Why We Have To Do the Scary Thing...


Why do we have to do the things that scare us?

The things that open us up in the depths of the vulnerability we hold within us?

Every now and again, I am reminded of the power of doing what scares us and knowing that within that terror, we must be certain that we are on the right track because if it doesn’t scare us, it isn’t big enough.

I am known (I think) for doing big scary things--taking leaps and big risks in the name of purpose and you would assume that perhaps, I don’t get scared ever.

But I do…

The last week, I have been visited by two horses of mine, Shiva and Kali. Both were named after Hindu gods and goddess that depicts the energy and medicine of death, destruction and rebirth.

When we are holding fear, it is often an invitation into rebirth, of resetting and finding our way back to a deeper truth of authenticity and alignment within ourselves.

We get scared because we are moving closer to shedding outdated belief systems that are keeping us comfortable and there is a part of us as human beings that wants to keep safe.

But safety is an illusion that is only nurtured by fear.

I know when I am feeling scared that I am in fact on the edge of a big space of growth, an important decision and pathway for me to move forward with.

My dreams, my leadership, the purpose I hold in the world was birthed on this edge of fear and being scared, it drove me to understand that I was living out of alignment with my true nature and the space I was being moved towards and moving towards would mean change.

Transformation, shedding, leaving things behind---people, places, defaults, patterns.

We have to do the scary thing.

That might look like taking a leap towards your dream...

Moving across the country...

Changing your habits...

Acknowledging your own self worth...

Saying yes to an intuitive nudge without having any clarity or a picture of where it is taking you...

We must say yes to whatever form that is creating this feeling of fear because denying it means we are denying our own growth, our potential and the richness of the journey.

And to deny our growth means to deny our potential and to live a life in the empowerment of fear. And that’s not living or honoring our path and our journey’s.

Find what you need to support your fear. Listen to it’s wisdom and remember there is a part of you navigating alongside with you that offers a deeper space of knowing that all is well and this is where you are being called to be.

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