The Power and Certainty of Belief

I have been quiet lately…

Well, I think I have.

I notice whenever I get both quiet and restless, there is something happening.

Expansion, stress, overwhelm, space being made for new things.

There is a stillness and a desire to retreat more that comes over me.

As I resurface slightly from my own internal musings I felt called to write about something called belief.

An essential ingredient when building anything of substance, of wishing for something to happen, of manifestation. We must seek it out.

Fear and doubt...

Fear and doubt are our constant companions in this journey of life as a human. They will always be walking with us side by side as we dream, as we pursue, and take action towards and walk with what we are called to walk with in life.

They can be loud and obvious and they can also be quiet and live in the subconscious of our day to day lives.

I notice…

When there is a stirring, as there has been lately, a nudge towards evolution, expansion or change, the subtle notes of fear and doubt become louder.

I hadn’t even noticed how present they were until I got curious as to what is underneath this anxiety that I feel within myself lately?


Fear and doubt, at times, stem from the absence of belief, in self, in trusting that things will unfold positively, that we will be ok.

When we lack belief, we hold more tightly to doubt or fear.

What if I never make the money I need to?

Or no one buys my services?

Or my message falls flat?

Or my house burns down? (as I watch fires be burned around me in my province of British Columbia)

What if I never meet my soulmate?

Or what if my dreams are just delusions?

Or I won’t get that job?

Or I won’t find my tribe?

Fears and doubts in absence of belief.

Epona Rise - High Res-40.jpg


When I notice the anxiety, I know most certainly that it is my trigger letting me know there is break in belief in myself, in holding a higher vision of my life and nurturing the stake of things working out, as much as I do the fear that it won’t.

It is the most certain and powerful energy to tune into to move us beyond our self-sabotage, when things feel dark and foggy, uncertain and lacking clarity.

The big question:

How do we seek out and nurture belief when it doesn’t seem to exist?

Here is what I want to remind you or to enlighten you with.

Belief always exist within us. Always.

I believe and am certain that, along with our doubts and our fears, we also have a part of us that is knowing of a higher picture.

Call it your soul, higher self, spirit. It is ever present in the waking moments of our lives.

For me I find this center when I am with my horses, on my land, listening to music, meditating... In those spaces it is easier to conjure up the part of me that exists there.

Where does belief exist in you?

If you could think about moments, or times where you may have connected to this aspect of yourself, what were they?

Seek them out!

Go to the beach, connect with that friend, explore the outdoors, move your body, and intentionally let yourself be reminded that you hold belief alongside everything else.


A mantra…

One of my favorite ways of conjuring up belief and holding it in my mental mind is to create mantras.

I believe in my ability to create my success.

I believe that everything will be ok.

I believe in myself.

And when I notice the anxiety creep up, I turn to these mantras with the connection to the spaces within myself that hold them and I stay there for a moment or two, or 15, or 30, and I hold that space for myself.

Don’t underestimate the power of belief.

How we feel about ourselves, what we hold within us, has great impact on what manifests around us.

Just the subtle shift towards this alignment can change everything.

And if you notice yourself resonating with this post, or noticing how noisy those fears and doubts are, the good news is…

You are moving towards something that is more greatly aligned to where you wish to go.

I know in the moments of uncertainty and doubt I am most definitely on the right path. It lets me know it is a sign that I am shifting myself into deeper alignment, because often alignment comes from discomfort.

And belief is going to be the energy, the anchor that is going to move you beyond your doubt.

Step into where you are being asked to expand and meet your most deepest desires for your life, for your sacred work and for yourself.

I know this to be true because as I sit here writing this from a home on this beautiful ranch I now call home, I am speaking about the pathways that have lead me to step into this.

It is simple yet powerful thing for us to do to stoke the fires of belief for ourselves and our greatest visions that are waiting for us to step into.

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