The Birth of Our Gifts (How We Know We Are Ready)

We are born innately with talents, strengths and gifts.

It comes with us, packaged into this human form, when we enter into this world.

Our journey is to be awakened to these gifts, to have them crafted and for us to remember that we have them within us.

How do we know when we are ready?

How do we recognize what we are born with?

Two days ago, I had a woman come out for a session with myself and the herd. As we were finishing up our time and walking away, leaving my big herd behind, I noticed my 6-month old colt, Apollo standing at the gate staring at us.


I think Apollo has medicine to share with us.

This was one of the first times I have seen this young colt engage in this work.

As we walked over to his pen, he started to lick and chew. With horses, the lick and chew is an affirmation of a thought, an action and a recognition.

At 6 months, even though he might not “know” how to do this work, he innately understands he has a role in this herd and in this space for people to journey with.

He came over to the gate and stood with us as I asked my client, What part of you does Apollo represent that is coming to share a message?

Innocence, youth is what came up.

When we are young, before we know or have been labeled with something or been told who we are or what we are capable of, we have an innocence of knowing.

As we spoke to this, Apollo licked and chewed again., Looking at him in this moment, I could see the consciousness of his wisdom at the surface. No longer a young colt with wobbly legs trying to figure out this new life as a horse, he gazed at us with wise eyes and a knowing of it is time for me to step into sharing my medicine.

Apollo was born here. He represents to me that purity of consciousness. He will be nurtured in this space of teacher from birth and this is the space he will know for his life.

My horses all of them when they arrive here get time to settle, to integrate, to receive what they need in their bodies and choose when they are ready to step into role of teacher and share their wisdom.

Apollo showed us this past week that now is his time.


The importance of sharing this story of Apollo and his journey is this...

We forget that within us there is a wise source of consciousness and being. Call it soul, spirit, god, divine. It lives with us.

It is born with us and we are born wise, knowing.

Though we still need support being formed and allowing for our raw talent to be honed, we have this essence within us still.

Most of the work I do with clients is a process of unlayering, of peeling back the imposition of beliefs and ideals that have been layered on us as we grow up, being so thick that we find ourselves disconnected from this part of us.

Our time with the horses is about reclaiming those pieces, finding them again so we can find strength in our vision, in our leadership and in the knowing of purpose of our gifts.

To be able to get access to the confidence that we carry within us so we may go forth in the world and share the medicine we were born to create.

If you are reading this and it resonates for you, my question or thought to you is this...

Where are you forgetting the true essence of who you are?

Where are you telling yourself a story that you need more experience, or training, or time in order to feel confident, and ignoring the call of that now is the time to share what you have within you?

Where you are needing to seek out the part of you that lives in purity of who you are without the labels and the places of disconnect that move you away from you remembering who you are?

And to perhaps find a way back to the part of you that Apollo might represent and what wisdom and medicine that aspect of yourself has for you right now?

I always love watching the emergence of my horses. It is powerful both for them and for the journey that it brings for myself and those that come to be in their medicine.

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