When Spirit Speaks, You Listen.

The space we held for our beloved mare this week was sacred. 

We learn each time we go through the passage of death with one of our equine beloved partners.

We get to deepen into a different perspective of how to hold and be in relationship with it.

This week was no different.


I did a video today in our Soul Group. You can watch that here. I spoke about the energies that cycled through and the symbolism of it and what Honey shared with us as we held space for her transition.

If you can’t watch the video, here is our summary of it.

Spirit is everyone and is speaking to you, if you ask and if you listen.

I always like to ask for signs. Even though I believe in this, there is still a part of me that is searching for proof in spirit, that I am not crazy, that there is a deeper space being held.

What we created space for with Honey was no different. Eagles came, at least 4 of them, and in Native American symbolism eagle medicine is associated with great spirit.

A hawk circled above us as well, a sign for divine messenger.

And there was a palpable energy of being enveloped in what I would call deep peace and love as we said our goodbyes.


There are many ways spirit speaks to us, trying to give us roadmaps and guidances along the way, but we have to be open to hearing them, receiving them and asking for them.

And also this side note…

Even if you do believe it is ok for you to sometimes need a sign as a reminder, we are human and forget like that.

And what Honey shared with us on our last day was an emphasis of how important it is for us to hold space for purpose, to not settle for anything less than where dreams are taking us and to believe deeply in our capacity to hold that.

Trust that there is a divine plan but know you must engage with it in order for it to manifest into your world. This is the time to really look at where you are hiding your dreams, stuffing them or fearing what if they don’t come true.

What if they do?

Let this nudge be the permission you need to go there. Ask spirit for a sign that you are being guided in the direction of purpose and whatever else you are seeking.

Remember you have wings and get out there and fly.

Your coach and guide,

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