The Medicine of Horses

What is the medicine of horses?


I felt inspired to share a glimpse into the medicine of horses, the wisdom, depth and power of it and why, if you have an opportunity, you should come to experience them.

I can’t speak about horses and their medicine without sharing a glimpse into my own journey with them.

I remember from a young age asking the question and be curious as to who I was and why I was here. I had a knowing and I guess a wondering about the purpose of life from early on that would lead me to this path I am on now and to the horses.

Horses came into my life naturally at a young age. I didn’t grow up on a farm but each summer from the time I was really young I would spend the months of July and August at summer camps immersed in being around this majestic animal.

I quickly became obsessed with horses, as many little girls are, wanting to be around them and of course, at times, to actually be a horse. My obsession was not just a surface thing, but a deep soul stirring I felt when I was with horses.

When I was around horses it felt like coming home. I had an awareness of being connected to a deeper part of myself, and my authenticity when I was around them. It was as if when I was in their space, something clicked into space.

In a world where I often felt misunderstood or overwhelmed, being a sensitive person in a stimulating world, the horses gave me a sense of belonging and familiarity within myself and my place in the world.

I have known for a long time that there was something special about these animals and the places they naturally empowered us to find and connect to within ourselves.  

I had always wanted to create a space where I could share this medicine with others.


One of the biggest journeys we take, I believe, is one of knowing and uncovering the depths of who we are, seeing ourselves in an authentic way so that we can overcome and rise above the falsehoods that have been layered upon us or that we have bought into believing about who we are. This is what horses do.

And they do it in a way that is pure, authentic and undeniable.

As prey animals, horses are highly sensitive and attuned to the intention and energy of what moves into their space. They have to be, for survival, able to read what is beneath the surface of why someone, or another animal is coming into their environment. Is it for harm? Or for good?

Their feedback of how they read us is instant, pure. There is no baggage, no ego, and no agenda with how horses respond to what we bring into their space.

And in this way we are able to see our own energetic patterns and baggage more clearly, because it is really hard to deny or deflect what you are witnessing in how a 1,000-pound animal is responding to you.


My own perspective of horse medicine has deepened through my own experience, in my own herd of 19 rescue horses that have come to partner with me in how I am called to hold space with others.

Each horse carries what I like to call a medicine. There is a significance to who shows up for each person as they walk into the field, and how that connects to what is going on in their life.

There are many times where we are seeking clarity on what is keeping us from moving forward, where we hold tightly to our fears, and where we are uncertain of how to move ourselves beyond the places of stuckness that have been there for awhile.

Our own blind spots and filters and of course the chatter in our minds can have us making up stories as to what that is.

The horses will reveal what is really happening at the core of where we are being blocked, or challenged and also where we can witness our own strength.


When I bring a client out to my field, it is a organic experience where the horses are able to choose and respond naturally to each person. We move into a 50-acre field of horses at liberty and we let what is meant to unfold happen.

And sure enough, a horse or maybe a couple of horses, will come and greet a person as they walk into the field. I share and encourage my clients to feel into the symbolism of each horse and we start to begin to connect and get to the root of why they are and how we can shift where they are being stuck.

Is it a horse that carries the medicine of boundaries, which leads us to understand that not having boundaries is creating leakages in our energy which is blocking our flow?

Or maybe it is the lead horse that is moved to join us reminding us that it is time to step into our leadership and the failure to doing so is what is causing the stagnation.

Each horse carries both a universal medicine and a deeply personal one for each client. The clarity and the profoundness of having an animal partner and mirror to each person what is happening with them so they can connect the dots is deeply transformative.

Clients leave the field with me feeling clear and solid, release and empowered in knowing exactly what they need to tap into within themselves, and feeling the embodiment of it from just simply being with these amazing and intuitive animals so that they go back into their lives, personally and professionally, being able to create significant movements and brave movements that they had not been able to before.


The medicine of horses is one of deep self-awareness and reflection and mirroring so that we can truly see and witness our own progression and know the pathway to change and empowerment so we can begin to take the steps towards what we are being called to, both personally and professionally. And where we are no longer getting stuck within ourselves and where we are blind to our own wisdom and power.

Being around horses gives us the ability to sense and tune into a pure holding of intuition, sensitivity, boundaries, authenticity that helps us find a new way of being in relationship with the imbalances within ourselves and our lives that is centered in an embodiment of what it actually feels like to be in complete alignment with what we are seeking to correct within ourselves, without the baggage and filters that often come from our human to human experiences.


I am of course deeply biased to the profound nature and medicine of horses, and it has also been something I have witnessed over the last 7 years in the space of facilitating my clients that continues to empower the knowing that what we find in their reflection is a transformation and awareness that we can’t find anywhere else.

If you are seeking a powerful experience to move you forward in a place you have felt stuck, or you are called to witness yourself in a deeper way one where you own mastery and places of fear can be revealed so you can powerfully move yourself and your visions forward...

I invite you to come and experience for yourself the medicine of horses.  

The best part….

You don’t have to be a horse person to be drawn to horse medicine or experience it. All of our experiences take place on the ground. Many of our clients come to us having minimal connection with horses and often with a fear of them. This is very much part of the process of learning and experiencing a very different way of being in relationship with these amazing and beautiful animals. 


We love creating powerful and custom experiences at our beautiful ranch with our incredible herd of wise equine teachers.

To inquire or explore about a private retreat or mentorship with horses connect with us here. 

The horses and I await and are looking forward to who will be called to join us in what is always a profound experience of witnessing and growth. 

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