage you to read about it here. You can take an online test for $20 that gives you your top five strengths. The philosophy behind this process is based in positive psychology and researching what made successful people successful.  

They focused and knew their strengths.

I knew on some level what my strengths and natural tendencies where but to have an understanding of what that meant, where I overcompensated and how to direct them was a powerful discovery for me.

The journey to knowing our strengths is important and I believe an essential ingredient to aligning ourselves to the clarity of our visions, understanding how we are going to achieve those visions, appreciating our leadership and what it looks like for us to empower our authentic way of being.

Being a visionary was something I got intuitively but I understood it on a different level when I appreciated what the strength was, and also what the shadow side of it was and how to balance that.

I can get consumed with my visions of my life, my business and purpose so much so that I block out everything else that is happening around me. I will lose myself to the vision. Knowing this has helped me balance something and understand how to utilize the talent.

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The core of my work---what i do for myself and also for my clients is in the discovery of our gifts and our strength, both because i believe deeply that in knowing and discovering this, we are given a map to the how we create something of substance in the world. And on a practical level, I have to understand it is the fastest and easiest way to empower the outcomes that we desire through what speaks to us through our leadership and our purpose.

We are the drivers of everything. We are the vehicle in which everything is created through. The challenge in life can be when we are trying to do something with someone else’s formula or path or put ourselves in a box that moves us away from our natural strengths.

We are all seeking to know who we are, what drives us, what moves us, what fulfills us, what our purpose is.

The answers to that are not found out there. It is found in the unveiling of what we carry within ourselves.

I have a passion to create a space, to promote facilitation of knowing who we are in our strengths and in our gifts, understanding our unique way of operating in the world so we can empower that on the path that is speaking to us the most---our purpose, our leadership and the utilization and facilitation of our gifts.

For the last few years, I have envisioned, imagined and wanted to create a retreat that would empower this discovery with tools that were grounded in intuition, science, biology and heart, for the promotion of recognition and reclaiming the essence of who we are.

Whether you are a leader that is seeking to understand her impact more deeply...

A woman that is on the path of discovering her innate gifts talents and purpose...

A woman that knows the value of understanding who she is and investing in her personal growth and discovery along the way...

And is drawn to adding to her personal and professional toolbox of how she facilitates brilliance in herself and others...


I would love to personally invite you to our upcoming Unbridling Your Strengths Retreat in September.

We have partnered with our colleague and friend who we met years ago in our leadership retreat to develop a retreat that speaks to the science of knowing our strengths through Strengthsfinder, with the addition of the intuitive and heart-based exploration through the medicine of horses.

This retreat is 4 days long and takes place at our beautiful retreat facility just north of Kamloops, British Columbia.

This retreat is about giving you the uncovering of your strength, not just in a linear way of understanding, but in the full embodiment of experience and reclaiming so you get it, in your bones, in your visions, in your knowing of how to direct this energy and your strengths to empower what you are seeking to create more of in your life, your leadership and what calls to you through purpose.

Limited spaces are available. You can read about the full details of the experience in the link below...

Unbridling Your Strengths

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